UKRAINE: Christ in the Maidan, Pt. 1

Going where angels fear to tread, the faithful often find themselves in the crosshairs. Literally. The Winter of 2014 was a prime example. As Ukranian patriots faced down a corrupt and violent dictator they braved Russian snipers to win back their country. And right in the center of it? The Body of Christ. What the Church did during those bitterly cold months is an unbelievable story of resilience, faith and sacrifice.

Oles Dmytrenko is the best guide one could have to this incredible piece of modern Church history. He was there and witnessed the horror, and the miracle that was the Maidan Uprising. Along the way he saw God perform some genuine miracles, lives saved, and more importantly, souls saved for eternity. Together, Bram and Oles walk through the living wound of a country, and witness to the hope that is rising from the ashes.


The Moral Minority - A New Opportunity! (CR CLASSIC)

My, how things change. Or do they? Every generation possesses a certain creativity in repeating the same old sins. This generation is no different. But does the current moral climate mean the Gospel is on the retreat? Far from it. Norm sees real opportunity where others might see hopelessness. As a result, we'll take a risk in saying that this means Norm has learned to see things a little more like Jesus does... Jim Governale joins Norm in studio.

This is a Compassion Radio CLASSIC program, featuring the late Dr. Norm Nelson. 

It was first broadcast 2 years ago this month.


Pastoring on the Front Lines - A Job Description, Part 2

It's been quite a week here on this broadcast. We started the week off by sharing precious comments and memories at the post-memorial celebration for Norm Nelson.

And now, standing on the shoulders of giants, we are back to the nitty gritty, boots-on-the-ground work that God has called us to.

On today's program, we conclude a 2-part series with Pastor Oleg in the embattled country of Ukraine.


Pastoring on the Front Lines - A Job Description, Part 1

Have you ever thought about prayer being a 'weapon?' Today and tomorrow, we're going to hear about a place called Hope Tabernacle. This place is the very definition of a house of prayer. It's located literally on the frontlines of faith.

On today's broadcast, Bram catches up with Pastor Oleg from Kiev, Ukraine. Bram and wife Sandi were recently guests of Oleg and his wife, Oksana; and today's interview is the follow-up interview that Bram was so eager to record.

Tensions remain very high in this part of the world. Today is the first of a 2-part series.


Norm’s Family and Friends Remember, Pt.2

Today's episode is the second half of what we started yesterday. Cher and Jim sit down again, and play back some of the touching comments made about Norm at his memorial service in May, 2017. We will be sharing more from the actual memorial service itself, in the weeks and months to come.

May the Lord bless you and yours.. and thanks for listening!


Norm’s Family and Friends Remember, Pt.1

Cher and Jim sit down and play some of the comments shared by friends and family at the post-memorial event held for Norm Nelson recently. This is the first of a 2-part series of broadcasts.

Norm's legacy will live on... but he is greatly missed.


Egyptian Physician Turned Missionary (CR CLASSIC)

Egypt is a country that needs many things. Well-trained doctors would be prime among them. But the nation is suffering from a great spiritual sickness, as well. Norm's guest today, Dr. Kamil Shoukraua, knew he had to do something about both.

This is a Compassion Radio CLASSIC program, featuring the late Dr. Norm Nelson.

It was first broadcast 3 years ago this month.


Missionary Family on the Frontlines, Pt. 3

Our longtime president and host of this program, the late Reverend Dr. Norm Nelson, used to talk quite a bit about what he called – “the ministry of showing up..”

That idea is certainly illustrated by the precious words spoken by the young lady to open today’s broadcast….

We’re going to hear more from her and more from this intrepid family of missionaries - the Eubanks - on today’s Compassion Radio

Today Bram Floria completes the 3-part conversation.. and, if you happened to miss parts 1 or 2 or even both, rest assured you can catch them on our web site via the podcast link… simply go to and click ‘broadcast’ at the top of the home page…

We pick it up today with Bram speaking to the middle daughter of the Eubank crew, Susanne.


Missionary Family on the Frontlines, Pt. 2

We start today’s broadcast with a time tested Bible verse from the 3rd Epistle of John, Chapter 1 verse 4: I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.

Today, we continue with part 2 of a 3-part Conversation that took place recently between our own Bram Floria and with members of a rather remarkable family.. The Eubank’s.

