South East Asia - Dangers Within and Without, Pt. 1

Chris and Faith Creech had a hard but productive tenure leading some booming churches in North America. But then God...

The Lord Himself has a way of planting seeds in us that take many years to sprout, and even longer to mature and bear fruit. But bear fruit they have in the lives of this intrepid couple, as you'll hear today and tomorrow. Along the way, they've run into some Pauline attacks, and some even more dangerous threats to the Body of Christ in Asia. How they met these challenges is a story we need to take to heart...

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Deep Wells of Grace (Compassion Radio Classic)

Norm's guest today knows some of the deepest pain a man can experience, and he'll share it with uncompromising frankness, today. So why would you want to listen? Because Jerry Sittser's story is not one of despair or failure. In fact, what he has to say just might be the words you need to hear in your darkest hour.

Jerry's bio can be found here:


The Micah Challenge

Reporting for a second day from the Calvin College Faith and International Development Conference, Lyric Floria introduces us to Jason Fileta and his "Micah Challenge USA"Movement. What do Evangelicals have to do with extreme poverty and fair trade? Not enough, says Jason! Faithful followers of Christ have a lot to learn about how the world really works, but we also have amazingly effective solutions for the problems facing our world. We just need to get our faith and knowledge working together...


It’s Our Mission - Period!

Field Correspondent Lyric Floria brings a fresh report from the Calvin College Faith and International Development Conference. She introduces us to a new friend, Donna Terpstra.


An Intrepid Life, Pt. 2

Today, Bram concludes a moving interview with Roger Marsh, in a KBRT interview on a recent 'The Bottom Line' program. Together they capture some important highlights from the Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson's amazing life. And we'll discover how that legacy continues to affect and inspire the future of the Compassion Radio Broadcast.


An Intrepid Life, Pt. 1

Some are born to adventure, it seems. In the case of the Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson, that seems a redundant statement. But it's not so much the amount as the quality of adventure that makes his life a stand-out. You see, the real adventure began only after Jesus got ahold of his heart and rocked his world. It happened suddenly it seems, yet after a life-time of careful logical pursuit of TRUTH.

Today and tomorrow Bram visits with Roger Marsh, host of the daily Crawford Broadcasting call-in show "The Bottom Line," to share memories and commemorate Norm's exemplary 'Gospel Life.'


What’s so ‘Good’ about ‘Good Friday?’

It's a paradox. God willingly sacrifices Himself for the humanity that boastfully, gleefully kills Him. It makes no sense. There was absolutely no beauty in the torture, the pain, the blood, the death. Everything we hope for in a Savior is savagely obliterated in the violent scene played out in Jerusalem.

And yet...

We can't not look at the Cross. At the broken and battered offering. What is really going on at Calvary? Norm takes a hard and lingering look at what Christ did and continues to do.


Who’s On Trial, Here?

Was it a legal hatchet-job? A tragedy of cosmic proportions? Or something else, altogether?  The trial of Jesus for sedition stands out in history as a seemingly unexplainable injustice. But that's really not the message God intended. What He did intend, and accomplished, goes far beyond our wildest expectations. Today Norm takes a very different look at the story.


Ukraine: Worship on the Frontlines, Pt. 2

'God never wastes a crisis.' Fred Heumann has personally learned that this is true. Today in Ukraine, a pivotal nation to the future of Christianity in the heart of Asia, a great awakening is happening among the Orthodox and Evangelical Believers of Ukraine. In the face of foreign aggression they are lifting high the Cross - and they're doing it together. And that is Good News.

Fred Heumann, a seasoned 'musicianary' and theologian is heading back to the Ukraine soon to continue his formative work of training a new generation of Worship Leaders and Pastors in the skills necessary to lead the Body of Christ into battle - spiritual battle. And he's 'in it to win it.' He joins Bram by phone from Nashville, TN.

If you'd like to learn more about the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary where Fred teaches, you can find it here:


Ukraine: Worship on the Frontlines, Pt. 1

Worship is the frontline of Spiritual Warfare. Any good Worship Leader will tell you so. By theology and experience we know that spiritual strongholds don't fall by the force of compelling logic, but by a mighty move of God's Holy Spirit softening hearts and bending wills toward TRUTH.

One person who knows the power of worship is Fred Heumann. Over 40 years of intrepid missions and worship arts, he's seen some mighty moves of God and profound changes in world history. Now he's pursuing his passion to equip the next generation of worship leaders, pastors and 'musicianaries' with a solid knowledge of God's methods and plan. Today he joins Bram to discuss how his ministry, MusicWorks International, is doing that important work in the key nation of Ukraine.

If you'd like to learn more about the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary where Fred teaches, you can find it here:


Prayer, Penetrating the Impossible

How far can prayer take you? All the way to Heaven? Indeed. Today, it has done that very thing as our own Dr. Norm Nelson has 'Graduated to Glory.' We can't think of a better tribute to the powerful, faithful, prayerful witness that has been Norm's life.

