Hearing Revelation, Pt. 3

Norm concludes his conversation with performance artist Karen Heimbuch about her amazing depiction of the Book of Revelation. And they go out with a bang!


Hearing Revelation, Pt. 2

Norm continues his conversation with Karen Heimbuch, performance artist of the epic orchestra production of the Book of Revelation.


Hearing Revelation, Pt. 1

In this powerful three part series you'll experience the amazing book of Revelation in a whole new way. Norm welcomes performance artist and visionary, Karen Heimbuch.


Global Education @ APU, Pt. 2

We admire good teachers. And we should. Everyone needs a good education to succeed. And the world's leaders need a top-flight education to adequately serve their countries, their companies, their organizations, their world. But does their education necessarily need to be worldly? Not if today's guest has anything to say about it! John Mendendorp joins Norm by phone to discuss one of the most important educational initiatives in the world today.


Global Education @ APU, Pt. 1

You can learn a lot by traveling. Today's guest did more than that - she turned a life of adventure and learning into a passion for teaching! And now she's primed to equip a generation of world leaders in industry, government and service to lead us through the 21st century.  Sound ambitious to you? Well, she wouldn't look at it that way - she's just following in the footsteps of someone more ambitious than herself... Dr. Frances Wu joins Norm by phone for an sneak peak at a new global education initiative that is destined to transform the world.


The Leadership Ellipse

Bob Fryling has learned a lot about leadership from the inside out. As the head of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Press, he guides the publication of much of the world's great Christian literature. His responsibilities extend to much more than the technical aspects of printing books. He also is a key leader within the larger ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. A life of integrity and service go hand-in-hand with being productive.

Bob shares his unique view of leadership in a powerful new book. Norm asks him some penetrating questions, today.


One Nation Without God

As patriotic citizens in America we often say things like "It's what unites us that makes us strong." But what if what 'unites' us actually 'divides' us... from God?

Norm's guest today, David Aikman, asks a provocative question - "What would an America without God look like?" The quick answer - "Just look around you!" Troubling, indeed! But is it hopeless? Well if you know anything about Compassion Radio by now, you'll already know our response! If you don't enjoy the subject matter today, perhaps you'll at least find it eye-opening, challenging, even motivational...

30 Years of Joy Junction

30 years can change a person.  Then again, give a person 30 years to do something big and he might just change the world! Jeremy Reynalds is that kind of guy. He worships a God Who specializes in the 'Impossible.' So it's no surprise that Jeremy keeps choosing to do 'impossible' things - and succeeding. And now his life's work is celebrating a very special birthday. As a result the discouraged, downtrodden, forgotten of Albuquerque, NM have something to really celebrate!


Only at Home in the Kingdom

Mallika Pearl David is living the dream of millions - to reach beyond her home in a developing country and receive a world-class education in America. But her dream is not just about worldly success. She's firmly grounded in Christ and her Kingdom identity. That makes her a sojourner in this world - at peace in any culture yet never fully at home in any one place.

Born and saved in India, now educated and mentored in America, Mallika has a unique perspective on how God is at work in the world and how we all fit in with it. Bram Floria sits down with her during a visit to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI.

Transform the World!

Luis Bush doesn't just have a unique view of the world - He's convincing millions to think just like him! He joins Norm for a timely and important discussion on where we should all be looking for God's hand at work, why we should, and a little of what we can expect when we find it!


Missing the Path and Losing Your Way

Wide is the path that leads to destruction. And across the Middle East, Destruction is paving a very wide path, indeed. How did it get to this point? In the simplest terms, one lie after another. And don't think for a second that we're safe at home from the deadly consequences of deception!

Today, Norm and Cher dig in deep on one of the most important questions of the day: "How do we raise our kids to know the Truth and to fear God?"

Healing Bangladesh

Jesus, the Healer. It's one of the wonderful images of scripture. It gives us hope that He might just do for us, what He did for others two millennia ago. We believe in miraculous healing - we've seen it with our own eyes. We have also seen how God miraculously uses willing hands to do His healing work. You'll hear about that today as Norm welcomes some new friends, Jim Long and Steve Kelly.