Bram recently caught up with them after their family trip to the warzone of Iraq. We pick it up w/Bram speaking to the oldest daughter, Hailey, talking about her firsthand experience..


Missionary Family on the Frontlines, Pt. 1

We're all familiar with the phrase, "the family that prays together - stays together." On today's broadcast, you will hear about a very special young family.. a family that takes the whole concept of praying and ministering together, to a level that many would consider 'jaw dropping.'

You may be familiar with new ministry friend, David Eubank. He's been getting quite a bit of press lately. Today is the first of a 3-part conversation the Bram had with the entire Eubank family.


Persecution Hotspots Around the World

Bram, Cher and Jimmy gather around the table to talk about different areas of the world that are experiencing heavy persecution of Christians today. It would do us all well to know what is going on and how we can best pray for believers and for the church in these situations. Please share this with a friend. Thanks, and God bless you.


Life is a Teacher (CR CLASSIC EPISODE)

Sometimes the only way to learn a lesson is to live through it. And, sometimes, that's exactly what God intends.

In today's CLASSIC Compassion Radio episode, our producer Jim Governale joins Norm Nelson in Studio today to discuss what makes for a good 'learning experience.'

This broadcast orinially aired in May of 2016.


UKRAINE: Christ IN the Conflict, Pt. 3

From the Classroom to the War Room; in all the places where God is preparing HIs People to do battle and advance HIS Kingdom - Compassion Radio is there to bring you that story.  Thanks for joining us for today's adventure in faith!
By day, they minister to thousands of young people in a booming evangelical church. In their 'off hours'? Well, they're into a whole different level of intrepid ministry at the very frontlines  - and not just of faith!
Today, we conclude with part 3 of a 3-part series with Oleg and Oksana from Ukraine.

UKRAINE: Christ IN the Conflict, Pt. 2

Today's episode is part 2 of a 3-part conversation between Bram & Sandi Floria, alongside married missionaries Oleg and Oksana, from Ukraine. Sometimes God calls us to difficult situations in order to bring His peace where it's needed most. In times like these, it's a great comfort to have a solid, praying partner at your side. The couple you'll meet today are just those kind of people.


UKRAINE: Christ IN the Conflict, Pt. 1

Today's episode is the first of a 3-part conversation between Bram & Sandi Floria, alongside a remarkable missionary-minded couple from Ukraine, Oleg and Oksana. What they have to say about faithful service and the cost of discipleship with inspire you to real action. And that's a good thing! Because they're at the heart of this month's special Compassion Radio Project.


Catching Up With Cher

Producer Jim Governale recently had the chance to sit down in-studio with Cher Nelson. Cher has been keeping a close eye on the news, especially in the area of Christian persecution worldwide. On this program, she highlights a number of stories that have burdened her heart. Listen in, and you will certainly be touched.


Serving Where He Leads You, Pt. 3

Bram and Louise Allard conclude a joyful, inspiring three days of discussion on what modern-day medical missions is really all about, and how it's making a world of difference!


Serving Where He Leads You, Pt. 2

Louise Allard joins Bram for a second day, to discuss how the Call of God actually comes on a life, and what we should do with it...


Serving Where He Leads You, Pt. 1

Louise Allard was definitely a product of the "ME Generation." As a young nursing student in Quebec, she faced the biggest moral dilemmas of her life with an unsurprising lack of self-examination... Just like millions of other brilliant, 'enlightened' people of her generation. 

But then, God...

Now this well-trained professional medical specialist and administrator is an unlikely Hero of the Kingdom. You'll hear her story today and in the two following, inspiring broadcasts.


A Flag, a Creed and a Cause! - CR CLASSIC…

There's so much to celebrate today! And enduring freedom is the most cherished of American legacies. There are other kinds of freedom for the disciple of Christ, and we'll talk about what freedoms we have IN Christ, today. Cher joins Norm in studio...


It’s WAY Beyond ‘Peer Pressure’…

Ashlyn Brock is a great student with big dreams. She's also a follower of Christ who takes her faith seriously. When she learned that some of her peers were at risk, in danger, even being attacked, she had to act. And her zeal has not gone unnoticed. You'll learn about her, her passion, and her hope on today's broadcast...