UKRAINE: Christ in the Maidan, Pt. 2

Today, Bram and Oles Dmytrenko continue their walk through the heart of Kiev, Ukraine. The Maidan Uprising of 2014, known by the locals as the 'Winter on Fire.' Hundreds fell to Russian snipers. Thousands still bear the physical scars of bullets and bludgeons. Hundreds of thousands still carry the hidden wounds of trauma including, as Oles will readily admit, himself and all the other pastors and volunteers that sheltered, fed and counseled protesters. But a new day for the Church was born in the mutual suffering and new doors to the Gospel are opening. Isn't that just like God?

The moving journey ends honoring the 'Heavenly Hundred' - the young and old of Ukraine at the center of the darkest day for Ukraine since the Chernobyl disaster almost 30 years ago.