World Relief, Part 1

We've been hearing a lot about the plight of refugees and immigrants in recent times. What does the Bible have to say about this? Plenty, actually..

From Dueteronomy, "for the Lord your God loves the strangers, providing them food and clothing. You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt."

From Romans, "mark of the true Christian, extend hospitality to strangers."

And the there's the Gospel of Matthew, "For I was a stranger, and you welcomed me."

Recently, our own Sandi Floria had the chance to sit down with a gentleman who knows a thing or two about what you and I can do.. today.. to lend a helping hand.


Friends of Refugees & Immigrants (FORAI), Pt. 2

Thanks for joining us on today's adventure in faith.

In this life, we all have crosses to bear. Do you ever wonder why some bear so much more of a burden than perhaps you and I do?

The people we're going to hear from today have had their fair share of burdens to bear in recent years. But as you're about to hear, it hasn't affected their strength of faith or joyful demeanor.

Recently, Bram and Sandi Floria were fortunate to visit with several folks involved with the ministry of FORAI (The Friends of Refugees and Immigrants) in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Friends of Refugees & Immigrants (FORAI), Pt. 1

If you did a keyword search of some of the most frequently used words on this program, I would well imagine that "refugee" would pop up quite frequently.

Today, we're going to open a window on the plight of the refugee who has sought, and FOUND asylum right here in the U.S. We're also going to hear about an amazing ministry called FORAI - which stands for 'Friends of Refugees and Immigrants,' based in St. Louis, Missouri.

You'll be hearing some stories, with a healthy dose of laughter.

Your host is Bram Floria.


A Semi-versary Milestone, Pt. 2

Bram Floria joins Roger Marsh for a second day of conversation here on Compassion Radio. This is the follow-up from yesterday.

This audio was provided to us by our 'flagship station' in southern California, KBRT Radio (K-BRITE).

Roger hosts a highly popular afternoon show called "The Bottom Line."


A Semi-versary Milestone, Pt. 1

On today's broadcast, Bram had the unique opportunity to sit down for a live radio interview with good friend, Roger Marsh, on his show called "The Bottom Line." This program originated from the studios of KBRT (K-Brite) in southern California, which is kind of the 'flagship station' for Compassion Radio.

Whenever these two get together, the conversation is always wide-ranging.. with sprinkles of good humor to go along with Bram's amazing stories from his travels abroad.

Today's is the first of a 2-part conversation.


Making the Good News Possible - CR CLASSIC

The good news isn't good news if it's stagnant, tired, lacking vitality. Yet that's the way many see the gospel - as old news. Not around here!

At Compassion Radio, the Gospel is good news to us, but just as importantly, it is good news through us. And living water constantly pouring through living vessels never grows stale.

This program is a Compassion Radio CLASSIC featuring the late Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson


Where is God When Things Go Wrong? Pt. 2

Today, we jump back into the studio for another lively conversation between Bram and Cher.. as they somehow try to help us make sense of some things that, quite frankly, not only don't make a lot of sense, but sometimes leave more questions than answers. 

Please join us for this important conversation.


Where is God When Things Go Wrong? Pt. 1

We begin with a verse from scripture today, in the words of Jesus, from John Chapter 16 verse 33,

"I have said these things to you, that in Me, you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation, but take heart.. I have overcome the world."

Today, Bram Floria and Cher Nelson pause for a moment, and reflect on much of the trials and tribulations stemming from natural disasters to personal tragedies that so many are dealing with right now.


It’s All Greek to Me, Part 2

Today, we pick up the conversation we started yesterday in an interview that Bram Floria recorded in Athens, Greece several weeks ago with two amazing servants of the Lord: Dr. Jim Jennings of Conscience International, and Jonathan Macris of Euro Relief.

We pick it up with Jonathan talking about his heart's desire to bring Jesus to those he meets..


It’s All Greek to Me, Part 1

I'm sure you've heard the expression "it's all Greek to me." That phrase basically means, "it's beyond my comprehension." Today, we're going to endeavor to make YOU aware of what God is doing in and around the country of Greece. And by the time we're through with both today's and tomorrow's programs, we're confident that your spirit will be lifted by what is happening there.

Our host today is our president, Bram Floria.


In What Direction Are We Pointing Them?

