Ukraine: Worship on the Frontlines, Pt. 2

'God never wastes a crisis.' Fred Heumann has personally learned that this is true. Today in Ukraine, a pivotal nation to the future of Christianity in the heart of Asia, a great awakening is happening among the Orthodox and Evangelical Believers of Ukraine. In the face of foreign aggression they are lifting high the Cross - and they're doing it together. And that is Good News.

Fred Heumann, a seasoned 'musicianary' and theologian is heading back to the Ukraine soon to continue his formative work of training a new generation of Worship Leaders and Pastors in the skills necessary to lead the Body of Christ into battle - spiritual battle. And he's 'in it to win it.' He joins Bram by phone from Nashville, TN.

If you'd like to learn more about the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary where Fred teaches, you can find it here:

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