Missionary Family on the Frontlines, Pt. 3

Our longtime president and host of this program, the late Reverend Dr. Norm Nelson, used to talk quite a bit about what he called – “the ministry of showing up..”

That idea is certainly illustrated by the precious words spoken by the young lady to open today’s broadcast….

We’re going to hear more from her and more from this intrepid family of missionaries - the Eubanks - on today’s Compassion Radio

Today Bram Floria completes the 3-part conversation.. and, if you happened to miss parts 1 or 2 or even both, rest assured you can catch them on our web site via the podcast link… simply go to compassionradio.com and click ‘broadcast’ at the top of the home page…

We pick it up today with Bram speaking to the middle daughter of the Eubank crew, Susanne.

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