Uganda: Report from the Pearl of Africa, Pt. 1

Winston Churchill coined the phrase, and even with all the turmoil in Africa this Century, it remains true - Uganda is 'The Pearl of Africa.' Geographically diverse and multicultural, it is the crossroads of the Continent. Yet today, that 'Pearl' has become a 'Pearl of Great Price.' It is under tremendous strain as the neighbor to a half-dozen major conflicts. Remarkably, it remains a refuge for millions of them , and at the invitation of the government! A nation of 40 million people is host to almost 3 million displaced citizens of several warring countries. 

Nowhere else on the planet has quite the same challenges or opportunities as today's Uganda. Bram traveled with our friends from Conscience International to see for himself, and bring home the story for you. The overview starts today. Bram is joined in studio by Jim and Cher.

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