Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

"Everything I know about Jesus, I learned through the School Christmas Pageant." That about sums it up for a majority of Americans, and Westerners for that matter. Even those of us around the Faith for much of our lives harbor deep-seated misunderstandings about the life Jesus led on this Earth and the significance of the things mentioned in his story; his relationships; his teachings. And those misunderstandings can lead to serious consequences. They also can short-change our appreciation for the powerful revolution that Jesus ushered in with his life and sacrifice.

So, how are we to get beyond our own limited ideas and myopic cultural lens? Well, if you want to learn about New York, as a New Yorker... Kenneth Bailey was an extraordinary expert and interpreter for all things Middle Eastern. With roots in the West AND East, he devoted his life to understand the life and times and cultures that swirled around Jesus. His scholarship radically transformed the way preachers preach, and you probably didn't even realize it. Before he went to God's living country he sat down with Norm for this precious interview...
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