Supporting Your Spouse in God’s Service, Pt. 2

For the last handful of days, you’ve heard us talk about the ministry of Josiah Venture. So, I thought we’d share in more detail of what they’re about – directly from their web site.

“Josiah Venture is a movement of God among the youth of central and eastern Europe, that finds its home in the local church and transforms society. The world is changing, but the gospel remains the same. And every day, God is at work in this region.. as young men and women are being touched by the message of Jesus Christ. Pockets of this reformation are being sparked by the dedication, sacrifice and service of a missionary team called Josiah Venture..”

Today, Bram and Sandi Floria conclude their conversation with a wonderful couple who have much to offer in service.

Here’s part 2 with Sarah and Brett Bertrand..

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