What is Life Like for Middle East Christians? Pt. 2

Dr. Jim Jennings joins Bram for Day 2 of a Middle East survey. What's really going on in the shadow of ISIS? What's really behind the recent political intrigue concerning Qatar? What difference does it all make? Listen on to find out!


What is Life Like for Middle East Christians? Pt. 1

For the next three days, we get some much needed perspective and updates on the Middle East from our good friend, Dr. Jim Jennings...


Martyrdom and the Media, Pt. 2

The Cross isn't just powerful to save us, it is a weapon to be wielded. Sound strange? Well, consider what Pastor Tim Floyd noticed recently about news coverage of recent ISIS attacks. In the West, they primarily go after people of privilege. In the East, they primarily go after people of fervent faith. Tim's clear-headed blog about the distinction has gone viral on social media, and today he finishes a powerful discussion with Bram about the living legacy of modern martyrs.

When the mainstream media doesn't know how to process the seeming insanity of Believers who would willingly lay down their lives for the Gospel, we're here to put in all in perpective...


Martyrdom and the Media, Pt. 1

Dozens of innocents are slaughtered at an arena in Manchester, England. The same week dozens of Christians are mowed down in Minya, Egypt. Both senseless tragedies, right? Not so fast...

Both of these atrocities were perpetrated by adherents to ISIS. Yet in one important way, these murders were vastly different. You see, most of those killed in Egypt were given a choice. "What?" you ask. "I didn't hear that in the news reports!" And, sadly, you would be correct. And there a reasons for that, as today's guest will explain over the next two programs.

The Rev. Tim Floyd pastors Providence Baptist Church, a very missional and motivated fellowship literally across the river from our Nation's Capitol. But it's his journey through the places where God is doing His best work that have brought him into the presence of real power. It also gives him some truly insightful wisdom to share with us


What Good is God? - CR CLASSIC

Suffering continues around the world. Our brightest scientists and philosophers have dismissed the notion of a God who cares and engages with His creation, much less the wayward people He left in charge of the place. How can God possibly be real? And even if He is, what difference could it possibly make? Norm's guest today, Philip Yancey, doesn't shy away from such questions. In fact he doggedly pursues them with the tenacity of a journalist. He's got plenty to share with us today.


Search and Rescue

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jeff Crandall has been in a World of Hurt. From the bleeding edge of the War on Terror, to the backcountry rescues, his career with the Military as a combat helicopter pilot has put him in some difficult situations, to say the least...

All along the way, God and His Word have been rescuing Jeff! He shares his story with Bram, today.


When the Going Gets Tough, The Kingdom Gets Growing, Pt. 2

Ed Weaver, CEO of T4Global, returns for another day of exploring where the Gospel is most alive today. As courageous 'Orality Evangelists' move out with the Living Word on their lips, they're reaching a whole new audience - the billions who have never read a page of scripture.


When the Going Gets Tough, The Kingdom Gets Growing, Pt. 1

Where is the Gospel going in 2017? Everywhere God leads His people, that's where! Thank God there are so many willing to go where the Gospel is needed. Today, Bram welcomes Ed Weaver, CEO of T4Global one of the world's leading orality ministries. They are bringing the Gospel to those least served in countries least open. Call it the 'Last Mile' of the Great Commission. He brings big vision and insight for the future of Christian outreach.


Compassion Under Fire

Why would anyone run into a burning building? To save lives, of course. But you don't want to do it without the right training and equipment. Well, there's a fire in the Middle East right now, and it's a raging inferno. On the political, military and spiritual frontlines sits Mosul, Iraq. One bloody street at a time, the Iraqi national forces are clawing back their country from the death grip of ISIS. And right alongside them is a group of the most unlikely heroes ever - David Eubank and the medics of the Free Burma Rangers. They've rescued hundreds of innocent lives already, and they've paid for it dearly. But more than rescuing victims of bombs and bullets, they're bringing a vibrant, living testimony of the Power of God to transform lives - no matter who they might be...

David joins Bram for this historic Compassion Radio broadcast, recorded by Skype from the active battlefield.


