Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

"Everything I know about Jesus, I learned through the School Christmas Pageant." That about sums it up for a majority of Americans, and Westerners for that matter. Even those of us around the Faith for much of our lives harbor deep-seated misunderstandings about the life Jesus led on this Earth and the significance of the things mentioned in his story; his relationships; his teachings. And those misunderstandings can lead to serious consequences. They also can short-change our appreciation for the powerful revolution that Jesus ushered in with his life and sacrifice.

So, how are we to get beyond our own limited ideas and myopic cultural lens? Well, if you want to learn about New York, as a New Yorker... Kenneth Bailey was an extraordinary expert and interpreter for all things Middle Eastern. With roots in the West AND East, he devoted his life to understand the life and times and cultures that swirled around Jesus. His scholarship radically transformed the way preachers preach, and you probably didn't even realize it. Before he went to God's living country he sat down with Norm for this precious interview...

Coptic Solidarity Under Islamic Persecution

The Church in Egypt can't seem to catch a break. After they selflessly minister to their oppressed Muslim neighbors persecuted by their government during the Arab Spring uprising, they're rewarded with a massive crackdown on their rights, their churches are burned, and their leaders attacked - by both Muslim extremists and military alike.

How are they holding up? How are they responding? What is God up to? We'll dig into it with today's guest, Lindsay Vessey of

The Cross and the Butterfly

Some true stories have the power of legend, and move us in profound ways decades later. They happen when Eternity enters into the mess we call 'life.' Today Norm and Cher share a little story that really packs a punch - about a girl named 'Carol,' a boy named 'Jim,' and the letters they wrote...


A Kingdom Grows in Iran

Is the Kingdom of God a place or a people? The simple answer is the latter, but the places His people go aren't left unchanged! Though we don't hear about it much, Iran is very much alive as a growing outpost of the Kingdom. Our good friend, Shirin Taber, returns for an important look behind the Persian veil.


Luke’s Gospel of Amazement

"Shock and Awe" - it's not just a military term for overwhelming force. When Jesus entered the scene over 2000 years ago, he turned the world on its head, by the power of his words, and the force of his miracle-making moral authority. It's still the same today.

Norm welcomes a new 'voice' to Compassion Radio today - the incomparable musician, poet and theologian, Michael Card. He'll bring to life the Gospel of Luke in a way that ought to 'shock' our sensibilities and instill a new 'awe' within us.

New Testament Evangelism, Today

When did the New Testament end?

It didn't.

The living testaments to God's love are still transforming the world in our day and age. Norm's guest, Dr. Michael Green writes and speaks with a fluent energy of the amazing transforming power of the Gospel that yearns to be unleashed in every generation of Saints.


Muslims, Christians, and Jesus

Carl Medearis is one of those rare people who really know both the religion of Islam and the various cultures it calls 'home.' Where many scholars have relationships with ideas, he's gained his understanding by building solid and productive relationships with real people. And what he found about Muslim understanding of Jesus is profound. Even more important is the genuine openness of Muslims to a real relationship with Jesus.


Christ in the Camps, Pt.1

When there's a need, Compassion Radio Partners act! When the call comes in, we go! Norm's doing that this week, from the shores of the Mediterranean, to the desert valleys of Jordan, to the mountains of Lebanon. He joins Bram by Skype from Beirut, Lebanon for this report.


Egyptian Physician Turned Missionary

Egypt is a country  that needs many things. Well-trained doctors would be prime among them. But the nation is suffering from a great spiritual sickness, as well. Norm's guest today, Dr. Kamil Shoukraua, knew he had to do something about both.


Adventurer for Christ

David Eubank joins Norm by phone.

African Christian Hospitals

Dr. Glen Boyd has a lot going on. Saving and improving the lives of thousands is right at the top of the list! He shares how and why, today...


Everyone is Called to Ministry

Garrett Reid seems to think we actually have a shot at reaching the whole world for Jesus Christ - in this generation, even. Why would he hang on to such a fanciful notion? Why discuss hare-brained schemes? Well, Norm's about to find out, and so will we...


Compassion In Kenya, Pt. 2

Today, Norm concludes a power look into what effective compassionate action can accomplish in Africa. It's the 21st century, folks! It's time for some fresh thinking on a very old mandate. Richard Bransford joins Norm for part two of this interview.


Compassion In Kenya, Pt. 1

Africa needs help. It has for a long time. So why should governments and non-governmental agencies keep pouring money in the continent? Arguments can be made for - or against - continuing international aid.  But something we need to keep reminding ourselves is this: There is NEVER a time to quit being compassionate! So - what does that look like? And how can Christlike compassion work in ways that government largess has failed to do? Norm's guest, Richard Bransford, has the answer. And he knows what he's talking about, because he 'walks the walk.'


God at Work in Three World Trouble Spots

Our good friend, Dan Wooding, joins Norm again for an update on how God is at work where it seems impossible. And, of course, that's just where our God loves to show his handiwork!


The Moral Minority - A New Opportunity!

My, how things change. Or do they? Every generation possesses a certain creativity in repeating the same old sins. This generation is no different. But does the current moral climate mean the Gospel is on the retreat? Far from it. Norm sees real opportunity where others might see hopelessness. As a result, we'll take a risk in saying that this means Norm has learned to see things a little more like Jesus does... Jim Governale joins Norm in studio.


A Flag, a Creed and a Cause!

There's so much to celebrate today! And enduring freedom is the most cherished of American legacies. There are other kinds of freedom for the disciple of Christ, and we'll talk about what freedoms we have IN Christ, today. Cher joins Norm in studio...


A Prophetic Minority, Pt. 2

All of the world's problems had a cause, and all of them have solutions. How do you choose which ones to address, first? It can be overwhelming, and it's certainly impossible to tackle everything alone. That's why God made a body called the Church.It has billions of arms and legs to accomplish any task He calls us to.

But, again, where to start? Tough question, and the Nelsons are brave (or foolhardy) enough to take a shot at answering it...

A Prophetic Minority, Pt. 1

There's a lot being said today about what the Church ought to be saying. Better to spill ink than blood. But is that all the Gospel is? A lot of talk?

Norm and Cher think a bit differently, and our Compassion Radio Partners love them for it. For the next two programs they take a hard look at the headlines with a truly eternal perspective.


Voices of Iraq

We know there are real lives behind the headlines yet it's often difficult to have genuine compassion for people we've never met. Today, Norm addresses that issue in a very personal way. Shortly before ISIS made its move against Kirkuk, Norm sat down with some of the most public Christians in the region. What we hear from the Police Chief and a Pastor of the largest Evangelical Church in Kurdistan may disturb you. It will also equip you for serious spiritual warfare... 


Report from Iraq

After a decade of mind-numbing war reports from Iraq, our attention has shifted to the 'new' thing called 'ISIS.' What's easy to forget is that this 'new' thing is really a continuation of the 'old' war - and it's being fought on the same ground.

It's getting no easier for the Christians in the crossfire, so it's vitally important that we pray for them without ceasing. So what should we pray for, specifically? Well, our old friend Dan Wooding has recently spent time within rifleshot of the latest frontlines. He brings us the story of his latest adventure, today.

What If No Christians Are Left?

Today in the Middle East, the Rule of Unintended Consequences is in full force. Military action intended to liberate and stabilize has resulted in a new truly Dark Age. That is most true for the oldest Christian communities on Earth. The slaughter and displacement could result in not a single Christian left in a number of countries. Does it matter? Should we care? Norm and Cher dig into the unfolding tragedy, today.