To effectively share your faith, you've got to really know your bible, right? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt. But is it something that others want to know about? Do they care about your bible? Do they care about you? Careful now. The answers might not be all that comfortable to hear.

Now, turn the tables. Do you care about them? Do you care to get to really know people for who they really are? Jesus does. And you might find out He's been nudging them along for a while now. Leonard Sweet is about to turn everything you thought you knew about witnessing on its head. And you'll thank him for it afterward.


Compassion In Kenya, Pt. 2

Today, Norm concludes a power look into what effective compassionate action can accomplish in Africa. It's the 21st century, folks! It's time for some fresh thinking on a very old mandate. Richard Bransford joins Norm for part two of this interview.


Compassion In Kenya, Pt. 1

Africa needs help. It has for a long time. So why should governments and non-governmental agencies keep pouring money in the continent? Arguments can be made for - or against - continuing international aid.  But something we need to keep reminding ourselves is this: There is NEVER a time to quit being compassionate! So - what does that look like? And how can Christlike compassion work in ways that government largess has failed to do? Norm's guest, Richard Bransford, has the answer. And he knows what he's talking about, because he 'walks the walk.'


Syrian Refugees, Need and Difficulty

Usually, you begin to define a nation by its boundaries.That's not so easy with Syria these days. The civil war has spread a large percentage of its population into three neighboring countries. Thousands and thousand more have fled even farther. Just because they've left the violence doesn't mean they're no longer a concern. Our good friend, Samya Johnson joins Norm for a searing look at the situation, and all from a Christ-bound perspective.


Studying Christian Persecution, Pt. 2

Yesterday began a vital conversation on the state of persecution against Christians in the 21st Century. The 'good news?' There are more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the world today than ever before. The 'bad news?' The Devil noticed. Persecution is more intense and the suffering of innocent believers more excruciating than ever.

We need to get our minds - and hearts - around that fact.

Then we can discuss what we can do about it... which is what we'll do on today's program as Norm welcomes back Nicholas Kerton-Johnson.


Studying Christian Persecution, Pt. 1

Why would anyone study "Christian persecution?" Sounds depressing on the face of it, wouldn't you say? Norm's guest today has a very different take on the subject. In fact, we'd say he's got God's take on it. Norm welcomes a new friend: Nicholas Kerton-Johnson.


Reflecting On Compassion Radio Prospects

Compassion Radio brings you the stories. God brings the vision You bring the faith. Together we've accomplished much over the years in corners of the Kingdom which needed the most. We're deeply grateful to be doing what we do. Even though it has eternal significance, it's still 'history.' So, what are the prospects of this ministry looking forward? Thank God it's not dependent solely on our own resources or creativity.

Jim Governale joins Norm in studio for a peek through the portal of faith.

Everyone is Called to Ministry

Garrett Reid seems to think we actually have a shot at reaching the whole world for Jesus Christ - in this generation, even. Why would he hang on to such a fanciful notion? Why discuss hare-brained schemes? Well, Norm's about to find out, and so will we...


Thinking ‘Christianly’ About Muslims

If a Muslim walked in your door you'd know it, right? You'd know basically what he believes, where he comes from and what he thinks of you, right?

Let's stop right there. Consider the possibility - however remote - that you might just have some preconceptions about this person. Perhaps even a mistaken impression or two. OK - are we on the same page, now? We'll leave it to Norm and his guest, Warren Larsen to take it from here.

Sharing Christ with Muslims, Pt. 2

Yesterday, we reintroduced our Compassion Radio Family to some very good friends, Mike and Samya Johnson from Call of Love Ministries. Today we pick up on the previous conversation about how to really reach out to Muslims in the name of Jesus. It's so much simpler and riskier than we thought!


Sharing Christ with Muslims Pt. 1

Is it really possible to win Muslims to Christ? Not really. Then again, we don't ever 'win people to Christ.' The Holy Spirit does that. But that doesn't mean we're off the hook. There's also something about a little passage called the 'Great Commission' that contains a few items we probably should consider...

How does it all fit together? Does God really want to save Muslims? What's his plan? Where do we start? Ah, now we're getting somewhere. Today we begin a two-part series on what it's going to take to reach this generation of Muslims from all over the world. Hint, it starts with "Hello..."
To learn more about the ministry of today's guests, visit their website!:

What Are We Going To Do?? (About Islam’s Amazing Growth)

ISIS on the march, and Islam on the rise - can it be stopped? Not if we don't start doing something different! Anyone who thinks reaching the world for Christ is impossible in the light of the current surge of Islam hasn't been reading their bibles - at least not very thoroughly. It was a whole lot more "impossible" when it was only 12 men and a few hundred helpers. It took them a while, for sure. But no faith in history has gained so many adherents, in so many places, other than Christianity.

So, what do we do about all those Muslims? Glad you asked... Jim and Norm discuss it, today.

An Algerian Disciple

When you think the Muslim world, what comes to mind? The Middle East? Central Asia? What about Africa? Algeria is at the heart of African Islam. It's also the heart of a growing Christian community. With the world rapidly entering a new era of opportunity and peril, it's important for us to know where the news frontlines are.


What is God Doing for the World’s Refugees?

Enoch Wan, our good friend, is up to his armpits in crises and challenges. And he wouldn't have it any other way! So how do you know what God is up to in a hurting world? You chase down His people doing great work in seemingly impossible situations...


The Jesus Manifesto

Sometimes the things you see as obvious and true are radical ideas to others.  Norm's guest today, Leonard Sweet, knows that full-well. And sometimes the things that have always been true have to be proclaimed anew to a generation who hasn't discovered it.


Finish the Mission!

It began with efforts of individual men transcribing the Bible by candle light.  The Chinese symbols were multitude, unfamiliar and extremely difficult to master.  Never could those hard-laboring linguists imagine the fruit of their sacrifice - namely the largest body of Christian disciples the world has ever known.

So, how does Compassion Radio fit in? Well, of the 100 million+ current believers in modern-day China, over 2 million of them are directly the result of bibles you have given! Are you ready to reach the next 2 million? Jim Governale joins Norm in studio to discuss how it can happen.


Launching Year #72!

We're well into our 8th decade and going strong! So - what does God have in store for our 72nd year? Jim and Norm explore the 'shape of things to come' today!


Who’s On Trial, Here?

Was it a legal hatchet-job? A tragedy of cosmic proportions? Or something else, altogether?  The trial of Jesus for sedition stands out in history as a seemingly unexplainable injustice. But that's really not the message God intended. What He did intend, and accomplished, goes far beyond our wildest expectations. Today Norm takes a very different look at the story.


Assyrian Christians’ Suffering, Pt. 2

Norm concludes a powerful interview with Juliana Taimoorazy of Iraqi Christian Relief Council. She and her network of activists are testifying to the trials of modern-day martyrs - the Assyrian Christian Community of Iraq and Syria.


Assyrian Christians’ Suffering, Pt. 1

Juliana Taimoorazy is a bridge-builder; a hope-giver; a truth-teller. She's also a witness to some horrible things. Be very thankful for that. As a Jeremiah to this generation, she's bringing the plight of Middle Eastern Christians to stark relief. We'd better pay attention before God makes us...

Juliana joins Norm in another seminal road interview, from Nashville, TN.