It seems impossible that we no longer have our Anchor in this ministry. And that is precisely why this program is so needed right now. Can prayer penetrate the impossible? Norm's guest on this Compassion Radio Classic is the reknowned  Jack Hayford. He knows a thing or two about faith and prayer. As a pastor, theologian, author, songwriter and speaker he's had a tremendous impact on the church of this generation. And he believes God can do the impossible. We'll see it if we are willing to pray for it.


Under Cover in South Asia, Pt. 3

How is God changing lives in the tumultuous and wartorn parts of the world? Well, 'Sarah' can tell us. She and her husband were born and raised in some of the most troubled places in South Asia. What can we expect from people 'like that?' Well, once Jesus got ahold of them, we can expect miracles! Together, this Power Couple are raising up new evangelists, pastors and missionaries, a dozen at a time. In order to do that, they've had to put their own lives at risk, and face spector of severe physical, emotional and spritual trauma suffered by virtually all of the new Believers coming to them for guidance. It's demanding and extremely rewarding work... with eternal fruit.


Under Cover in South Asia, Pt. 2

'Sarah' joins Bram a second day for a powerful insider's look at how the Gospel is transforming lives righ in themiddle of the violence and hopelessness gripping much of the nations of South Asia.


Under Cover in South Asia, Pt. 1

'Sarah' and her husband are directly involved in transformative ministry. That term is bandied out lightly these days, but in this case we truly mean 'transformative.' Why? Because their lives are on the line, each and every day. And not just them - if word got out about the hundreds they currently disciple, they'd be marked for execution in a country so sensitive we can't even mention its name on the air.

So... We're introducing you to a person who's voice has been altered, a pseudonym for a name and a homeland we won't identify. Why? So that we can hide something? Quite the contrary - so that we can tell you the unvarnished truth about what it takes, sometimes, to bring the Gospel to the 'uttermost parts.'


Eastern Spirituality Gives No Answer

Michael Austin followed a path designed to 'kill the mind.' He almost succeeded. But then God... well, He had other plans. Now Michael is on a whole new journey and he's bringing others along with him.


I Am ‘N’

Faithful followers of Christ in the Middle East are being marked for extermination, their property seized as spoils of war. And the symbol of this insidious hate is painted boldy in red across walls all over Syria and Iraq. One Arabic letter is all it takes to destroy everything a family has built.

So why is this letter becoming the emblem of vibrant, living faith? Simply put, the Sufferings of Christ... and His Saints.

Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs joins Norm from the National Religious Broadcasters Convention to bring the latest intel on our Family in the Middle East.


Hollywood Makes the Case for Christ, Pt. 2

So... the awesome story of Lee and Leslie Strobel is finally, actually coming to the big screen, and in a big way. What next?

Today, Bram and Screenwriter Brian Bird discuss indepth what it means to be a passionate follower of Christ in Hollywood, and how true Faith is beginning to make a serious impact on modern culture.


Hollywood Makes the Case for Christ, Pt. 1

Brian Bird worked hard for years to be taken seriously in Hollywood. A talented writer with a solid work ethic and a heart for redemptive stories, the odds of his success in Tinseltown were one-in-a-million. But a funny thing happened on the way to obscurity... God took notice of his servant. Brian shares his story of persistence and faith, and the making of the new Major Motion Picture "The Case For Christ." He joins Bram by phone.


Paths to Peace, Pt. 3

Jim Jennings and Bram conclude a powerful look back, and cast their eyes over the horizon to the new thing God is doing in some of the world's biggest trouble spots...


Paths to Peace, Pt. 2

Jim Jennings is back for part 2 of a powerful retrospective on the ways Compassion Radio helped him bring God's kind of peace to places where there had been no hope. He joins Bram by phone...


Paths to Peace, Pt. 1

Jim Jennings goes where angels fear to tread. Good thing he had a good sidekick along for the adventure...

On many an occasion, our own Norm Nelson accompanied Jim into the halls of power, and the hovels of the downtrodden. Together they opened doors to the Gospel and paved pathways to peace in the world's most difficult places. For the next three days, Jim joins Bram for a look back to the thrilling journeys to where God's hand manifested in amazing ways - and He's still doing it!


Wilbur Nelson: 50th Anniversary Interview

March 25 marks the beginning of our 74th Year of Ministry!

In 2003, this ministry's founder went home to be with the Lord. Wilbur Nelson was 92 years young. And if you asked him that year what his plans were, he probably would have said "To tell the people about the Lord, the Lord's love and the Lord's work." Pretty much what he'd been doing for the better part of a century.

As the baton was passing to the next generation, Norm sat his father down for a more intimate look at the roots of this ministry, the things that have changed and most importantly what has not changed. In a season when the torch is being passed once again, it's more important than ever to ground ourselves in the legacy handed down by faithful men...