CHINA - For Better and for Worse, Pt. 1

How does someone go from 'Suburban Housewife' to 'International Expert on Persecution' and 'Best-selling Author?' Well, it's a funny story... the kind we like to tell here at Compassion Radio

When C. Hope Flinchbaugh heard the news about the suffering of the Christian Church in China, she couldn't sit back and do nothing. Her heart was seared by the reality that persecution - like that suffered by the 'Founding Fathers of the Faith' - was back and raging through China. So... she did something about it. And when you say 'Yes!' to the Lord's prompting some pretty amazing things can happen.

Along the way, Hope has brought to light the reality of Christian suffering around the World, how it's advancing the Kingdom of Christ, and how that booming Church is rapidly transforming the world. Hundreds of thousands have been inspired by her books to do something themselves! Over the next few days, you might just be moved to join them. 

Hope joins Bram Floria by Skype from her home office in Pennsylvania.

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