Sharing Christ with Muslims Pt. 1

Is it really possible to win Muslims to Christ? Not really. Then again, we don't ever 'win people to Christ.' The Holy Spirit does that. But that doesn't mean we're off the hook. There's also something about a little passage called the 'Great Commission' that contains a few items we probably should consider...

How does it all fit together? Does God really want to save Muslims? What's his plan? Where do we start? Ah, now we're getting somewhere. Today we begin a two-part series on what it's going to take to reach this generation of Muslims from all over the world. Hint, it starts with "Hello..."
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God’s Work in Serbia

The Yugoslavian civil war was a difficult time for everyone caught in the crossfire of ethnic cleansing and hatred. That it especially true of faithful followers of Jesus. Samuel Petrovsky knows. He reached out with the love of Jesus in the very thick of battle. His story of survival and God's power will inspire you to do hard things right where you are.


Unexpected Angels

Cher joins Norm in studio again to discuss the contemporary reality of 'spiritual warfare' and those who are engaged in the battle!


What’s the Story?

Cher joins Norm to share the Story of year, and the Story who gives it such emotional power through music...


New Testament Evangelism Today

When did the New Testament end?

It didn't.

The living testaments to God's love are still transforming the world in our day and age. Norm's guest, Dr. Michael Green writes and speaks with a fluent energy of the amazing transforming power of the Gospel that yearns to be unleashed in every generation of Saints.


Lebanon’s Syrian Refugees

John Bouchebel has been to the frontlines. Many frontlines. Why? Because that's where the ministry is. Today he discusses with Norm the current situation for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Radio for the Sake of Others

So, why do we do what we do? Why do we bother? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? Is anyone being helped and encouraged?

We're not afraid to ask the questions. And we're even brave enough to try answering them. Cher joins Norm in studio today.


The Refugees Move Into Europe

It's a migration like none other - millions on the march across an entire continent. Are they an army? No. They are families desperately hoping for a future. And that leaves dozens of countries desperately coping with the onslaught of humanity.

Today, Norm and Cher work through the 'whats' to the 'whys' and 'what next?s'...

An American’s Heart for Lebanon

Tom Atema has a heart for Lebanon. And it's not just a passing fancy. Through good times and bad, he's active ministering to the needs of the Lebanese and the millions who are sheltering with them during the ongoing war next door.


Assyria & Pfilos, Pt. 2

Juliana Taimoorazi & Rob Nicholson join Norm for a second day with the latest from the Middle East.


Assyria & Pfilos, Pt. 1

Juliana Taimoorazi and Rob Nicholson join Norm for an update from the warfront in the Middle East.


Lebanon Has a Heart, Pt. 3

Norm and his guest, Camille Melki, wrap up a moving look at the ministry of 'Heart 4 Lebanon' - the leading evangelical relief agency serving tens of thousands of refugees crowding the border with Syria.


Lebanon Has a Heart, Pt. 2

Today Norm continues his interview with the founding Director of 'Heart 4 Lebanon' the most effective outreach for Christ in the refugee camps along the Syrian Border. His organization is literally saving the live of tens of thousands. And they're doing it with no help from any government agency.


Lebanon Has a Heart, Pt. 1

Camille Melki is entitled to be bitter and angry. Decades of his life have been spent ducking the bombs and bullets of one war after another. So many of his family and friends have lost everything - including their lives - that he has lost count. He has opportunity to exact vengeance on those who have persecuted him. Who could blame him?

Yet Camille chooses to forgive. More than that he is literally caring for those who once persecuted him. Why? In a word - JESUS. Today and for the next two programs you'll hear the amazing story of a refugee turned into a mighty warrior of the Kingdom and the impact of his faith on thousands of others.

Christ’s Humble Disguise

Steve Quant has seen much of the world. As a senior project manager for the International Relief Organization World Vision, that means he's seen much of the world's suffering, as well. Funny thing about it, though. When you go to the places where suffering is apparent, you tend to run into Jesus everywhere you look. Steve joins Norm in studio for this penetrating look into the very eyes of Jesus.


Christ in the Camps, Pt.2

Yesterday, we heard Norm's firsthand report from the refugee camps all along the Syrian War front. Today, Cher takes us deeper into the stories of the people he met there. She joins Bram in studio.


Christ in the Camps, Pt.1

When there's a need, Compassion Radio Partners act! When the call comes in, we go! Norm's doing that this week, from the shores of the Mediterranean, to the desert valleys of Jordan, to the mountains of Lebanon. He joins Bram by Skype from Beirut, Lebanon for this report.


ISIS - It’s a Battle of Ideas

As you think, so you act - and the poisoned thoughts of ISIS have lead to unspeakable obscenities and atrocities. Why would anyone bother to engage in a communication with someone from ISIS? Because God will, and He does. We may not be able to imagine it, but even the most corrupt hearts can be changed; the most evil, redeemed. But members of ISIS and those they are recruiting will never choose another path if they don't know it's there... Cher joins Norm in studio for a frank and needed discussion.


Safe Place for Refugees

Pastor Fitsom is tackling an impossible problem in his country of Eritrea. Good thing he serves a God who specializes in proving "impossible" doesn't exist. This pastor's faith should be our reaching out to the millions of refugees currently on the run from dozens of tragic conflicts.


Afghanistan: an Open Door Closed? Pt. 2

Today Norm concludes a sobering and essential look at the state of religious freedom in today's Afghanistan. How did we get here? What's ahead? How do we pray? Our special guest "John" has the answers. Part 3 of our 'Sobering Reality' Series.


Afghanistan: an Open Door Closed? Pt. 1

Since 2001, Compassion Radio has led our partners into the heart of this beautiful and troubled land numerous times. You've marveled with us as God has opened doors to the Gospel in many unlikely ways. You've trekked with us through mountain passes and visited with warlords in their bunkers. You've listened in on lessons in schools and Christmas gift distributions.

Is it all over? Has the window of opportunity closed to us? It's a hard question and a hard reality. Norm takes a hard look at it, today and tomorrow. Part 2 of our 'Sobering Reality' Series.


The Time is Short in AFGHANISTAN

In 2001 the doors of opportunity were thrown wide open in the nation of Afghanistan. A place many could not even find on a map was suddenly front page news. The opportunity was great in education, politics and faith.

So, how did we do in the faith department? The review is mixed. Compassion Radio has been part of the largest evangelistic outreach to the country since the time of the Apostles. Thousands of new believers spread out among the newly rebuilt universities. Aid reached more people than ever before.

And yet... persecution against Christians is more intense than ever. The government is fragile at best. Human rights and the rule of law are eroding. The 10 year American-sponsored war against the Taliban is more intense and costly than ever.

So, we ask the big question that needs to be answered - "What now?" We believe there is an answer, and there is hope. Cher joins Norm in studio today to discuss.