Building Ethical Lives

Hopefully, college means more than learning a few skills and a boatload of trivia. Liberal Arts institutions are supposed to produce well-rounded and functional citizens. Christian liberal arts colleges takes the concept a big step forward - by grappling with the meaning of God's call on our lives. Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI is one of the foremost schools in the Reformed tradition and deeply committed to the formation of people dedicated to living out a Redemptive world view in family, worship, vocation and recreation. 

Bram and Sandi Floria recently sat down with one of the leading Christian philosophers, Dr. Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung, who helps shape the ethical landscape for thousands of students every year. What she has to share will inspire you to reach for more, and restore your hope in the next generation...

The World Through Christ’s Eyes

People often ask Norm, "Is there anywhere you haven't been?" It's a fair question! The Lord has led him and this ministry to corners of the globe many fear to tread. With amazing consistency this one thing keeps repeating itself in these far-flung places: God is at work! It's a thrill for us to bring you these stories of God's triumph each day through this broadcast.

Today, lead producer, Bram Floria, joins Norm and Jim in studio to review some lessons learned and the challenge that flows from them.


Hero of Bangladesh, Pt. 2

Today Norm wraps up a compelling interview with the distinguished medial missionary and a founding father of Bangladesh - Dr. Viggo Olsen.


Hero of Bangladesh, Pt. 1

Dr. Viggo Olsen decided to take on the impossible - building a world-class medical center in one of the world's most troubled places. Not only was the city of Chittagong underdeveloped, it didn't even have a stable government or nation. Still he forged ahead in the power of the Gospel. And the journey made him not just a competent physician, but a war veteran, national hero and diplomat.

Today and tomorrow you'll hear that story...

Anticipating the Battle for Mosul

Lauren Homer keeps her eye on the ball - in this case the fast moving and rapidly shifting battlefields of the Middle East. Why? Because Christians and other minorities are caught in the crossfire, and she's made a career of defending the defenseless - in courtrooms, boardrooms and government committee meeting rooms.

Today, Lauren brings us the latest on the situation in Iraq and Syria, which will amp up your prayer life if you'll let it!

A New Bible for Muslims

How do you reach Muslims for Christ? With the Gospel, right? And where do we find that? In the Word of God, of course. But which Bible is  the right Bible for the task? Now that's a more complicated question, and not so easily answered... until now.

Norm's guest knows a thing or two about reaching people for Christ in the world's hotspots. He's about as intrepid as they come and can hold his own in any discussion on the Great Commission. We're glad to welcome back our old friend, Dr. Viggo Olsen.


South Sudan’s New Opportunity

Somewhere in the feeble shade of a parched tree in South Sudan, a child is dreaming of becoming a doctor or engineer. The odds are stacked against  her. That is, until now. Canon Alan Bartlett has a plan to radically change the lives and futures of thousands of children. And it's already happening!

Norm reports from Durham, England on this exciting project.

Building for Christ in Bangladesh, Pt. 2

When an unbeliever comes to believe in a God of unbelievable power, unbelievable things are bound to happen. Today Norm finishes his latest conversation with one this generation's true super-heroes of the Faith, Dr. Viggo Olsen.


Building for Christ in Bangladesh, Pt. 1

Mild-mannered doctor Viggo Olsen is an international man of mystery - he's a secret agent, super-hero and national founding father. We're not kidding. You'll learn why, today and tomorrow.


Joy Junction

He's living the American dream. An immigrant working his way up from poverty to great riches and success. Except this immigrant story turns the concept of 'success' on its head. Jeremy Reynolds didn't come to America to gain wealth and fame. He came to serve. And the kind of wealth he's building can only be counted in another Kingdom. And wherever Jeremy serves, there is an abundance of joy. Jeremy Reynolds and Joy Junction is a very different kind of success story.