Getting ‘Rich’ by Giving Away ‘Treasure’, Pt. 2

Bram Floria wraps up his conversation with Gary Haga and Dan Bernathy about the 'Treasure' Project. And remember, it's not too late to get involved! Just Click Here to send a 'Treasure' yourself!


Getting ‘Rich’ by Giving Away ‘Treasure’, Pt. 1

Gary Haga joins Bram Floria on the road for a discussion on how this month's "Treasure" Project is impacting churches and aspiring missionaries right here in America. They are joined by Dan Bernathy, an 'Entrepreneur Missionary,' who trains others how to get past the 'I Want To' and on to the 'I Will!'


Living Waters

The Zoe Waters Project is special. Not only because it's bringing clean water to the most  needy places on Earth, but because it is doing it for an even greater purpose - to bring the Living Water of God's Word to Thirsty Souls. It all ties in with our Compassion Project this month.

Bram Floria welcomes Shelly Watkins and Kris Dotinga to tell us all about it.

Training the ‘New Apostles,’ Pt. 2

Bram Floria wraps up an inspiring discussion with Jerry Smith, Training Director for World Mission and the 'Treasure Project.' 


Training the ‘New Apostles,’ Pt. 1

Jerry Smith had a very successful career as a missionary and teaching professor in South America. He's been a first-hand witness to the amazing growth of the Global Church. What he discovered opened up the New Testament to him in completely unexpected ways. And it launched him in a whole new direction. Today, Jerry trains the newest generation of Apostles with cutting edge technology which is finally bringing the Word of God to thousands of people groups who have never once heard the Gospel... Until now!

Bram Floria travels to Jerry's home office in the Hill Country of Texas to get the story.

Re-Discovering Bonhoeffer

He was one of the 20th Century's most compelling Christian figures. Tried and executed by the Nazis for 'crimes against the Fuhrer,' he willingly laid down his life in humble submission to his Lord. To many he's a martyr, pastor, poet. To others a political provocateur and insurgent. He's been called liberal and staunchly conservative.

So, who was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, really? Norm's guest today, Eric Metaxis, has released a compelling portrait of the man in his new biography. He joins Norm by phone from New York City.


Think About THAT!, Pt. 2

Wonder's an interesting word. It encompasses both awe and doubt. Do you ever wonder?...

How we cope with disappointment; how we celebrate victory - it depends on our perspective, and from where it comes. Is this an age of opportunity for the Gospel of Christ? Or a time of decline and hostility to the things of God?

Do you wonder?

Norm and Cher will help bring some needed perspective, today. And, maybe, help us to act on that perspective!


Think About THAT! , Pt. 1

It's Summertime! It's about play, and celebration and camp! It doesn't get any better than that, right? Well, for some, Summer is also a season of  grand adventure, travel and new experiences. Think 'backpacking through Europe' or 'road trip.'

And for an even more intrepid subset of courageous people, adventure means going to the ends of the earth on a quest to find Jesus. Some will say it's a fool's errand. We beg to differ. Whether young or old, missions is the adventure of a lifetime. Norm and Cher have plenty to share on the subject, today.


Where Your Treasure Is, Pt. 4

Bram Floria and Greg Kelley wrap up their exploration of the biggest missionary movement in the world today, 'The Gospel Orality Movement.' With some proven technology, holy imagination and more than a little grit, the Word of God is being shared and proclaimed in thousands of places - and languages -  that have never heard the Good News before!


Where Your Treasure Is, Pt. 3

Bram Floria picks up the conversation he began last week with Greg Kelley, President and CEO of World Mission in Comstock Park, MI. What was once a traditional missions agency has radically transformed in ten years to a leader in the 'Gospel Orality Movement.' 


Where Your Treasure Is, Pt. 2

Greg Kelley of World Mission in Comstock Park, MI joins Bram Floria for Part 2 of this series, as they discuss the power of the spoken Word of God to transform lives in every culture on Earth.


Where Your Treasure Is, Pt. 1

Greg Kelley has a heart for those unreached by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are billions of them out there. That means Greg Kelley's heart is huge... So he set out to do something about it. When he discovered that the majority of the unreached are also illiterate, it broke his heart. But it didn't break his faith. And then along came 'The Treasure.'

In this 4-part series, Greg gives us an overview of the amazing impact 'The Treasure' is having around the world as one of the flagship 'Orality' movements.

The Man From Aldersgate, Pt. 3

Roger Nelson completes a tour de force on the life of John Wesley today. Oh... and there's something special coming up tomorrow, too!


The Man From Aldersgate, Pt. 2

If yesterday's program inspired you, get ready to jump even deeper into the life and ministry of John Wesley, the great preacher, revivalist and communicator. Dramatist Roger Nelson joins Norm in studio for a second installment.


The Man From Aldersgate, Pt. 1

Do you ever wish you could hear a recording of the famous preachers of history? Spurgeon; Chambers; Whitfield; Edwards; Luther; Calvin; Augustine... All great voices of the Faith. Thank God they gave us their hearts and minds through their writings. And there isone Brit whose preaching, writing and music have had an incalculable impact on numerous denominations around the world over the past two and a half centuries - John Wesley. Wouldn't it be amazing to bring the man to life for an hour and hear his passion and power for yourself?

Well, get ready to climb in a time machine with us, friends! Today, and for the next two days, Norm is joined in studio by the talented dramatist, Roger Nelson.


The Treasure

What do you treasure most? The Word of God describes itself as a treasure beyond compare. It's a gift that's meant to be shared. Many believers in Jesus would love to do that. Many people would love to receive it. But how do you do that, in parts of the world where so many can't even read?

Today, you'll find out! Norm is joined by guest, Greg Kelley, to share how the greatest treasure of all, now comes in a whole new package!


Showing Up In the Syrian Refugee Camps, Pt. 2

Norm concludes his conversation with John Ditty and Glenn Owen about the heartbreaking realities at the bleeding edge of the Middle East war zones. What they've learned has greatly shaped their life calling.


Showing Up In the Syrian Refugee Camps, Pt . 1

They came, they saw and they got a whole lot more than the T-Shirt. Glenn Owen and John Ditty are the kind of people that get the real story for themselves, and they do it in the world's toughest places. They do it so that Christ's Kingdom can advance and His compassion can be demonstrated. That makes them our kind of people.

Today and tomorrow, they share what they learned at the edge of war in Lebanon and Jordan.

American Idol Ministry, Pt. 2

Why are American Idol contestants lining up to stay in Leesa Bellesi's spare bedroom? The answer is even more fascinating than the fact that they do! Norm welcomes back our special guest, the unofficial 'Chaplain of American Idol.'


American Idol Ministry, Pt. 1

Leesa Bellesi was desperate for meaningful ministry. God told her to pray for the girl on the television screen. And so began the inexplicable, fascinating story of the 'American Idol Chaplain.' It's a story so improbable only God could write it.  Leesa joins Norm in studio for the next two programs to explain.


A Plea to Pastors

To Pastor is one of the highest callings of all. The need for godly preachers cannot be overestimated. Norm and Cher have a few things to tell these essential servants.


A Great and Terrible Love

Norm welcomes guest Mark Galli -  a man with a lot to share. Some of it joyful. Some of it painful. But it's all about God. And that means it's holy.