CHINA-For Better and For Worse, Pt. 3

Christian Persecution; Unintended Consequences; Spillover; God's Plan. It's interesting how they're all related.

In the almost 70 years of systematic persecution of Christians by the Communist Government of China, a strange phenomena has manifested itself. Christians have grown patient, faithful, passionate, committed and far more numerous. It's driving the Chinese Regime mad. The same thing can be said, in even greater degree, of North Korea. And now the Believers of China and North Korea are coming together, not just out of necessity, but out of mutual respect and confidence that God Himself is behind it all. And together they're responding to new threats - not the least of which is the emerging violent cults infiltrating their meetings.

C. Hope Flinchbaugh, celebrated author and emerging authority on persecution in authoritarian regimes, concludes a three-part series on the subject. She joins Bram Floria by Skype from her home office in Pennsylvania.

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