Martyrdom and the Media, Pt. 1

Dozens of innocents are slaughtered at an arena in Manchester, England. The same week dozens of Christians are mowed down in Minya, Egypt. Both senseless tragedies, right? Not so fast...

Both of these atrocities were perpetrated by adherents to ISIS. Yet in one important way, these murders were vastly different. You see, most of those killed in Egypt were given a choice. "What?" you ask. "I didn't hear that in the news reports!" And, sadly, you would be correct. And there a reasons for that, as today's guest will explain over the next two programs.

The Rev. Tim Floyd pastors Providence Baptist Church, a very missional and motivated fellowship literally across the river from our Nation's Capitol. But it's his journey through the places where God is doing His best work that have brought him into the presence of real power. It also gives him some truly insightful wisdom to share with us

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