Lebanon Has a Heart, Pt. 1

Camille Melki is entitled to be bitter and angry. Decades of his life have been spent ducking the bombs and bullets of one war after another. So many of his family and friends have lost everything - including their lives - that he has lost count. He has opportunity to exact vengeance on those who have persecuted him. Who could blame him?

Yet Camille chooses to forgive. More than that he is literally caring for those who once persecuted him. Why? In a word - JESUS. Today and for the next two programs you'll hear the amazing story of a refugee turned into a mighty warrior of the Kingdom and the impact of his faith on thousands of others.

The Ministry of Showing Up

Compassion Radio has made a career out of going where others won't, to gather the stories no one else will...

Today Jim Governale spends some time with Norm in studio unpacking the latest trip to the refugee camps in Lebanon.

The Theology of Donald Trump

OK, we're jumping into the deep end of the pool, today. What does it matter what politicians believe? What if they believe something different than I do? Who cares?

Well, without trying to make too fine a point of it, there are a zillion ways to Tuesday it should matter to us, but in true Compassion Radio form, there's a twist. Today Dr. Michael Horton joins Norm for a penetrating interview.

Bethlehem Bible College: The Gift of Hope

Salim Munayer is more than an interesting fellow. He's the Dean of one of the world's most important seminaries. That it happens to be steps from the birthplace of the Savior of all mankind isn't just coincidence.  Bethlehem Bible College is probably the most critical player in an epic struggle in an epic land. Will the witness of Jesus Christ persist and grow in the land of His birth? It's a question that BBC is answering with an emphatic "YES!" And Norm's guest is a big part of that answer.


Rich Christians, Hungry World

Man cannot live by bread alone, Jesus said. But we can't live without it, either.

We're all hungry for something. If we have enough food to fill our bellies, we have the luxury of pursuing other meaningful spiritual things. So, first things, first. In a generation of unparalleled prosperity and unimaginable poverty, how do we imagine a future beyond the stalemate? Norm's guest, Ron Sider, has some ideas.


Madness, Pt. 2

Today Norm concludes a disturbing, inspiring discussion on the current sanity of this consumer-oriented spiritually-starving world of ours, with special guest, Jossy Chacko.


Madness, Pt. 1

The world's going somewhere fast in a handbasket, right? Well, for the next two programs, Norm talks with Jossy Chacko to learn what faith is like in the face of a world being marketed to 'Madness.'


Mission to Malawi, Pt. 3

Norm concludes his in depth interview with Dick Day and Moira Chimombo about the astounding growth of Christianity in the emerging African nation of Malawi.


Mission to Malawi, Pt. 2

Norm continues his in depth conversation about Christian outreach in the emerging nation of Malawi.

Mission to Malawi, Pt. 1

Things are changing in Africa. And in some places change is coming at a blistering pace. Some change is not so good - others are profound and for the best. Norm's guests today sort out the differences in one important corner of what used to be the 'Dark Continent.'


A Christian in Nigeria’s Muslim North, Pt. 2

Anderson Isiagu joins Norm for another powerful day of conversation about life for Christians in the heartland of Boko Haram, and how we can help with the abductions of hundreds of our Christian sisters.


A Christian in Nigeria’s Muslim North, Pt.1

Anderson Isiagu is the very embodiment of a faithful man. A vibrant, passionate musician training for ministry at one of the World's foremost evangelical schools, he's focused like a laser on bringing the Gospel to one of the World's most pivotal nations. A nation that happens to be his home. And his hometown also happens to be the epicenter of one of the world's greatest religious conflicts. No one can speak to the issues of modern martyrdom, faithful witness and Kingdom building quite like Anderson. 

He joins Norm in studio for the first of two powerful days of interviews.

The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent, Pt. 2

Norm concludes a powerful and moving interview with Dr. Erwin Lutzer of Moody Church, Chicago, IL. What is the draw for so many youth to the 'Cult of Death' known as ISIS? What is the impact on the Church in the Middle East? What do the Christians in the West need to do about it? Norm and Dr. Lutzer cover all that and more in today's broadcast!


The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent, Pt. 1

ISIS is on the move, and like a vacuum, it's drawing in the most impressionable youth around the globe. Thousands upon thousands have bought in to this 'Cult of Death' and made their way to the Middle East's killing fields. What's driving them to such inconceivable violence and mayhem? 

Norm's guest for the next two days has made a serious study of the matter and written compellingly on the subject. As pastor of one of America's most recognized congregations, he is also leading the charge in compassionate engagement. Dr. Erwin Lutzer joins Norm in this remote interview conducted at this year's National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, TN.

Church Building in East Jerusalem

Steven Khoiri has a great story to tell about building churches in East Jerusalem. Wait, WHERE? Churches are being built in territory disputed by Palestinians and Israelis?

Listen to today's program to hear how the impossible is happening right now at the very heart of historical Christianity...

Easter Terror in Pakistan

Some things are too horrible to think about. Other things are too horrible to NOT talk about. Today, Norm and Cher take a close and personal look at the recent terror attacks in Pakistan specifically targeting Christians, and their children. While the horror is undeniable, it also brings us back to the heart of God. How does HE respond to such insults to his children?


Remembering Shabbaz

It's never fun to lose a friend. Sometimes a personal loss is both infuriating and awe-inspiring. Such is the case with Shabbaz Bhatti. A selfless saint if there ever was one, he gave the last drop of his life in service of his God and the Kingdom. He was, and is, also a close personal friend of the Nelsons. Today, Norm and Cher remember their friend, hero and fellow heir in Christ.


Woman of NIGERIA

Africa is in her soul. And the life of Christ is moving through her. You'll understand how God can change a nation through its women through today's program. Norm and Cher welcome Mary McCain.


Understanding Christian Mission

It seems simple enough - 'preach the Gospel to All Peoples.' That's the Great Commission, right? Things tend to get a little more complicated when we actually try to accomplish this simple command. We're talking about reaching 7 billion people, after all. But does it need to be that way? Is the Gospel really like a bloated government program that no one really understands or can get a handle on?

Or can it be... simpler? Scott Sundquist has some intriguing answers and insights for us, today.


Who’s in Charge in Nigeria - Boko Haram or God?

Jim Jennings spends some time with Norm giving insight and perspective on another hot spot of religious persecution - Nigeria.


Changing Lives in Nigeria, Pt. 2

Norm completes an important discussion with Bill & Dorothy Ardill on how the Gospel is changing lives in Nigeria and preserving some of the most unique cultures in Africa in the process.


Changing Lives in Nigeria, Pt. 1

What does it take to change a life?  What kind of change is needed? In the populous, tumultuous and rapidly changing nation of Nigeria, the answers might surprise you. Bill & Dorothy Ardill join Norm in studio for the first of this first part of a two part series.