My Family History With Bethlehem Bible College

Cher visits with today's special guest, Dr. Alex Awad.


A Different Christmas This Year

Today's program features Cher, Bram and Jimmy all in the studio at the same time. That's a rarity!


Christ at the Checkpoint, Pt. 2

J.M. Smith joins Bram for more indepth discussion on the situation in Bethlehem. In an age of concrete walls, watch towers and razor wire, how welcoming is the city where Jesus was born, to those who worship Him, and to those who might?


Have This Mind in You Pt. 2

Norm concludes his discussion with Mark Labberton, recently-installed president of Fuller Seminary.


Have This Mind In You, Pt. 1

Mark Labberton is making a big impact in his job as President of Fuller Seminary. Norm finds out how and why, today.


Bethlehem Bible College: The Gift of Hope

Salim Munayer is more than an interesting fellow. He's the Dean of one of the world's most important seminaries. That it happens to be steps from the birthplace of the Savior of all mankind isn't just coincidence.  Bethlehem Bible College is probably the most critical player in an epic struggle in an epic land. Will the witness of Jesus Christ persist and grow in the land of His birth? It's a question that BBC is answering with an emphatic "YES!" And Norm's guest is a big part of that answer.


Discovering Bethlehem Bible College, Pt. 2

"Dr. Pat" could have a comfortable job teaching in any number of colleges and universities around the world. Yet she has dedicated her life to the furtherance of the Gospel in the neediest areas of the Middle East.  She'd ask "Whoever said ministry was supposed to be comfortable? How about adventurous? Risky? Powerful? Meaningful?" Now that's more like it. Dr. Pat and Bethlehem Bible College have a lot in common...


Christ at the Checkpoint, Pt. 1

J.M. Smith loves the Word of God. He wanted to learn all he could about its history, its meaning and its prophesy. So, he studied. And he studied, hard... What he found didn't seem to check all the theological boxes he was raised to believe, so he went right to the source - the cradle of Christianity. What he found in Bethlehem shattered his preconceptions, and opened him up to a bold new faith - a faith in a Savior who is radically transforming the Middle East even now. He tells Bram Floria about it today, in part 1 of this series.


Lost History of Christianity, Pt. 2

Today Norm and his guest, Phillip Jenkins, conclude an eye-opening and invigorating look into the real history of Christianity.


Lost History of Christianity, Pt. 1

Where do my people come from? For millions of avid genealogy hobbyists, it's a burning question. They find it fascinating to uncover all the unique accomplishments and  discoveries of their ancestors. Learning how we fit into history can have a profound impact on how we live today.

The same thing is true of the Christian family. If we'll take the time to look, we'll find a the truth of our family tree can have a profound influence on how we live and witness in this generation. Norm starts this two part conversation with his guest, Phillip Jenkins.


The Miracle of Bethlehem Bible College

Yesterday we introduced you to Bethlehem Bible College, a modern-day miracle. Just knowing that faithful Christians are bearing witness to the risen Christ in the city of His birth is encouraging enough. But to learn that they are training Palestinian pastors and evangelists to expand that witness throughout the Middle East ought to move us to celebration!

In this literal 'Cradle of Christianity,' Bethlehem Bible College fearlessly follows their Lord and plans to execute the Great Commission. Today, Norm and Cher discuss some of the amazing people they met at the 'Christ at the Checkpoint Conference.'


Discovering Bethlehem Bible College

It's  sleepy little town in the shadow of a big city. And between them stretches a slender thread that holds the salvation of all mankind.  At least that's the image we like to keep in mind. Today Bethlehem stands in the shadow of distrust, politics, militarization and miles of reinforced concrete.  The wall that now divides the Holy Land rivals the Great Wall of China in its height and interruption.

But God is at work in those shadows... in a big way. And one institution, just steps from the birthplace of Jesus, is bringing His light and life to the West Bank and all the occupied territories. Norm invites good friend and expert, Terry Madison, to explore the real issues facing today's Middle East pastors and evangelists - and what Compassion Radio is doing to help.


