UKRAINE: Christ in the Maidan, Pt. 1

Going where angels fear to tread, the faithful often find themselves in the crosshairs. Literally. The Winter of 2014 was a prime example. As Ukranian patriots faced down a corrupt and violent dictator they braved Russian snipers to win back their country. And right in the center of it? The Body of Christ. What the Church did during those bitterly cold months is an unbelievable story of resilience, faith and sacrifice.

Oles Dmytrenko is the best guide one could have to this incredible piece of modern Church history. He was there and witnessed the horror, and the miracle that was the Maidan Uprising. Along the way he saw God perform some genuine miracles, lives saved, and more importantly, souls saved for eternity. Together, Bram and Oles walk through the living wound of a country, and witness to the hope that is rising from the ashes.

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