America and the Assyrians, Pt.1 - CR CLASSIC

Sargis Sangari is on a mission - to win the hearts and minds of the world and save his people from destruction. His culture and homeland are on the brink of destruction. Why should we care? Listen to this 2-part and you'll know the answer...


Josiah Venture, Pt. 1

Not so long ago, a huge swath of Central and Eastern Europe was firmly under the thumb of oppressive Communist rule. And then the Wall came down and everything was 'fixed.'


Well... It's simpler, and a lot more complicated than that. The watershed political events of late 1989 have certainly transformed the world, and in many good ways. Those events have also unleashed a worldwide battle for the hearts of men and the souls of nations. In the stunned aftermath of crumbling Empires and booming Unions, one intrepid band of missionaries stepped in - Josiah Venture. When they started, the work was hard and the hours long. And the fruit? Far from certain. Over the next few days, we'll hear how it played out, and what is becoming of it all...

Executive Vice President of Josiah Venture, Mel Ellenwood and his wife, Amy, join Bram and Sandi by Skype for this inspiring account of committed faith, and abounding harvest.

Learn more about this amazing ministry here:

Refugee Work on a Greek Island

Our good friend, Jim Jennings, is one of those types whose fingerprints will always be found on the till. He's labored in the Lord's vineyards for decades. And those fields are flung all over the globe. This time he's right in the middle of this generation's greatest humanitarian crisis. It's a place you'd expect to find Jesus. And you will - because He keeps sending people like Jim Jennings...

Invitation to World Missions, Pt. 2

Norm concludes his discussion with Dr. Timothy Tennent of Asbury Theological Seminary as they look at seven 'mega-trends' facing the Church in the 21st Century.

Voices of Iraq

We know there are real lives behind the headlines yet it's often difficult to have genuine compassion for people we've never met. Today, Norm addresses that issue in a very personal way. Shortly before ISIS made its move against Kirkuk, Norm sat down with some of the most public Christians in the region. What we hear from the Police Chief and a Pastor of the largest Evangelical Church in Kurdistan may disturb you. It will also equip you for serious spiritual warfare... 

Hearing Revelation, Pt. 2

Norm continues his conversation with Karen Heimbuch, performance artist of the epic orchestra production of the Book of Revelation.

Open Heart; Open Hands: Answering the Refugee Problem

We don't do 'Desperation' very well. Especially when we're afraid. The current 'Crisis of Isis' is not an immigrant story, but we can't escape soem of Neil Diamond's lyrics from his anthem "AMERICA":

Far, We've been traveling far
Without a home But not without a star

Free, Only want to be free
We huddle close, Hang on to a dream
Home, Don't it seem so far away
Oh, we're traveling light today
In the eye of the storm - In the eye of the storm

Of course, the Syrian, Kurd and Iraqi refugee are not 'coming to America.' They're simply running from certain death by starvation or violence. And by far most of them will end up in Middle Eastern and European countries. Yet a few will choose the long route through the grueling vetting process to be admitted to the United States. While the man on the street frets about potential terrorists, how should the Body of Christ, the Kingdom of God respond? Today, Norm and Cher tackle that question head-on.

Good News From Cairo, Pt. 1

M**** B****** sees Jesus a thousand times a day. He's taken the Lord's Word to heart - "When you do this unto the least of these, you do it unto Me." So M**** and his wife seek out the least of the least and love them as Christ does. In the process, he's not only rescued thousands from extreme poverty, he's helping usher in the Kingdom of God.

A Wind In the House of Islam, Pt. 1

If you think God has forsaken the people of the Muslim world, David Garrison is out to change your mind. This two-part series will bring you up-close and personal to the amazing spiritual renaissance and startling revelations that HE is using to win every people, each person, to Himself.

India, One Village at a Time

How do you evangelize the most populous nation on earth? One village at a time. Sounds like a straight-forward proposition, no? But what if there are 500 thousand villages to reach? The India Gospel League is proving that faith means action, and that faithful action speaks louder than words. Norm continues this insightful interview with the Rev. Samuel Stephens.

India’s Neediest People

The Rev. Samuel Stephens does things every day that we only read about in the Bible.  Today Norm learns about the amazing breadth and depth of ministry of the India Gospel League. Our encounters with the church in India have tremendously influenced the ministry of Compassion Radio.

India, Heart to Heart

There's an oasis of love and learning in the heart of India - many actually. And they are the centers of India Gospel League's amazing outreach to the orphans of that country. They're saving children, building minds and changing hearts. Norm starts this tour of India with the Rev. Sam Stephens today.

From Tough Guy to Jesus Guy

He was packing heat but the little lady offering him a cold drink didn't know that. She also didn't know he was in organized crime using this painting job as a cover. So they sat and talked.  Soon the conversation turned an unexpected direction, and Brian Marcoux's life was never the same.

You'll hear all about it, today.

The Church That Grows

If you've listened to Compassion Radio for any length of time, you know how impressed we are with the modern day explosion of the Church in East Asia. Hundreds of millions of new believers in only two or three generations. Some have tried to dismiss the phenomenon economically or politically. But the Chinese believers know the real reason - God's Word unleashed.

Norm is joined by 'Brother Josh' today - someone who really knows the power of the Word and the power of the Church that knows how to wield it as a potent spiritual weapon

A Legacy of Heroism

When it seemed impossible, one praying, faithful man opened up China for the Gospel. It's an extraordinary story you've probably never heard. Today is no textbook lesson. Instead, Norm brings history to life! You'll see how the fruit of this extraordinary man's life is still nourishing the Church 200 hundred years later.

The Revolution in Egypt, Pt. 2

In 2011, Spring came early to Egypt. In an unexpectedly abrupt end to the standoff between dictatorship and democratic ambitions, the people of Egypt seem to have won a tremendous victory. So what comes next? And what does the new reality mean for the millions of Christians in a predominantly Muslim country? Norm's guest, Tom Bower, joins us for a second day to sort out the possibilities. With decades of experience in the country as an educator and missionary, he's uniquely qualified to show us the way.

The Church Under Fire

Every day news reaches our inboxes from around the globe detailing the suffering of Christians, punished for no other reason than simple hatred of their faith. Frankly, it breaks our hearts. But it also reminds us of something else - the incredible spiritual and numerical growth that results when true believers are put to the test. We remember those today who stand unspeakable tests of faith endurance, and honor their Lord in the process. And, we rejoice that it means a latter day miracle in places once impenetrable to the Gospel.

Power in Persecution

"I find I am strong when I am weak..." So the Apostle Paul lays out one of the foundational paradoxes of the Christian faith.  It's a living reality for the persecuted Church of China. We've seen that paradox close-up, and it changed this ministry for good.

The Garbage Children of Cairo

The people you meet along the way make even the most arduous trip worthwhile. That's especially true of the children of Cairo's Makkatem district. When dozens of them climbed down from garbage piles to hug and play with Norm and Cher, what was their response? You'll find out, today.

America, Bless God!

It's the 4th of July, and it's time to celebrate! You'll probably hear "God Bless America" about a hundred times as you run into friends, watch a parade, hear a speech. But what about God? Who should bless Him?

The staff of Compassion Radio comes together around the studio table today to discuss how, what and why they're celebrating today...

Persecuted But Powerful, Pt. 2

Norm concludes this two part series with his wife Cher in studio

The Church in China, Pt. 2

Norm continues his fascinating survey of the amazing growth of Christianity in China with his guide, 'Brother Michael.'