Pray for the Assyrians, Pt. 1

Juliana Taimoorazy is looking for Jesus in all the wrong places. And she's finding Him - right at the heart of her ancestral homeland. For Western Christians contemplating the Middle East, it is crucial we get past a monolithic view of it as merely some cauldron of Islamic fanaticism. It's time to see this region for what it is - the cradle of our own faith, and the home of millions of other Christians. And these Christians have a very special place in the history of the Faith. Before Paul had finished preaching in Rome, the Assyrian Church had already transformed their society. That Body of Believers worship Christ to this day! But there are no guarantees it will remain tomorrow, unless something miraculous happens.

Today and tomorrow we get an insider's look at this ancient/future Church. And you will never think about the Middle East in quite the same way again...
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