Faith That Endures: Power of the Persecuted Church, Pt. 2

Norm continues his discussion with Ronald Boyd-MacMillan on the history of Christian persecution, and what it means for today.

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Faith That Endures: Power of the Persecuted Church, Pt. 1

Today begins a very special series with one of the world's most knowledgeable experts in human rights and religious persecution. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of the world, the church and thousands of years of history! Norm's guest for the next three programs is Ronald Boyd-MacMillan.

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A New Bible for Muslims

How do you reach Muslims for Christ? With the Gospel, right? And where do we find that? In the Word of God, of course. But which Bible is  the right Bible for the task? Now that's a more complicated question, and not so easily answered... until now.

Norm's guest knows a thing or two about reaching people for Christ in the world's hotspots. He's about as intrepid as they come and can hold his own in any discussion on the Great Commission. We're glad to welcome back our old friend, Dr. Viggo Olsen.

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Christians Under Fire

Every day news reaches our inboxes from around the globe detailing the suffering of Christians, punished for no other reason than simple hatred of their faith. Frankly, it breaks our hearts. But it also reminds us of something else - the incredible spiritual and numerical growth that results when true believers are put to the test. We remember those today who stand unspeakable tests of faith endurance, and honor their Lord in the process. And, we rejoice that it means a latter day miracle in places once impenetrable to the Gospel.

A dear friend, Steve Snyder knew all this intimately. His untimely death left an incredible void in our knowledge of the suffering church. But what he had to say before God called him home we need to pay close attention to.

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The Church and Disaster Relief

The Church has always been a 'first responder.' In every crisis, physical or spiritual, God empowers His people to save lives and carry His compassion to the ends of the Earth. What does that mean in the 21st Century? Today's guest, Bob Simpkins, has the answer!

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After the Flood, Pt. 2

Today, Bram takes us on-site for a laser look at the Christian response to the Memorial Weekend flooding disaster in the Hill Country of Texas.

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After the Flood, Pt. 1

Compassion Radio is active in some of the hardest to reach regions of the planet. After the epic Memorial Weekend floods in Central Texas, some parts of this great state are about as inaccessible as outer Mongolia. 

So... How's the local church responding to the crisis? You're about to find out. In this two-part series, Cher and Bram take a close look at how one network of churches has prepared for the worst, so they can offer God's best. And it's working!
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Following Jesus through the Eye of the Needle

"Harder is it for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God..." Norm guest today, Kent Annan, decided to follow the call of Christ right through the 'eye of the needle' - living a humble and challenging life serving the destitute of Haiti. Never did simple things become so desirable than when he couldn't get them anymore. From air conditioning to cheeseburgers, pleasure after pleasure was stripped from his life. Funny thing, though. On the way he discovered wealth like he'd never known. Kent tells us his story, today.

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Egypt, God’s People

God has a long history in Egypt. It's important to remember that. From the Patriarchs to modern politics, God has been and still is very involved with the nation of Egypt. Cher joins Norm in studio today to explore the topic.

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Cairo’s Garbage Collectors

They're on top of the world! A world of misery you can't even imagine. Funny thing, though. Christ is there and He's bringing real life, real hope, and real joy to the Garbage Collectors of Cairo. Today Norm and Cher describe their own - very personal - experiences among the 'least of the least' and what they found there.

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Ambassadors for Peace, Pt. 2

Peace is built on the foundation of freedom and respect. In many nations of the world, personal freedom and conscience are under constant threat. How will that ever change? Through knowledge and understanding. Today’s guests complete an extraordinary interview with Norm as they discuss how Christians can make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of today and generations of tomorrow.

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Ambassadors for Peace, Pt. 1

Freedom of speech, assembly, and worship. Freedom from unlawful search, confiscation of property or imprisonment. The right to face your accuser, a fair trial and proportionate punishment.  Everyone believes in these things, right?  Well, it’s only possible for those who have heard of the Bill of Rights.  America is only one of a handful of nations on the planet which guarantee such rights to its citizens.

Today’s guests aim to change that.  And they’re making headway, as you’ll hear today. What makes them so passionate about human rights? Their unwavering commitment to the Gospel of Christ. Norm welcomes Gary Ansdell and Emil Haddad for the first of two programs in a series titled “Ambassadors for Peace.”

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Go Afraid!

LeRoy & Cindy Metzger have absolutely no business attempting missions work in the central African nation of Malawi. They're both previous beach bums and drug abusers.

But something interesting happened on their way to Hell. God saved them. And not just from themselves. They've been saved to a life of amazing ministry. Today Norm asks the right questions to tease out their amazing story.

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TV to the Arab World, Pt. 2

Christian/Muslim understanding is only a click way - just ask Norm's guests today. In part 2 of this fascinating interview, we'll get a whole new perspective on Arab culture and entertainment. It's being used to bring the Gospel to Asia. And the audience is surprisingly appreciative.

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TV to the Arab World, Pt. 1

How do you reach a billion Muslims with the soul-freeing Gospel of Jesus Christ? Norm's guests today have a novel answer. One satellite dish at a time. If you wonder what people are actually watching in the Middle East and beyond, keep listening...

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Breakthrough in Sudan

While so much was going on in the tumultuous and troubled nation of Sudan, another of our Compassion Radio projects to the north continued to make a life-transforming difference. In the garbage district of Cairo, one of our heroes continue to rescue children, give them education, food and a future. More importantly, He introduces them to the One who loves them the most.

How does the story of Magdy Bassaly intersect with the opportunities in Sudan? Listen and you'll find out.

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African Christian Hospitals

Dr. Glen Boyd has a lot going on. Saving and improving the lives of thousands is right at the top of the list! He shares how and why, today...

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A New School in Alexandria

Fourth in our 'Sobering Reality Series': Great things are happening in the Christian Church of the Middle East. And it's because of the great things taking place in the centers of Christian learning. Some of the strongest, most evangelical leadership is flowing out of the seminaries training this century's pastors and evangelists. It  might surprise you to learn that one of the most influential sits in the heart of Egypt. Emad Mikhail joins Norm today to tell the story.

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Good News From Cairo, Pt. 2

Where are the Good Samaritans today? Well, one of our favorites can be found in the Garbage dumps of Cairo. And this G*** S********* won't settle for helping just one. His Good Samaritan ministry has amplified the parable to new heights - literally! With a hospital, daycare and skills center touching the lives of thousands, he's transforming Egypt from the bottom up. M**** B******  joins Norm for a second day to discuss what God is doing in Cairo, and how we can help.

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The Garbage Children of Cairo

The people you meet along the way make even the most arduous trip worthwhile. That's especially true of the children of Cairo's Makkatem district. When dozens of them climbed down from garbage piles to hug and play with Norm and Cher, what was their response? You'll find out, today.

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Embrace Egypt’s Children

If a child asked you to play, would you? What if the child lived in a garbage dump?

The answer for Norm was an unqualified "YES!" And so began a relationship with the garbage children of Cairo that has been the heartbeat of this ministry for over a decade. Jim joins Norm in studio to bring this wonderful story to life.
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Nepal Earthquake Project, Pt. 2

Cher joins Norm for the lastest from Nepal.

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