A New Bible for Muslims

How do you reach Muslims for Christ? With the Gospel, right? And where do we find that? In the Word of God, of course. But which Bible is  the right Bible for the task? Now that's a more complicated question, and not so easily answered... until now.

Norm's guest knows a thing or two about reaching people for Christ in the world's hotspots. He's about as intrepid as they come and can hold his own in any discussion on the Great Commission. We're glad to welcome back our old friend, Dr. Viggo Olsen.


Bangladesh Revisited, Pt. 2

From a rustic frontier medical mission outpost, to a world-class research and treatment hospital treating tens of thousands in the poorest region of the world - that would be enough legacy for any man's life. But believe it or not, there's a lot more going on in Chittagong, Bangladesh. And God is on the move in Southeast Asia.

Today, Norm finishes a powerful look at the Gospel at work in Bangladesh with one of our heroes of faith, Dr. Viggo Olsen.


Bangladesh Revisited, Pt. 1

Not many missionaries have inspired us like Dr. Viggo Olsen. He's the Dr. Livingstone of our generation. Getting on in years, you'd expect a general 'quieting' of a life, a time of reminiscing. The stories of what God did in and through his life would be fascinating enough to carry our programming for months. But if that's what you expected, we're sorry to disappoint. There's still much more to do in the nation of Bangladesh, and Viggo's not waiting around for someone else to get busy!

Today and tomorrow, Dr. Olsen and Norm revisit some of the highlights of the last  half-century, but more importantly look ahead to what God will do...


Compassion In Kenya, Pt. 2

Today, Norm concludes a power look into what effective compassionate action can accomplish in Africa. It's the 21st century, folks! It's time for some fresh thinking on a very old mandate. Richard Bransford joins Norm for part two of this interview.


Compassion In Kenya, Pt. 1

Africa needs help. It has for a long time. So why should governments and non-governmental agencies keep pouring money in the continent? Arguments can be made for - or against - continuing international aid.  But something we need to keep reminding ourselves is this: There is NEVER a time to quit being compassionate! So - what does that look like? And how can Christlike compassion work in ways that government largesse has failed to do? Norm's guest, Richard Bransford, has the answer. And he knows what he's talking about, because he 'walks the walk.'


Invitation to World Missions, Pt. 2

Norm concludes his discussion with Dr. Timothy Tennent of Asbury Theological Seminary as they look at seven 'mega-trends' facing the Church in the 21st Century.


Invitation to World Missions, Pt. 1

Who were the greatest missionaries of all time - The original apostles? William Carey, Mary Slessor, or Hudson Taylor? Or was it David Brainerd, John Paton, Adoniram Judson, or Robert Morrison? Well, if today's guest has anything to do with it, someone - maybe many - from this generation will join the pantheon of God's 'Lions of the Faith.' Norm welcomes Dr. Timothy Tennent of Asbury Theological Seminary for part 1 of an enlightening discussion on where missions and the Church of Christ are headed in the 21st Century.


Cafeteria Christians

It's the great smörgåsbord of faith. In a culture of on-demand, custom-made convenience, we treat our spiritual lives the same way. Not so, you say? You're totally devoted to an historical Christianity? Well, you might just discover a few surprising, even troubling, things about your spirituality today.  So what do American Christians really believe, and what can we do about it? Today, Norm interviews someone who knows how to ask the right questions, George Barna.


Bangladesh Adventure, Pt.3

We've shared many of Norm's travel adventures over the years, but Bangladesh in many ways takes the cake. Norm and Cher review some more of his amazing stories of God's bountiful grace in action, and the amazing people who made them come to life.


Cyclone Outreach in Bangladesh

Bryan Gregory was there when one of the largest storms on record wiped away the lives of tens of thousands, and stole the livelihoods of millions. It's a story of tragedy, but it doesn't end there, as you'll hear today.


Healing Bangladesh

Jesus, the Healer. It's one of the wonderful images of scripture. It gives us hope that He might just do for us, what He did for others two millennia ago. We believe in miraculous healing - we've seen it with our own eyes. We have also seen how God miraculously uses willing hands to do His healing work. You'll hear about that today as Norm welcomes some new friends, Jim Long and Steve Kelly.


