70th anniversary – Almost There!

My how time flies... As you get a little older, you might wonder where the time went. Around here, we wonder 'where's God going?' That's what makes life a true adventure, not matter what your age. And at Compassion Radio, we're in hot pursuit! Jim Governale joins Norm in studio for a look at what is, what might be, and where God's leading right now...


Understanding Christian Mission

It seems simple enough - 'preach the Gospel to All Peoples.' That's the Great Commission, right? Things tend to get a little more complicated when we actually try to accomplish this simple command. We're talking about reaching 7 billion people, after all. But does it need to be that way? Is the Gospel really like a bloated government program that no one really understands or can get a handle on?

Or can it be...
simpler? Scott Sundquist  has some intriguing answers and insights for us, today.

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