Do We Have Room for Prophets?

Everything that God has to say can be found in the Bible, right? Stop and think about that for a minute. Would that mean that God has nothing new to say? Or even more troubling, that He has absolutely nothing to say to those living in the 21st Century? Is there no new wine for new wineskins? Are we just custodians of what came before? Is there something else we need to consider?

Norm explores this question with an old friend, Gary Burge, today.

Iraqi Refugees In Denmark

Your country is being overrun by Muslim refugees. A political backlash ensues. What's the Christian response? First step - the TRUTH. Norm's guest, Birthe, is facing the reality of misconceptions and xenophobia in one of the world's most tolerant countries - Denmark.

First surprise - the river of refugees from Iraq into northern Europe include tens of thousands of believing Christians. Whatever their religion, they need to see the love of Christ in action...


Prayer: The Power To Change The World - Pt.3

Norm concludes a power three-part series on the Power of Prayer, with his guest John Robb, who wrote the book on the subject.


Prayer: The Power To Change The World - Pt.2

So prayer can change things. How? John Robb continues his conversation with Norm today in part 2 of this important series on prayer.


Prayer: The Power To Change The World - Pt.1

So you want to change the world. So? Into what? For what purpose? Why? We can't get to the real answers without asking the right questions.  Norm's guest today, John Robb, will get us pointed in the right direction as we start an important series.


Thinking ‘Christianly’ About Muslims

If a Muslim walked in your door you'd know it, right? You'd know basically what he believes, where he comes from and what he thinks of you, right?

Let's stop right there. Consider the possibility - however remote - that you might just have some preconceptions about this person. Perhaps even a mistaken impression or two. OK - are we on the same page, now? We'll leave it to Norm and his guest, Warren Larsen to take it from here.

Syrian Refugees in Antioch

Turkey is on the frontlines of the war in Syria. And that means millions of refugees. If the Christian world is going to have any positive impact - especially on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Christians caught in the crossfire - it's time to get an insider's look at the situation. Dr. Mark Gopin is just the guy, and he joins Norm, today.


Spy for Hope!

Dan Wooding and Norm Nelson each have a few secrets. Get them together, and they're likely to spill the beans. Today, we'll get behind the scenes in the world of international missions with two of the greatest characters in the business!


Studying Christian Persecution, Pt. 2

Yesterday began a vital conversation on the state of persecution against Christians in the 21st Century. The 'good news?' There are more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the world today than ever before. The 'bad news?' The Devil noticed. Persecution is more intense and the suffering of innocent believers more excruciating than ever.

We need to get our minds - and hearts - around that fact.

Then we can discuss what we can do about it... which is what we'll do on today's program as Norm welcomes back Nicholas Kerton-Johnson.


Studying Christian Persecution, Pt. 1

Why would anyone study "Christian persecution?" Sounds depressing on the face of it, wouldn't you say? Norm's guest today has a very different take on the subject. In fact, we'd say he's got God's take on it. Norm welcomes a new friend: Nicholas Kerton-Johnson.


God’s Work in Serbia

The Yugoslavian civil war was a difficult time for everyone caught in the crossfire of ethnic cleansing and hatred. That it especially true of faithful followers of Jesus. Samuel Petrovsky knows. He reached out with the love of Jesus in the very thick of battle. His story of survival and God's power will inspire you to do hard things right where you are.


Look What God is Doing!

Is God all about pat answers and no arguments? Well, Jim Eastman says God is enthusiastic about our questions.  He wants to answer our "?" with His "!" So where can we see what excites God? Listen today and you'll find out!


An Algerian Disciple

When you think the Muslim world, what comes to mind? The Middle East? Central Asia? What about Africa? Algeria is at the heart of African Islam. It's also the heart of a growing Christian community. With the world rapidly entering a new era of opportunity and peril, it's important for us to know where the news frontlines are.


Understanding Ukraine’s Conflict

Dr. Johan Matthieu has had a long, circuitous route to his current ministry and place.  God sometimes leads His most influential servants through many a country on the way to their vision. Think Abraham or Moses. As a modern-day pastor with apostolic appointments, he's having a powerful influence on the greater Christian Community in Eastern Europe.  Men like him have never been more needed.

He joins Norm by phone, today.

A Lawyer’s Perspective on Syria and Ukraine

The Devil's in the details, they say. As the information trickles in from the war fronts in Syria and Ukraine, it's evident the Devil really is in those details. And at the same time, it's evident that God is doing tremendous work building His Kingdom right in the midst of it. The stakes have never been higher for the Middle East. Our God has never been more evident... if we know where to look.

Lauren Homer joins Norm by phone, today.

The Challenge Facing Sat-7

Rex Rogers has his hands full. As President of SAT-7 USA, he coordinates the fundraising activities for the  largest Christian television network focused on the Muslim world. But money's not the biggest challenge. You'll find out what is as he joins Norm for this up-to-date report.


There’s New Hope in Ukraine, Pt. 2

Today finishes and insiders perspective on the current events rocking Ukraine and the world. How is the Church coping? By living out the intent and power of the Gospel of Christ. We get to stand with them! By the time you've heard what Tim Toronchuk has to say, you'll want to do just that.


There’s New Hope in Ukraine, Pt. 1

Tim Toronchuk has devoted a good portion of his life to the Great Commission. And of the many countries where he's served, one nation holds the greatest claim on his heart - Ukraine. This quiet, unassuming man with a sharp intellect and bright eyes would seem at home on the campus of any liberal arts college, inspiring young people to change the world. However, he's too busy actually changing things to stand still in his tweed jacket and merely chat. Thankfully, he'll stay still long enough to share with us.

Today and tomorrow Tim gives us an insider's look at the Great Revival in Ukraine and the Great Challenge they face...

Be Strong AND Courageous!

When you journey to some of the world's most difficult places, the path isn't always well laid-out. Thankfully, the Word promises that God Himself will light the way. The greatest model of that is probably the first Old Testament Prophet/Leader, Joshua.

Today, Norm and Cher take a closer look at his extraordinary life, leadership and faith. And if you think you're off the hook because you are not 'extraordinary' then you've got a surprise or two in your near future!

Why the Refugees Matter

Tom Atema has had enough of empty talk. When it comes to Middle East Refugees, if we're going to talk about it, we'd better be ready to do something, too. Today, he joins Norm to help us identify where - and how - we can make the most positive impact. And why


Counterfeit Gods

You'd know an idol if you saw it, right? And, of course, you'd have no trouble recognizing the real deal, right?

Well, Norm's guest today, Tim Keller, is here to challenge you on both scores. Get ready for a no-holds-barred look at the state of western Christianity. Can it hold a candle to the faith of first century Christians? Tim's answer will challenge and inspire you


Cafeteria Christians

It's the great smörgåsbord of faith. In a culture of on-demand, custom-made convenience, we treat our spiritual lives the same way. Not so, you say? You're totally devoted to an historical Christianity? Well, you might just discover a few surprising, even troubling, things about your spirituality today.  So what do American Christians really believe, and what can we do about it? Today, Norm interviews someone who knows how to ask the right questions, George Barna.