Building for Christ in Bangladesh, Pt. 2

When an unbeliever comes to believe in a God of unbelievable power, unbelievable things are bound to happen. Today Norm finishes his latest conversation with one this generation's true super-heroes of the Faith, Dr. Viggo Olsen.


Building for Christ in Bangladesh, Pt. 1

Mild-mannered doctor Viggo Olsen is an international man of mystery - he's a secret agent, super-hero and national founding father. We're not kidding. You'll learn why, today and tomorrow.


Bangladesh Adventure, Pt. 2

Norm and Cher complete a behind the scenes look at the amazing ways God is at work in Bangladesh, and how you can be part of it, today!


Bangladesh Adventure, Pt. 1

If it involves air-conditioned comfort, photo-ops and sightseeing, it's probably not on the itinerary for Norm Nelson. If it involves meeting people doing incredible things for God waaaaaay off the beaten path, you can't hold him back!

Bangladesh has a lot to offer for just such an adventurer. And the Christians of Bangladesh have lots to offer us, as you'll hear today and tomorrow. Cher joins Norm in studio for this special series.



To effectively share your faith, you've got to really know your bible, right? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt. But is it something that others want to know about? Do they care about your bible? Do they care about you? Careful now. The answers might not be all that comfortable to hear.

Now, turn the tables. Do you care about them? Do you care to get to really know people for who they really are? Jesus does. And you might find out He's been nudging them along for a while now. Leonard Sweet is about to turn everything you thought you knew about witnessing on its head. And you'll thank him for it afterward.


The World Comes to America

For decades, Terry Madison has been on the move, sharing the love of Jesus in dozens of countries. When you hit the usual retirement age, what's person like him supposed to do? Well, sitting on your hands isn't an option. Instead, Terry and his wife followed the Lord's lead to a whole new way of reaching the whole world. And they found it in their backyard...

Terry joins Norm in studio for a fascinating look at face to face missions in the 21st Century.


Baghdad – A Visitor’s Report

When was the last time you saw an in-depth report on Baghdad, Iraq? Yeah, we thought so...

Just  because the U.S. military packed up and left, doesn't mean things are back to 'normal' in Iraq. A decade of turmoil, American occupation and civil war have left the country in shatters. Nowhere is the tragedy felt more keenly than in Baghdad's Christian Community. 90% of Iraq's Christians have left. Those who couldn't afford to leave continue to suffer unimaginable persecution. And you wouldn't know it from the trickle of news that still makes it into Western headlines.

But we do know some of the heartache and tragedy and we're not ashamed to bring it to you. It's family business, after all. And we've got the inside story because we've got people on the inside. It's time we listened closely, again. Cher joins Norm in studio for the latest from Baghdad.


The Treasure

What do you treasure most? The Word of God describes itself as a treasure beyond compare. It's a gift that's meant to be shared. Many believers in Jesus would love to do that. Many people would love to receive it. But how do you do that, in parts of the world where so many can't even read?

Today, you'll find out! Norm is joined by guest, Greg Kelley, to share how the greatest treasure of all, now comes in a whole new package!


Rich Christians, Hungry World

Man cannot live by bread alone, Jesus said. But we can't live without it, either.

We're all hungry for something. If we have enough food to fill our bellies, we have the luxury of pursuing other meaningful spiritual things. So, first things, first. In a generation of unparalleled prosperity and unimaginable poverty, how do we imagine a future beyond the stalemate? Norm's guest, Ron Sider, has some ideas.


“Hold Fast!” - a Conversation with Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

The Christians of Pakistan and the greater Muslim world are in the crosshairs - literally. Preaching the Good News and encouraging the weary - pastors and evangelists have their work cut out for them, to say the least. Norm's guest, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali knows all about it, and he'll give you the tools you need to help pray effectively for your brothers and sisters in Christ in Muslim nations.


Think About THAT!, Pt. 2

Wonder's an interesting word. It encompasses both awe and doubt. Do you ever wonder?...

How we cope with disappointment; how we celebrate victory - it depends on our perspective, and from where it comes. Is this an age of opportunity for the Gospel of Christ? Or a time of decline and hostility to the things of God?

Do you wonder?

Norm and Cher will help bring some needed perspective, today. And, maybe, help us to act on that perspective!