A Call to Love, Pt. 1

Love shows up in the most unlikely of places - like in the shadow of civil war. Monir and Samya have a story to tell, and it's a love story. It's not just about them, however. It's a love story for the ages, as God pursued them both, and along the way they found each other. Together they're sharing the greatest love story of all with the people of the Middle East. Today Bram and Sandi Floria begin a  fascinating discussion with two fascinating new friends of Compassion Radio.


Cafeteria Christians

It's the great smörgåsbord of faith. In a culture of on-demand, custom-made convenience, we treat our spiritual lives the same way. Not so, you say? You're totally devoted to an historical Christianity? Well, you might just discover a few surprising, even troubling, things about your spirituality today.  So what do American Christians really believe, and what can we do about it? Today, Norm interviews someone who knows how to ask the right questions, George Barna.


Women and Children in Crisis

Norm welcomes guest Jane Tafel to learn more about outreach to abused women in SouthEast Asia. Jane isn't just saving individuals. Her ministry is transforming communities and nations.


God’s Village In Africa

Is there hope for Africa? Of course there is. Today Norm's guest, David Pinta, shows us a place where hope is alive and well. And it's more than a vain sort of wishing. In God's strength things are changing for the better - for those who were considered hopeless just a few years ago.


Finding Peace Through Tragedies

You're young, full of dreams and looking forward to a life together. Then Life gets cruel. 'Cancer' is suddenly a dreaded and unwelcome visitor in your home. What do you do? Norm's guest, Annie Aragon, has the answer today. Fair warning - it's messy, incomplete and painful. But it's also beautiful, hopeful and full of grace because in her case, God was at the center of it all.


The Gospel-Driven Life

Ever felt like your spiritual life needed some 'oomph' in its 'get-along?' Who hasn't. Guess what? It's not just God Himself prodding you to get off your duff. It's really a passionate pursuit of you by the Holy Spirit Himself. It's a romance and He wants to overwhelm you with His love and approval. Draw the Good News deeply into yourself, and you'll find the passion to accomplish anything He puts in your heart to do.

If you've got the spiritual flu, Michael Horton's got the right prescription.


A New Look At Door of Hope, Pt. 2

Bram and Demi continue their investigation of all the new ministry happening around th Door of Hope in Johannesburg, South Africa. Demi spent time getting 'behind the curtain' hearing the inspiring stories of many of the team members who make Door of Hope a daily miracle.


A New Look At Door of Hope, Pt. 1

Compassion Radio has partnered with Door of Hope for almost 20 years. Generations of babies have been saved and have grown up into God's leaders and servants. The work goes on, and it by no means is static! In fact while some things never change, The Kingdom adapts to new challenges, and Door of Hope is still at the cutting edge of compassion and ministry.

In this brand new series, Bram begins an in-depth look at what's new in Johannesburg, South Africa, and why we should care. We sent our very best to get the details,  firsthand. Bram's daughter - intrepid missionary and budding journalist, Demi - brings us the story...


For the Life of a Child, Pt. 2

The world was literally crying for help outside the walls of Berea Baptist Church. God was listening. He tapped his faithful servants to heed that cry. Today, the Door of Hope project in Johannesburg, S.A. has rescued nearly 1000 children from certain death.

Today Norm concludes his inaugural interview with the founder, Cheryl Allen. And you'll understand why we are so proud to be involved. You will be too.


For the Life of a Child, Pt. 1

Some people you meet change the way you look at life. Some people change your life. Cheryl Allen has a habit of doingboth. From a plan born in an inner city prayer meeting a  dozen years ago, the face of the Church in Johannesburg, S.A. has been forever changed. As a result the floodgates to a rich spiritual harvest have been thrown wide open. Oh, and it has also saved the lives of nearly 1000 abandoned newborns.

Cheryl joins Norm for this classic interview.


God’s Family in South Africa, Pt. 2

Paul Siaki is intrepid, and he's intrepid for Jesus. But he doesn't go alone. His ministry involves his whole family - and that includes school age children. The 'Passionate Pursuit' led them to the heart of modern Africa. Norm concludes a fascinating discussion on the nature of mission work in the 21st Century and how it's not about lonely individuals setting out on solitary quests.


