The Bible Speaks To Everyone

Is the Bible even 'relevant' in this day and age? Depends on who you ask! For those who didn't grow up revering it as the Word of God, it seems a poorly written collection of fairy tales. What could possibly change their minds?

Norm and Jim discuss the problem and the solution, today.

Iraq: Reaching the Diaspora

Iraqi Christians are as scattered as the Church has ever been - running for their lives in the wake of dreadful sectarian violence. The unintended consequences of the Iraq war have made them this century's 'lost generation.' Norm's guest, Enoch Wan, is on a mission to change that.


Lebanon-Holding My Father’s Hand

Lucien Accad has an important story to tell. Before God called him home, he told it to Norm Nelson. And it's important we hear it, especially in these times of increasing tension, fear and despair in Syria. Does God have a way out of the mess? We don't know. But we do know He has a way through for His faithful.


Helping Christians During the Syrian Revolution

Spring came to the Arab world. Something much less promising has descended on Syria. It's an epic struggle of entrenched despotic power vs. a tormented people. Is there any way to tell which way it will go? Possibly. The more important question is "What does God intend for Syria?" Now that question we can tackle with more certainty! More than that, we can share what God is doing right now.

Jim Governale joins Norm in studio for a timely and urgent look at God's work in a time of crisis, and how you can be part of it.


War in Syria

How bad is it in Syria right now? Today's guest knows. Perhaps the more important question however, is "How is the church in Syria bearing up under such horrible conditions?" In the midst of the crisis are there signs of hope? If anybody knows it will be Jim Jennings.  He joins Norm by phone today.


The Syrian Refugee Highway

The American Civil War had its 'Underground Railroad.' In the age of modern unrest in the Middle East, we have  endless streams of refugees.  Where are they going? What can be done to help them? Norm's guest today, Brian O'Connell, has some important information - and more importantly - a God-focused vision beyond the immediate need.


The Treasure

What do you treasure most? The Word of God describes itself as a treasure beyond compare. It's a gift that's meant to be shared. Many believers in Jesus would love to do that. Many people would love to receive it. But how do you do that, in parts of the world where so many can't even read?

Today, you'll find out! Norm is joined by guest, Greg Kelley, to share how the greatest treasure of all, now comes in a whole new package!


Compassion In Kenya, Pt. 2

Today, Norm concludes a power look into what effective compassionate action can accomplish in Africa. It's the 21st century, folks! It's time for some fresh thinking on a very old mandate. Richard Bransford joins Norm for part two of this interview.


Compassion In Kenya, Pt. 1

Africa needs help. It has for a long time. So why should governments and non-governmental agencies keep pouring money in the continent? Arguments can be made for - or against - continuing international aid.  But something we need to keep reminding ourselves is this: There is NEVER a time to quit being compassionate! So - what does that look like? And how can Christlike compassion work in ways that government largess has failed to do? Norm's guest, Richard Bransford, has the answer. And he knows what he's talking about, because he 'walks the walk.'


The Gospel-Driven Life

Ever felt like your spiritual life needed some 'oomph' in its 'get-along?' Who hasn't. Guess what? It's not just God Himself prodding you to get off your duff. It's really a passionate pursuit of you by the Holy Spirit Himself. It's a romance and He wants to overwhelm you with His love and approval. Draw the Good News deeply into yourself, and you'll find the passion to accomplish anything He puts in your heart to do.

If you've got the spiritual flu, Michael Horton's got the right prescription.


Christ’s Humble Disguise

Steve Quant has seen much of the world. As a senior project manager for the International Relief Organization World Vision, that means he's seen much of the world's suffering, as well. Funny thing about it, though. When you go to the places where suffering is apparent, you tend to run into Jesus everywhere you look. Steve joins Norm in studio for this penetrating look into the very eyes of Jesus.


God’s Village In Africa

Is there hope for Africa? Of course there is. Today Norm's guest, David Pinta, shows us a place where hope is alive and well. And it's more than a vain sort of wishing. In God's strength things are changing for the better - for those who were considered hopeless just a few years ago.


The Leadership Ellipse

Bob Fryling has learned a lot about leadership from the inside out. As the head of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Press, he guides the publication of much of the world's great Christian literature. His responsibilities extend to much more than the technical aspects of printing books. He also is a key leader within the larger ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. A life of integrity and service go hand-in-hand with being productive.

Bob shares his unique view of leadership in a powerful new book. Norm asks him some penetrating questions, today.


The Mirage of Peace

What does 'peace' look like? Something internal and soothing? Something political and national? Something fragile and delicate?

We can mean very different things when the subject of peace comes up.

Norm's guest, David Aikman, speaks with real authority on places where peace is needed most, and how that's going to happen.


For the Life of a Child, Pt. 2

The world was literally crying for help outside the walls of Berea Baptist Church. God was listening. He tapped his faithful servants to heed that cry. Today, the Door of Hope project in Johannesburg, S.A. has rescued nearly 1000 children from certain death.

Today Norm concludes his inaugural interview with the founder, Cheryl Allen. And you'll understand why we are so proud to be involved. You will be too.


For the Life of a Child, Pt. 1

Some people you meet change the way you look at life. Some people change your life. Cheryl Allen has a habit of doingboth. From a plan born in an inner city prayer meeting a  dozen years ago, the face of the Church in Johannesburg, S.A. has been forever changed. As a result the floodgates to a rich spiritual harvest have been thrown wide open. Oh, and it has also saved the lives of nearly 1000 abandoned newborns.

Cheryl joins Norm for this classic interview.


A New Bible for Muslims

How do you reach Muslims for Christ? With the Gospel, right? And where do we find that? In the Word of God, of course. But which Bible is  the right Bible for the task? Now that's a more complicated question, and not so easily answered... until now.

Norm's guest knows a thing or two about reaching people for Christ in the world's hotspots. He's about as intrepid as they come and can hold his own in any discussion on the Great Commission. We're glad to welcome back our old friend, Dr. Viggo Olsen.


Reaching the World’s Cities for Christ

Today: a discussion on how the route to reaching the world for Christ runs through its great cities. Brad Smith joins Norm from South Africa.


Hope Among the Squatters

Don't judge a man till you've walked a mile in his shoes...

That phrase really means something to Norm's guest today. Sy Grayson has not only walked the hard soil of Africa. God is using Sy to change things for the better.


Go Afraid

LeRoy & Cindy Metzger have absolutely no business attempting missions work in the central African nation of Malawi. They're both previous beach bums and drug abusers.

But something interesting happened on their way to Hell. God saved them. And not just from themselves. They've been saved to a life of amazing ministry. Today Norm asks the right questions to tease out their amazing story.


What’s the Big Idea?

Jim joins Norm for a discussion on what's really important - and worth talking about!


The World Evangelical Alliance

In part three of this special report from South Africa, Norm welcomes Geoff Tunnicliffe, CEO of the World Evangelical Alliance. We’ll see just how willing and able evangelical Christians are in the 21st Century to working out the Great Commission together.