Seeking Young Josiahs, Pt. 1

Dave Patty grew up an 'MK' - (Missionary Kid). Sometimes these '3rd Culture Kids' never feel rooted. Many others, however, find themselves deeply rooted into the Kingdom of God and attuned to the Spirit in powerful ways. Dave and his wife, Connie, are definitely the latter...

When world history took a stunning turn at the end of the Cold War, they knew they were called for just such a time. They quickly zeroed in on the atheist youth of Eastern Europe. When hundreds of thousands were abandoning the Soviet Bloc for opportunity in the West, the Pattys rushed in to discover what God had for them, and a 'lost generation.' There's no getting around the fact that it was hard, hard work. Funny thing about farming tough soil - once the ground is finally softened, it can produce some amazing fruit!

Beginning today we'll spend a month exploring how God has opened the floodgates of blessing and a harvest of souls that uproots everything you think you know about living in a modern, thoroughly secular society. The movement is known as 'Josiah Venture' and it now spans 14 countries, with hundreds of 2nd Culture Misssionaries and National Workers serving thousands of churches and hundreds of thousands of youth. It's an amazing story and fascinating adventure into the heart of God for Young People.

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