Studying Christian Persecution, Pt. 2

Yesterday began a vital conversation on the state of persecution against Christians in the 21st Century. The 'good news?' There are more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the world today than ever before. The 'bad news?' The Devil noticed. Persecution is more intense and the suffering of innocent believers more excruciating than ever.

We need to get our minds - and hearts - around that fact.

Then we can discuss what we can do about it... which is what we'll do on today's program as Norm welcomes back Nicholas Kerton-Johnson.


Studying Christian Persecution, Pt. 1

Why would anyone study "Christian persecution?" Sounds depressing on the face of it, wouldn't you say? Norm's guest today has a very different take on the subject. In fact, we'd say he's got God's take on it. Norm welcomes a new friend: Nicholas Kerton-Johnson.


What You Need to Know About Healing

Jehovah Rapha - The God Who Heals. It's one of the names God calls Himself. Did He retire that name, or is He still in the business of healing? If so, how does He do it? Does He promise healing? If so, do we believe Him? Norm's guest today - Dr. Harold Sala - has some hard-won insight, and an eloquence to explain some seemingly difficult spiritual concepts. He joins Norm by phone.


Understanding Christian Mission

It seems simple enough - 'preach the Gospel to All Peoples.' That's the Great Commission, right? Things tend to get a little more complicated when we actually try to accomplish this simple command. We're talking about reaching 7 billion people, after all. But does it need to be that way? Is the Gospel really like a bloated government program that no one really understands or can get a handle on?

Or can it be... simpler? Scott Sundquist has some intriguing answers and insights for us, today.


A Peace Zone in Syria

Is there any peace to be found in the unending war zone known as Syria? Norm went to find out. He brings it all together in this conversation with Lauren Homer.


Christians in the Age of Wealth, Pt. 2

Craig Blomberg joins Norm for part 2 of a thought-provoking discussion on Kingdom living in all aspects of life: material, emotional and spiritual.


Christians in the Age of Wealth, Pt. 1

Life in the modern world is a struggle, right? There are bills to pay, responsibilities, futures to plan for. And often we're reminded that we're living in the most prosperous times in the history of the world. On top of that, our faith calls us to a kind of generous living that requires serious stretching of our faith, our time, our pocketbooks. Something's gotta give, right?

Our guest today and tomorrow has some fascinating things to say about Kingdom living in a marketing age. Norm welcomes a new friend, Craig Blomberg.

The Body in Burma, Pt. 2

Norm continues his conversation with Terry Madison about the situation in Myanmar (Burma) for believers there.


The Body in Burma, Pt. 1

Norm welcomes back good friend and expert on the persecuted church, Terry Madison.  In the country of Myanmar (Burma), Christian citizens are treated with contempt, harassment and even violence by their government. It is a truly closed and oppressive nation. Does that mean the Church is on the decline there? Hardly. But their lives truly are 'hard.' What can we do? Well, Compassion Radio is already doing it! You'll heard 'what' and 'how' today and tomorrow.


Building The Church in Burma

Jacob & Sandar Mung join Norm today to tell the inside story on Christianity in Burma. If we're going to equip the pastors there, it's helpful to understand what challenges they face!


The Challenge Facing Sat-7

Rex Rogers has his hands full. As President of SAT-7 USA, he coordinates the fundraising activities for the  largest Christian television network focused on the Muslim world. But money's not the biggest challenge. You'll find out what is as he joins Norm for this up-to-date report.


African Enterprise

The more things change, the more they stay the same... there's a pessimistic statement for you! If you read any number of commentaries on Africa you'd get that impression. When it comes to helping the economic, social and spiritual progress on this great continent, the subtext is 'don't bother - you're just wasting your time.'

We don't buy into that. And neither does Norm's guest today, Michael Cassidy.


God’s ‘Royal’

Some of the richest and most influential men in the history of the world live in the elite enclaves and rarefied air of enormous skyscrapers located in the Gulf of Arabia. Does that mean they are beyond the reach of God? Hardly. Norm's guest today, Paul Howard has a story to tell about one such 'rich man.'


Christ and Nigerian Conflict

Where is the world's most dangerous place to be a Christian? Well, there are a number of factors to consider, but in terms of sheer physical violence, the current 'number 1' is undoubtedly Nigeria. Our guest today knows the score and gives us the inside story. Norm introduces us to 'Emmanuel'  as he reports from a missions conference in Canada.


God’s Heart in Lebanon

Camille Melki had a thriving ministry in an active, engaged and involved church here in the States. His work in worship arts and missions kept him plenty busy. It wasn't enough. In response to the Israel Lebanon War, God led him back to his home country and smack into the middle of the biggest opportunity to reach Muslims for Christ in hundreds of years.

You'll hear all about it, today!

What’s so ‘Good’ about ‘Good Friday?’

It's a paradox. God willingly sacrifices Himself for the humanity that boastfully, gleefully kills Him. It makes no sense. There was absolutely no beauty in the torture, the pain, the blood, the death. Everything we hope for in a Savior is savagely obliterated in the violent scene played out in Jerusalem.

And yet...

We can't not look at the Cross. At the broken and battered offering. What is really going on at Calvary? Norm takes a hard and lingering look at what Christ did and continues to do.


Who’s On Trial Here?

Was it a legal hatchet-job? A tragedy of cosmic proportions? Or something else, altogether?  The trial of Jesus for sedition stands out in history as a seemingly unexplainable injustice. But that's really not the message God intended. What He did intend, and accomplished, goes far beyond our wildest expectations. Today Norm takes a very different look at the story.


Budapest’s Resurrection Sunday

My how things change... The end of the 1980s brought a sea change in politics and human rights to the European nations of the former Soviet Bloc. And we were there to see it happen in real time. More than two decades later, what is the spiritual fruit of those momentous events?

Well, for a new generation a fresh wind of the Spirit is blowing through these former socialist countries. In an age of social media the evidence is as close as our computer screens.  Our producer, Bram Floria, joins Norm in studio to share some personal storie


Hagar in Afghanistan

Hagar is an international Christian organization dedicated to the protection, recovery and community integration of survivors of human rights abuse; particularly human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual exploitation.

Today we talk to Bronwyn Graham from Hagar in Afghanistan where freedom of religion does not exist and the rights of women and minorities are often compromised. Afghanistan desperately needs the love and peace of God. Hagar serves individual women and children, doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore life in all its fullness.


A Christian Perspective on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

The news reports are vague and incomplete from the frontlines in Syria. We're hearing even less from the refugee camps that litter the borders with Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. But Compassion Radio has a long history reaching out to the Church in Syria and we do know enough to help. Right now at least 850 Christian Syrian families are huddled in the mountains of Lebanon waiting out the conflict. The situation is dire. Norm's guest today, Dr. Martin Accad, will help fill in the details so we can pray and act more effectively.


A Great and Terrible Love

Norm welcomes guest Mark Galli -  a man with a lot to share. Some of it joyful. Some of it painful. But it's all about God. And that means it's holy.


Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, Pt. 3

Norm and Cher conclude an overview of Norm's recent trip to Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.