Bibles for the World Revisited

John Pudaite wants to get the Word into the hands of every human alive. A noble goal. But realistic? Well, if there's one thing we know about God, he specializes in the impossible. And He raises up leaders for whom impossibility is no obstacle. John joins Norm for an important and faith-stretching report on the state of world evangelism.


Victory Over Abuse, Pt 2

Yesterday began the moving story of Isik Abla, a beautiful young woman who never knew it until God reached out to her in miraculous fashion. Today, she inspires muslims and westerners, men and women alike, to reach out to the SAVIOR who radically transformed her life. And she won't stop until the whole muslim world has had a good long drink from this 'living well.'


Victory Over Abuse, Pt. 1

Behind the veil of traditional Islam, the victims of domestic abuse aren't even statistics. Their pain can remain hidden and unknown for a lifetime. In the case of Isik Abla, God had a different plan, and it's beginning to have a profound impact on the millions of unsung victims around the world. And it's building the Kingdom of God in the very heart of the secret muslim world most of us will never experience.


Compassion Radio in Anchorage

We go wherever the Good Lord sends us. Even if that's someplace at the ends of the Earth. And our radio signal goes there, too! Case in point: Station KATB in Anchorage, AK. Tom Teigleman is a dear friend, and caught up with Norm in Nashville, TN for this report from 'The Edge'...


Wilbur Nelson: 50th Anniversary Interview

Today marks the beginning of our 73rd Year of Ministry!

In 2003, this ministry's founder went home to be with the Lord. Wilbur Nelson was 92 years young. And if you asked him that year what his plans were, he probably would have said "To tell the people about the Lord, the Lord's love and the Lord's work." Pretty much what he'd been doing for the better part of a century.

As the baton was passing to the next generation, Norm sat his father down for a more intimate look at the roots of this ministry, the things that have changed and most importantly what has not changed.


Are We Engaged w/the Bible?

Dr. Arnie Cole is doing some of the most important research in America, and it's no Ivory Tower pursuit. A simple question led to a project with profound implications for the Church in America... and around the world. The Question? "Why don't Christians read their Bibles?"

Based in the renowned ministry "Back to the Bible," Dr. Cole joins Norm in Nashville, TN to discuss the new "Center for Bible Engagement" project.

America and the Assyrians, Pt. 2

Sargis Sangari joins Norm for another day of discussion on the fate of the Assyrian people of northern Iraq.


America and the Assyrians, Pt.1

Sargis Sangari is on a mission - to win the hearts and minds of the world and save his people from destruction. His culture and homeland are on the brink of destruction. Why should we care? Listen to this 2-part and you'll know the answer...


The Vicar of Baghdad on the Outside

Canon Andrew White is the very beating heart of the Iraqi Christian Family. And that heart longs for the Body in the Cradle of Christianity. Sadly, but for the Glory of God, this modern Apostle continues his work with the Christian refugees scattered all over Asia and Europe. He shares the latest with Norm today, in this report from National Religious Broadcasters Convention.


Do We Have Room for Prophets?

Everything that God has to say can be found in the Bible, right? Stop and think about that for a minute. Would that mean that God has nothing new to say? Or even more troubling, that He has absolutely nothing to say to those living in the 21st Century? Is there no new wine for new wineskins? Are we just custodians of what came before? Is there something else we need to consider?

Norm explores this question with an old friend, Gary Burge, today.

What is God Doing for the World’s Refugees?

Enoch Wan, our good friend, is up to his armpits in crises and challenges. And he wouldn't have it any other way! So how do you know what God is up to in a hurting world? You chase down His people doing great work in seemingly impossible situations...


I Am “N”

Faithful followers of Christ in the Middle East are being marked for extermination, their property seized as spoils of war. And the symbol of this insidious hate is painted boldy in red across walls all over Syria and Iraq. One Arabic letter is all it takes to destroy everything a family has built.

So why is this letter becoming the emblem of vibrant, living faith? Simply put, the Sufferings of Christ... and His Saints.


Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs joins Norm from the National Religious Broadcasters Convention to bring the latest intel on our Family in the Middle East.

Mandaeans - An Iraqi Minority

Jimmy joins Norm in studio to discuss the challenges facing a people group of which you may never have heard. Today they will be forgotten no more!


NRB 2016 - Remembering and Anticipating

The New Year for Compassion Radio is always celebrated at the beginning of March. We're now in our 73rd year of Ministry, Outreach and Compassion. One of things we do each year to close the year and celebrate new beginnings is visit the National Religious Broadcasters Convention to visit with the people at the many wonderful radio stations on which we broadcast. And we compare notes with ministries and missions agencies with which we collaborate on projects throughout the world.

This year, we began a whole new initiative to get these important voices before our listening family, and you'll hear more about that, today!

A Wind In the House of Islam, Pt. 2

David Garrison gives us a stunning peek behind the curtain of Islam, today, in part two of this powerful series.


A Wind In the House of Islam, Pt. 1

If you think God has forsaken the people of the Muslim world, David Garrison is out to change your mind. This two-part series will bring you up-close and personal to the amazing spiritual renaissance and startling revelations that HE is using to win every people, each person, to Himself.


What’s Happening with the Assyrians?

Assyrians, you say? Who are the Assyrians? That's a common question we get. Well, they're one of the largest people groups in Iraq, and the oldest Christian Community in the world. That's why it's so distressing that they're on the verge of extinction, literally and culturally.

Jim Jennings knows plenty of about it, because he knows plenty of Assyrians. He and Norm have traveled together in Assyria many times. Today he brings us the latest news, and a rousing call to pray and action!

What If No Christians Are Left?

Today in the Middle East, the Rule of Unintended Consequences is in full force. Military action intended to liberate and stabilize has resulted in a new truly Dark Age. That is most true for the oldest Christian communities on Earth. The slaughter and displacement could result in not a single Christian left in a number of countries. Does it matter? Should we care? Norm and Cher dig into the unfolding tragedy, today.


ISIS - It’s a Battle of Ideas

As you think, so you act - and the poisoned thoughts of ISIS have lead to unspeakable obscenities and atrocities. Why would anyone bother to engage in a communication with someone from ISIS? Because God will, and He does. We may not be able to imagine it, but even the most corrupt hearts can be changed; the most evil, redeemed. But members of ISIS and those they are recruiting will never choose another path if they don't know it's there... Cher joins Norm in studio for a frank and needed discussion.


Voices of Iraq

We know there are real lives behind the headlines yet it's often difficult to have genuine compassion for people we've never met. Today, Norm addresses that issue in a very personal way. Shortly before ISIS made its move against Kirkuk, Norm sat down with some of the most public Christians in the region. What we hear from the Police Chief and a Pastor of the largest Evangelical Church in Kurdistan may disturb you. It will also equip you for serious spiritual warfare... 


Report from Iraq

After a decade of mind-numbing war reports from Iraq, our attention has shifted to the 'new' thing called 'ISIS.' What's easy to forget is that this 'new' thing is really a continuation of the 'old' war - and it's being fought on the same ground.

It's getting no easier for the Christians in the crossfire, so it's vitally important that we pray for them without ceasing. So what should we pray for, specifically? Well, our old friend Dan Wooding has recently spent time within rifleshot of the latest frontlines. He brings us the story of his latest adventure, today.

Hearing Revelation, Pt. 3

Norm concludes his conversation with performance artist Karen Heimbuch about her amazing depiction of the Book of Revelation. And they go out with a bang!