Today, Cher Nelson has some things that she's been wanting to get off her chest, because it's such a strong passion in her life.. and has been since her childhood days.

What is it, you ask? Let's find out together.

Here's Cher.


Refugee Crisis in Lesbos, Part 2

Bram, Jim and Cher conclude their overview of the ongoing refugee crisis in Greece and how we should pray!


Refugee Crisis in Lesbos, Part 1

When it comes to "tracking the triumph of God in every nation on earth," Bram Floria has taken on the challenge and legacy from Dr. Norm Nelson. Bram just returned from a journey that brought him face to face with the shocking reality face by refugees on and around the Isle of Lesbos, in Greece. 

He spent 10 intense days travelling around the Mediterranean Sea and visiting with some new Compassion Radio partners. Many stories have been gathered, and he is eager to share them with us.


Hearing Revelation, Pt. 3

Norm concludes his conversation with performance artist Karen Heimbuch about her amazing depiction of the Book of Revelation. And they go out with a bang!

This program is a Compassion Radio CLASSIC featuring the late Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson


Hearing Revelation, Pt. 2

Norm continues his conversation with Karen Heimbuch, performance artist of the epic orchestra production of the Book of Revelation.


This program is a Compassion Radio CLASSIC featuring the late Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson


Hearing Revelation, Pt. 1

In this powerful three part series you'll experience the amazing book of Revelation in a whole new way.

Norm welcomes performance artist and visionary, Karen Heimbuch.


This program is a Compassion Radio CLASSIC featuring the late Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson


Christians Under Fire - CR CLASSIC

Every day news reaches our inboxes from around the globe detailing the suffering of Christians, punished for no other reason than simple hatred of their faith. Frankly, it breaks our hearts. But it also reminds us of something else - the incredible spiritual and numerical growth that results when true believers are put to the test. We remember those today who stand unspeakable tests of faith endurance, and honor their Lord in the process. And, we rejoice that it means a latter day miracle in places once impenetrable to the Gospel.

A dear friend, Steve Snyder knew all this intimately. His untimely death left an incredible void in our knowledge of the suffering church. But what he had to say before God called him home we need to pay close attention to.

This program is a Compassion Radio CLASSIC featuring the late Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson


Spoken Worldwide, Pt. 2

Today's conversation is an overflow of a great discussion we got started yesterday between Bram Floria and Ed Weaver of "Spoken Worldwide," formerly known as T4 Global International.

There was so much great material that we had to add-in a second day. So, if you can stick with us for the next 25 minutes, I guarantee it will be time well spent.

Let's dive in right now for Part 2 of how one ministry's mission and scope has grown.. along with their name.



Spoken Worldwide, Pt. 1

Today, we'll be taking a look at an amazing ministry that's sole focus is bringing the Gospel to new cultures and new people each and every day.. in a UNIQUE way!

Bram Floria also relishes the chance to check-in on one of his dear friends, someone he's labored alongside for several years now.

Lets listen in..


How We Met on the Mission Field, Pt. 2

Here's a serious question for you to ponder right from the outset..

Have you ever found yourself feeling 'burnt-out' while working in ministry... like you simply had nothing left to give? That's pretty much what happened with our guests on today's Compassion Radio.

During the following broadcast, we're gonna hear how God takes us from a place of emptiness, so we can learn how to be filled... so that we can get going on the work that He wants us to do.

Bram and Sandi Floria return as our hosts again today



How We Met on the Mission Field, Pt. 1

Have you ever found yourself in a "spiritual desert," where the only offering you can conjure up is a bag of dust? That's the place of crisis where one of our guests found himself not long ago.

It's never fun to be in a place like that. But when it happens while working in ministry, it's usually called burnout.

Today, Bram and Sandi Floria sit down with a ministry-minded American couple who didn't actually meet each other until a chance occurrence on a far away mission field.


Compassion Radio in Anchorage - CR CLASSIC

Today’s program is from our Compassion Radio archives. It features the late Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson.

This broadcast first aired in March of 2016.

We go wherever the Good Lord sends us. Even if that's someplace at the ends of the Earth. And our radio signal goes there, too! Case in point: Station KATB in Anchorage, AK.

Tom Teigleman is a dear friend, and caught up with Norm in Nashville, TN for this report from 'The Edge'...