God’s Family in South Africa, Pt. 1

The Family that prays together... stays together. How does that adage hold up when the family in question is on the move for God? Well, you're about to find out as Norm interviews a fabulously interesting and unexpected missionary. Paul Siaki joins us today and tomorrow by phone from Colorado Springs.


Go Afraid!

LeRoy & Cindy Metzger have absolutely no business attempting missions work in the central African nation of Malawi. They're both previous beach bums and drug abusers.

But something interesting happened on their way to Hell. God saved them. And not just from themselves. They've been saved to a life of amazing ministry. Today Norm asks the right questions to tease out their amazing story.


Rescuing a Generation

What do you see when you look in the window of a nursery or childcare center? Joy? Trouble? Potential?  Well, when the folks at Door of Hope look in on  the orphans they've rescued from the streets of Johannesburg, they can't contain their emotion. In front of them are not the rejects of society, but the very future of their nation. Cher joins Norm in studio to discuss why.


The Door of Hope, Pt. 2

Today Norm and Cher complete their very personal assessment of the Door of Hope project in Johannesburg, S.A.


The Door of Hope, Pt. 1

When God puts beautiful children in your arms, words cannot adequately describe it. Every parent who has ever longed for a child understands. And there is never a child that God does not also love with an all-consuming passion.

In the suburbs of Johannesburg, S.A., God said to Norm and Cher "Here, would you hold this for a moment?" And their lives haven't been the same since...


Magnificent Martyrdom, Pt. 2

Yesterday, Norm introduced us to one of his spiritual heroes, Marj Saint Van Der Puys. As one of the surviving widows of the Auca Indian attack on American missionaries, she bore the grief and struggle of rebuilding a life with young children. To raise godly, compassionate children in such circumstances would constitute a triumph. But Marj accomplished much more than that. Today these to old friends reminisce and look forward to a future of even more amazing chapters in the Great Commission.


Magnificent Martyrdom, Pt. 1

It was the great mission drama and tragedy of the 20th Century: Five young, visionary missionary adventurers doing the impossible - bringing the Gospel to the most feared headhunters of the western Amazon Rain Forest. They developed new technologies and methods. They made friendly contact with the tribe. They were unified in prayer and purpose. They worshiped powerfully. They had families absolutely committed to the goal.

Yet they were struck down... and millions of Life Magazine readers were horrified at the images and the seemingly senseless tragedy of it all.

Today and tomorrow, Norm visits with a dear friend who lived through it, Marj Saint Van Der Puys.


Remembering Marilyn

Compassion Radio is not about bully pulpits. It's about thousands of gentle voices, big hearts and mustard-seed faith. One such soul embodied all of that, and she was right at the heart of this ministry.

This week in 2014 we gave tribute to Marilyn Huizenga, a lady who quietly ministered to thousands, and made Compassion Radio much of what it is today.


Are American Christians Soft?

It seems like Christians get a bad rap on a lot of issues. That doesn't mean we're off the hook, though, when it comes to honest soul-searching. Today, Jim and Norm explore how the current generation of Western believers really stand in the history of God's Kingdom - and what more there might be for us if we're willing to go the extra mile...


Search and Rescue

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jeff Crandall has been in a World of Hurt. From the bleeding edge of the War on Terror, to the backcountry rescues, his career with the Military as a combat helicopter pilot has put him in some difficult situations, to say the least...

All along the way, God and His Word have been rescuing Jeff! He shares his story with Bram, today.


The Unknowns, Pt. 2

Today, Bram finishes a fascinating discussion with Ethan Morse, Chief Warrant Officer 5 with the California National Guard, and Sentinenl of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Badge #548. His documentary "The Unknowns" is a masterpiece, but it's the life that God has grown in his heart, and the spiritual fruit that God is growing in his life that are the bigger story...

To learn more about Ethan's exceptional documentary "The Unknowns," follow this link: