The First 3000 Years of Christianity

You can't know where you're going, till you know where you've been...

If we want to know what God is doing in this world, and where He's leading, we'd better know what the past looks like. And for that we need reliable, truthful history. That's where Diarmaid MacCullouch comes in. His amazing new history of the  worldwide Christian movement has hit the shelves with a convincing 'thud.' This is no lightweight informational pamphlet. It's a 1200 page masterpiece of investigative detective work. Does that mean it's not accessible or readable? That's the amazing thing to us - It reads like a suspenseful page-turner of a novel. Yet it all really happened. "Christianity, the First 3000 Years" is an instant classic that reveals the amazing work of God through the ages. As a result it paints modern Christianity in a whole new light. Diarmaid joins Norm by phone from Oxford, England.

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