The Pastor - CR CLASSIC

"If you love me, feed my sheep."  Famous words from Jesus to Peter in John chapter 21. It's followed by an arguably more important exhortation that we don't talk about much. Jesus tells the first great pastor that he will suffer for his flock. "Follow Me," says Jesus. In what? The way of suffering. Today, Norm has an important discussion with a great man of letters, a prolific author, but most importantly, a faithful shepherd.  You might have seen his name just past the flyleaf of your Message translation bible.  His name is Eugene Peterson.


On the Road in India, Pt. 2

Bram and Demi Floria continue their discussion on the trials, tribulations and amazing opportunities for the Gospel in South Asia...


On the Road in India, Pt. 1

Our South India correspondent's been a busy lady - documenting the 'Third Wave' of Gospel explosion in the world's most populous country. Today, two very personal stories bring it all into sharp focus. Demi Floria joins Bram by Skype from Salem, Tamil Nadu.


God’s Work in Central Asia, Pt. 2 - CR CLASSIC

Norm continues his conversation today with Wally Kulakoff, the Bible League's intrepid ambassador to the 'Roof of the World.' All across the steppes and mountain ranges of central Asia, amazing things are happening as people turn to the living Christ for salvation and purpose. This two-part series is the ultimate insider's guide to God's life-transforming work that continues in exotic and challenging places. Be prepared to have your faith stretched by what you hear.


God’s Work in Central Asia, Pt. 1 - CR CLASSIC

If you want to understand a man, walk a mile in his shoes... or a few thousand miles if you want to really understand him.

Norm's guest for the next two programs is Wally Kulakoff, an intrepid missionary across the vast epic swath of geography we call 'Central Asia.' Not many people know the cultures and challenges in the beautiful and forbidding landscape of 'the World's Backbone.' Get ready for a guided adventure.  You'll want to lace up your boots for this one.


From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya - CR CLASSIC

What links Jerusalem, the center of the religious world, to Irian Jaya, the 'outermost part' of the world? Norm's guest today, Ruth Tucker! Today you'll discover how God draws slender threads that link His family in the most unlikely ways.


The Toxic Church

Today, Bram and Sandi Floria engage in conversation with new friends to this Compassion Radio ministry, Chris and Faith Creech. Our topic could certainly be categorized as 'touchy' in the church today. Give us a listen, and share with your friends.



The Long Legacy of the Salvation Army - Part 2

Bram Floria is back with Major Sams in part 2 of their discussion on-site at the Salvation Army facility on the outskirts of Austin, Texas..


The Long Legacy of the Salvation Army - Part 1

We would be remiss to forget about the incredible ministry that is occurring right under our noses each and every day, right near where we live. Today, Bram takes a tour of a local Salvation Army facility under the direction of a gentleman named Major Sams. Be ready to hear stories about lives transformed. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.


One Nation Without God - Compassion Radio CLASSIC

The following is a classic presentation from Compassion Radio, that originally aired in February of 2013.
As patriotic citizens in America we often say things like "It's what unites us that makes us strong." But what if what 'unites' us actually 'divides' us... from God?
Norm's guest today, David Aikman, asks a provocative question - "What would an America without God look like?" The quick answer - "Just look around you!" Troubling, indeed! But is it hopeless? Well if you know anything about Compassion Radio by now, you'll already know our response! If you don't enjoy the subject matter today, perhaps you'll at least find it eye-opening, challenging, even motivational...

Radio For the Sake of Others - Compassion Radio CLASSIC

The following is a CLASSIC edition of Compassion Radio, that originally aired in March of 2010..

So, why do we do what we do? Why do we bother? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? Is anyone being helped and encouraged?

We're not afraid to ask the questions. And we're even brave enough to try answering them. Cher joins Norm in studio today.


Catching Up With Bram in Eastern Europe

Today's episode of Compassion Radio is truly unique. First, we managed to connect on the phone with our president and host, Bram Floria. Bram, along with his wife, Sandi, has been on a whirwind trip in eastern Europe with a ministry team from Josiah Venture. They are capturing stories that we are eager to share right here on Compassion Radio. This program is also a treat in that we've been blessed with the presence of Cher Nelson back in the recording studio. Cher returns to the microphone for the first time since Norm's home going. 


Restoration Through Tragedy - Part 2

If you happened to catch Bram' interview with Jason Black on yesterday's edition of Compassion Radio, our apologies. Why, you ask? Well, we had to leave you yesterday in sort of a "cliffhanger" status. Due to the limitations of radio broadcast time, we weren't able to fully hear the rest of Jason's stunning testimony of faith. Today, we bring you the conclusion in part 2 of "Restoration Through Tragedy."


Restoration Through Tragedy - Part 1

Today we're going to hear the testimony of a gentleman named Jason Black. Bram recently had the chance to sit down with Jason at a busy diner on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. The testimony you're about to hear has its share of jaw-dropping moments, twists and turns. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.


Do Hard Things

This is a CLASSIC presentation from Compassion Radio that originally aired on 5/3/11.

What are you most proud of? The things that came to you easily? Or the hard-won accomplishments in life? Beyond the obvious answer, we need to take a look at the cost of doing things right the first time. That's something we have to calculate each and every month around here, as we decide which projects to tackle, and how to present the opportunities to our partners - like you. Our producer, Jim Governale, joins Norm in studio today to discuss what it means to 'Do Hard Things.'


What if No Christians Are Left?

This is a Compassion Radio CLASSIC program that originally aired on 8/5/15.

Today in the Middle East, the Rule of Unintended Consequences is in full force. Military action intended to liberate and stabilize has resulted in a new truly Dark Age. That is most true for the oldest Christian communities on Earth. The slaughter and displacement could result in not a single Christian left in a number of countries. Does it matter? Should we care? Norm and Cher dig into the tragedy.


Sex Trafficking in America, Pt. 2

Rick Naylor joins Bram for day two of a hard look at the problem of human trafficking and what the Body of Christ can and should be doing about it. The stories that led up to Rick's commitment are a real gut punch. God's response has been a real hope-lifter in a time of great evil. And it's a call to action...


Sex Trafficking in America, Pt.1

Rick Naylor had it all - a great family, a great job, a great community, a great church, a great life. Then he heard some disturbing things in a prayer meeting about things going on in his own home town. He asked God what he could do to help. God said "Stop it." And now, Rick is taking on one of the biggest blights on modern society - human trafficking. He's not alone in the fight, but he's gonna need a lot of faithful, prayerful help.


Christians in the Age of Wealth, Pt. 2

Craig Blomberg joins Norm for part 2 of a thought-provoking discussion on Kingdom living in all aspects of life: material, emotional and spiritual.


Christians in the Age of Wealth, Pt. 1 (Compassion Radio Classic)

Life in the modern world is a struggle, right? There are bills to pay, responsibilities, futures to plan for. And often we're reminded that we're living in the most prosperous times in the history of the world. On top of that, our faith calls us to a kind of generous living that requires serious stretching of our faith, our time, our pocketbooks. Something's gotta give, right?

Our guest today and tomorrow has some fascinating things to say about Kingdom living in a marketing age. Norm welcomes a new friend, Craig Blomberg.