The Language of Love

David Chavez isn't prone to fear of 'others.' As the son of missionaries to South America, he knows what it's like to feel out of place in a foreign country. In his case that 'foreign country' was America, even though he's an American citizen. A lot of missionary kids grow up in this in between place.

Now, some 'third culture kids' nurture a nagging resentment at having missed out on a 'normal' American life. David is not that sort. Quite the contrary. His experience has given him a genuine compassion for those caught between two worlds. And he put feet to that compassion. Today, his all-volunteer 'Bridges Language Academy' is helping refugees navigate a new language and a new life... in South Florida. And the best part is that Jesus is at the the very center of it!

David joins Bram by phone to share how it all came to be...

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