ISIS - It’s a Battle of Ideas - CR CLASSIC…

As you think, so you act - and the poisoned thoughts of ISIS have led to unspeakable obscenities and atrocities. Why would anyone bother to engage in a communication with someone from ISIS? Because God will, and He does. We may not be able to imagine it, but even the most corrupt hearts can be changed; the most evil, redeemed. But members of ISIS and those they are recruiting will never choose another path if they don't know it's there... Cher joins Norm in studio for a frank and needed discussion.


An Intrepid Life, Pt. 2

Bram and Cher conclude an inspiring and touching visit with Roger Marsh of "The Bottom Line" with an in-studio visit to our Southern California flagship station, KBRT...


An Intrepid Life, Pt. 1

Bram and Cher visit with Roger Marsh of "The Bottom Line" on our Southern California flagship station KBRT, for a special hour of remembrance and celebration. 


A Legacy of Learning, Pt. 2…

Jim, Bram and Cher continue a conversation on the incredible legacy left to the Body of Christ by the Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson. It's going to be paying big dividends in the Kingdom for generations to come - and you get to be part of it!


A Legacy of Learning, Pt. 1…

The Rev. Dr. Norm Nelson knew a lot about a lot of things - he had a fistfull of doctorates and advanced degrees to prove it. More importantly is what he did with his knowledge. For over 30 years he used it to motivate people just like you to join with him in transformational Kingdom work. And that legacy continues in earnest. He also left behind another profoundly effective legacy, and we'll discuss that, today...

Jim and Cher join Bram in studio for today's broadcast.


Impossible People, Pt. 2

Secular society seems to be convinced that people of faith are 'impossible to live with.' Ironic, in that it's a society committed to free expression and conscience that provides for a stable secular government.

The question is not religion, but Truth. Are there some things on which people of faith should never yield? If so, what? And does that make society less stable, or more? Bram Floria welcomes back Os Guinness to discuss the roll of civility, kindness, respect and courage in today's world. His new book Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle for the Soul of Civilization shows the way!


Impossible People, Pt. 1

Os Guinness has a lot to say. And we'd be wise to listen! This prolific Author, Thought Leader and Apologist for the Gospel does not shy away from the tough questions. Yet his answers are truly wrapped in graciousness. He's a walking, breathing testament to the power of civility to win hearts and minds, especially in places where the Truth has not been so welcome. 

Today and tomorrow, Os discusses with Bram Floria the struggles Believers face in  post-modernist world, and how they've always faced unreasonable demands. How they do it is almost as important as the Gospel itself...


Bibles for the World Update, Pt. 2

John Pudaite of Bibles for the World joins Bram to wrap up a powerful report on how the Word of God is making inroads in some of the most unlikely places...


Bibles for the World Update, Pt. 1

John Pudaite could have been an American success story. The well-educated son of a successful immigrant, the world was his oyster. Yet his family had a higher calling - a heavenly calling. Following in his father's footsteps, he leads one of the world's most effective evangelical ministries and distributes more bibles in more places than almost anyone else. Today he begins an update on how it's going on the frontlines as missionaries close in on completing the Great Commission. He joins Bram by phone from his ministry headquarters in Colorado Springs.


A Legacy of Heroism – Story of Robert Morrison - CR CLASSIC

When it seemed impossible, one praying, faithful man opened up China for the Gospel. It's an extraordinary story you've probably never heard. Today is no textbook lesson. Instead, Norm brings history to life! You'll see how the fruit of this extraordinary man's life is still nourishing the Church 200 hundred years later.


The Pastor - CR CLASSIC

"If you love me, feed my sheep."  Famous words from Jesus to Peter in John chapter 21. It's followed by an arguably more important exhortation that we don't talk about much. Jesus tells the first great pastor that he will suffer for his flock. "Follow Me," says Jesus. In what? The way of suffering. Today, Norm has an important discussion with a great man of letters, a prolific author, but most importantly, a faithful shepherd.  You might have seen his name just past the flyleaf of your Message translation bible.  His name is Eugene Peterson.


On the Road in India, Pt. 2

Bram and Demi Floria continue their discussion on the trials, tribulations and amazing opportunities for the Gospel in South Asia...


On the Road in India, Pt. 1

Our South India correspondent's been a busy lady - documenting the 'Third Wave' of Gospel explosion in the world's most populous country. Today, two very personal stories bring it all into sharp focus. Demi Floria joins Bram by Skype from Salem, Tamil Nadu.