Arabs in the Shadow of Israel

"If you prick us, do we not bleed?" So says the misunderstood Shakespearean character Shylock. The troubled Merchant of Venice also happened to be a Jew in a society suspicious of all things Jewish.

The same words are said today by the people living in the shadow of the modern Israel. The Arabs of the West Bank, many of them Christians, simply ask of us in the West that we notice their suffering. It's what Christ would do - and does today. Norm's guest, Tony Malouf, explains.


Faith in the Fog of War

He's seen things he'd rather forget. Horrors we don't want to even imagine. Where could God possibly be in the war-strewn streets of Iraq during the early days of the Second Gulf War? Norm's guest today, tells us. His personal experience stretched his faith to the limit. His commitment was close to shattering. Yet at the very moment of despair some amazing things happened in the heart of Sergeant Chris Plekenpol. We're please to bring his story to you today.


Fearless Love under Islamic Persecution

The "Hidden War" is not so hidden anymore. When worlds - and world views - collide, there can be untold suffering. For Christians living in Muslim countries a new wave of religious violence and persecution are threatening the very existence of the church. What should be our response to their plight? More importantly, what is their response to the tribulations they face? The answers will surprise and humble you. Norm is joined by special guest David Witt.


Christians in the Age of Wealth, Pt. 2

Craig Blomberg joins Norm for part 2 of a thought-provoking discussion on Kingdom living in all aspects of life: material, emotional and spiritual.


Christians in the Age of Wealth, Pt. 1

Life in the modern world is a struggle, right? There are bills to pay, responsibilities, futures to plan for. And often we're reminded that we're living in the most prosperous times in the history of the world. On top of that, our faith calls us to a kind of generous living that requires serious stretching of our faith, our time, our pocketbooks. Something's gotta give, right?

Our guest today and tomorrow has some fascinating things to say about Kingdom living in a marketing age. Norm welcomes a new friend, Craig Blomberg.

Life is a Teacher

Sometimes the only way to learn a lesson is to live through it. And, sometimes, that's exactly what God intends. Jim Governale joins Norm in Studio today to discuss what makes for a good 'learning experience.'


Missing the Path and Losing Your Way

Wide is the path that leads to destruction. And across the Middle East, Destruction is paving a very wide path, indeed. How did it get to this point? In the simplest terms, one lie after another. And don't think for a second that we're safe at home from the deadly consequences of deception!

Today, Norm and Cher dig in deep on one of the most important questions of the day: "How do we raise our kids to know the Truth and to fear God?"

“Hold Fast!” - a Conversation with Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

The Christians of Pakistan and the greater Muslim world are in the crosshairs - literally. Preaching the Good News and encouraging the weary - pastors and evangelists have their work cut out for them, to say the least. Norm's guest, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali knows all about it, and he'll give you the tools you need to help pray effectively for your brothers and sisters in Christ in Muslim nations.


Rejoicing in Lament, Pt. 2

Today, Norm concludes a moving discussion on the power of the resurrection applied to real-life situations. Professor Todd Billings joins Norm by phone.


Rejoicing in Lament, Pt. 1

Todd Billings is living his dream. As a professor, husband and father, all of his ambitions in life were lining up. Then enters a word incongruent with his dreams - CANCER. Most men would buckle down and focus on nothing else than fighting the disease. Todd is not most men. He's finding grace and hope in ever-increasing measure and paying it forward. In the process, he's bringing hope and even joy to thousands. You'll find out how, today and tomorrow.


Up Close in a Refugee ‘Hope Center’

What's it really like in a Lebanese Refugee Camp? Today Norm and Cher bring the firsthand story...


Ministry to Refugees - An ‘Incarnation Model’

An advertising executive came up with the line "When you care enough to send the very best." You probably know the product...

When it comes to caring for those traumatized by war, a greeting card isn't going to cut it. When you're bleeding on the table, you want an experienced doctor, not vase of flowers. The comfort can wait for the operation. And that's how we look at the situation in Syria and Lebanon right now. Comfort and Care can only work if the Compassion has done its work. Well wishes don't carry you very far.

Of course there's more to it than just physical healing. There's a Spiritual War going on as well. And that's where well-worn bibles and knees come into the equation. When does God show up? When we show up in our prayer closets. Cher joins Norm in studio, today...

Understanding Christian Mission

It seems simple enough - 'preach the Gospel to All Peoples.' That's the Great Commission, right? Things tend to get a little more complicated when we actually try to accomplish this simple command. We're talking about reaching 7 billion people, after all. But does it need to be that way? Is the Gospel really like a bloated government program that no one really understands or can get a handle on?

Or can it be... simpler? Scott Sundquist has some intriguing answers and insights for us, today.


A Christian Perspective on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

The news reports have continued to be vague and incomplete from the frontlines in Syria. We're hearing even less from the refugee camps that litter the borders with Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. But Compassion Radio has a long history reaching out to the Church in Syria and we do know enough to help. Right now at least 850 Christian Syrian families continue to huddle in the mountains of Lebanon waiting out the conflict. The situation is dire and gets more so with time. Norm's guest today, Dr. Martin Accad, will help fill in the details so we can pray and act more effectively.


What is God Doing for the World’s Refugees?

Enoch Wan, our good friend, is up to his armpits in crises and challenges. And he wouldn't have it any other way! So how do you know what God is up to in a hurting world? You chase down His people doing great work in seemingly impossible situations...


What If No Christians Are Left?

Today in the Middle East, the Rule of Unintended Consequences is in full force. Military action intended to liberate and stabilize has resulted in a new truly Dark Age. That is most true for the oldest Christian communities on Earth. The slaughter and displacement could result in not a single Christian left in a number of countries. Does it matter? Should we care? Norm and Cher dig into the unfolding tragedy, today.


60 Minutes Covers Syrian Refugee Crisis

The World-class journalism of 60 Minutes finally tackled the issue most dear to our hearts this month - the human tragedy and hope surrounding the exodus of Refugees along the border between Syria and Jordan. Norm and Cher discuss the coverage, today.

To see this important CBS News story, Click Here...

Lebanon’s Syrian Refugees

John Bouchebel has been to the frontlines. Many frontlines. Why? Because that's where the ministry is. Today he discusses with Norm the current situation for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Lebanon Has a Heart, Pt. 3

Norm and his guest, Camille Melki, wrap up a moving look at the ministry of 'Heart 4 Lebanon' - the leading evangelical relief agency serving tens of thousands of refugees crowding the border with Syria.


Lebanon Has a Heart, Pt. 2

Today Norm continues his interview with the founding Director of 'Heart 4 Lebanon' - the most effective outreach for Christ in the refugee camps along the Syrian Border. His organization is literally saving the live of tens of thousands. And they're doing it with no help from any government agency.


Lebanon Has a Heart, Pt. 1

Camille Melki is entitled to be bitter and angry. Decades of his life have been spent ducking the bombs and bullets of one war after another. So many of his family and friends have lost everything - including their lives - that he has lost count. He has opportunity to exact vengeance on those who have persecuted him. Who could blame him?

Yet Camille chooses to forgive. More than that he is literally caring for those who once persecuted him. Why? In a word - JESUS. Today and for the next two programs you'll hear the amazing story of a refugee turned into a mighty warrior of the Kingdom and the impact of his faith on thousands of others.

The Ministry of Showing Up

Compassion Radio has made a career out of going where others won't, to gather the stories no one else will...

Today Jim Governale spends some time with Norm in studio unpacking the latest trip to the refugee camps in Lebanon.