Josiah Venture, Pt. 1

Not so long ago, a huge swath of Central and Eastern Europe was firmly under the thumb of oppressive Communist rule. And then the Wall came down and everything was 'fixed.'


Well... It's simpler, and a lot more complicated than that. The watershed political events of late 1989 have certainly transformed the world, and in many good ways. Those events have also unleashed a worldwide battle for the hearts of men and the souls of nations. In the stunned aftermath of crumbling Empires and booming Unions, one intrepid band of missionaries stepped in - Josiah Venture. When they started, the work was hard and the hours long. And the fruit? Far from certain. Over the next few days, we'll hear how it played out, and what is becoming of it all...

Executive Vice President of Josiah Venture, Mel Ellenwood and his wife, Amy, join Bram and Sandi by Skype for this inspiring account of committed faith, and abounding harvest.

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