Journey of the Magi, Pt. 2

O star of wonder, star of light, Star with royal beauty bright, Westward leading, still proceeding, Guide us to thy perfect light.

Across the desert sands Robin Wainwright and a gathering of latter-day wisemen followed in procession, this time discovering Jesus all along the way. Norm and his guest conclude their discussion on this most unusual anniversary celebration of one history's most famous quests.


Journey of the Magi, Pt. 1

It's said we follow in the steps of others. Sometimes those we follow are giants of history and remarkable men. Norm's guest, Robin Wainwright did that in a very literal way! He followed the path beaten out across the Middle East by the most famous of 'seekers' - the Wise Men of biblical fame. He found much more than mere echoes of a bygone era. Today and tomorrow he shares what he discovered.


Teaching China’s Best at Peking University, Pt. 2

Norm picks up on yesterday's theme with a new friend and colleague, Bill MacFarland. How do Christians make a impact on a generation of Chinese students? By teaching them well, of course. But how do Christians make an eternal impact on a generation of Chinese students? By getting to the heart of the matter...


Teaching China’s Best at Peking University, Pt. 1

In the Summer of 2014, Norm and Cher hit the road for the academic equivalent of the Olympics - teaching the top-flite students of the world's largest nation. It was also the launching point for new avenues of ministry, as you'll hear today and tomorrow. Cher joins Norm in studio.


On the Road with Compassion Radio

Nurses do an immense amount of good every single day. So, how does someone who serves as a nurse do even more exceptional things? By stepping out in faith.

Victoria Base Smith is certainly extraordinary. As a nurse, professor, missionary and adventurer, she's been just the kind of person that inspires Compassion Radio and thousands of listeners. In this classic Compassion Radio broadcast from the tumultous years after 9/11, you'll hear about our amazing partnership with herand how it's opened up some amazing opportunities.


Power in Persecution

"I find I am strong when I am weak..." So the Apostle Paul lays out one of the foundational paradoxes of the Christian faith.  It's a living reality for the persecuted Church of China. We've seen that paradox close-up, and it changed this ministry for good.


The Two Sides of Thanksgiving

Hope you're having a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday! While we enjoy the fellowship of loved-ones and lightheartedly venture out into 'Black Friday' for shopping adventures, it's more of a genuine struggle for our Christian family around the world. 

The believers in Baghdad, Iraq, for example, have learned that 'gratefulness' and 'cheerfulness' don't always go hand-in-hand. They've had a tough row to hoe for some time now. But there's no mistaking their passion, faith, and even joy in extraordinary difficulties. Paul says "I've learned to be content in all circumstances - in plenty and in want..." So there are really two sides to Thanksgiving. Cher joins Norm in studio for this truthful, faith-building and even sobering look at how those far from our comfort and ease give thanks today. As a result, perhaps you'll give special thanks for them on this special holiday.


The Word for the World

What can a bible in China do? Save a soul? Encourage a believer? How 'bout "Change the World?" That is precisely what the Word of God is doing through the believers in China. Cher joins Norm in studio for this enlightening and powerful look at the real impact of scripture in the world today.


Impossible People, Pt. 2

Secular society seems to be convinced that people of faith are 'impossible to live with.' Ironic, in that it's a society committed to free expression and conscience that provides for a stable secular government.

The question is not religion, but Truth. Are there some things on which people of faith should never yield? If so, what? And does that make society less stable, or more? Bram Floria welcomes back Os Guinness to discuss the roll of civility, kindness, respect and courage in today's world. His new book "Impossible People: Christian Courage and the Struggle or the Sould of Civilization" shows the way!


Impossible People, Pt. 1

Os Guinness has a lot to say. And we'd be wise to listen! This prolific Author, Thought Leader and Apologist for the Gospel does not shy away from the tough questions. Yet his answers are truly wrapped in graciousness. He's a walking, breathing testament to the power of civility to win hearts and minds, especially in places where the Truth has not been so welcome. 

Today and tomorrow, Os discusses with Bram Floria the struggles Believers face in  post-modernist world, and how they've always faced unreasonable demands. How they do it is almost as important as the Gospel itself...