Muslims, Christians and Jesus

Carl Medearis is one of those rare people who really know both the religion of Islam and the various cultures it calls 'home.' Where many scholars have relationships with ideas, he's gained his understanding by building solid and productive relationships with real people. And what he found about Muslim understanding of Jesus is profound. Even more important is the genuine openness of Muslims to a real relationship with Jesus.


New Testament Evangelism Today

When did the New Testament end?

It didn't.

The living testaments to God's love are still transforming the world in our day and age. Norm's guest, Dr. Michael Green writes and speaks with a fluent energy of the amazing transforming power of the Gospel that yearns to be unleashed in every generation of Saints.


Do We Have Room for Prophets?

Everything that God has to say can be found in the Bible, right? Stop and think about that for a minute. Would that mean that God has nothing new to say? Or even more troubling, that He has absolutely nothing to say to those living in the 21st Century? Is there no new wine for new wineskins? Are we just custodians of what came before? Is there something else we need to consider?

Norm explores this question with an old friend, Gary Burge, today.

When God Closes a Door He Opens a Window

Yes, it's cliche by now. But cliches become that very thing because they're more than often the rule! While Compassion Radio stands ready to rapidly deploy when God opens new doors, we're not in the business of busting them down. While we wait for His perfect timing, it's always interesting how God provides abundant opportunities to peek into His 'bigger picture.'


Norm in Kuwait

How welcome is Jesus in the Middle East, today? Well, Norm went to find out! This classic report, from the Iraq War years, serves as an eye-opening lesson in the power of Gospel to find acceptance in the most unlikely places.


The Iraq We Have Lost, Pt. 2

Sometimes to see your way forward, you've got to look back at where you came from. Today is part two of a series on the struggle and triumph that is the Family of God in Iraq.


The Iraq We Have Lost, Pt. 1

Compassion Radio has been active in outreach, evangelism, discipleship and care in some of the world's most difficult places. Iraq holds a special place in our hearts. We've accomplished much. We've missed some opportunities. We've mourned the continued suffering.

We are not, however, giving up. Why? Because God is there ministering to His remnant, and winning new souls to His Kingdom. Today begins a new series that frames our decades of effort and what has been won and lost.

The ISIS Threat in Iraq, Pt. 2

Yesterday began a profound, troubling, difficult and hopeful discussion on the current threat to the Christian family in the Middle East, and the very nations where they live. Today Norm wraps up our 'Declaration of Dependence' on God's sovereign power to implement His sovereign rule in an area of the world that seems so lost.


The ISIS Threat in Iraq, Pt. 1

Village after village falling to a resurgent terrorist threat; Iraq in crisis... again. Will it ever end? Well, history tells us all things eventually come to an end, that for everything under Heaven there is a season. It is undeniable that the current season of violence is extraordinarily difficult - especially for disciples of Jesus in the Middle East. It's something Compassion Radio knows and understand. We've been there! And more importantly, we're going back. As your ambassadors.

Today and tomorrow, Norm lays out the map for how Compassion Radio is engaging the current realities and embracing the future hope God is laying before us.

Christian Islamophobia

People have been burning books since they have existed. It has always been an act of supreme disrespect and hate. The Nazis did it and we condemn them for it.

On September 11, 2010, a church in Florida intended to hold a public burning of the Qur'an. Delayed by public outcry, they eventually followed through with their threat. Why? Apparently to tell the Muslim world what Christians think of them. Millions of Christians in predominantly Muslim countries were put at risk. Thousands died, were beaten or lost their homes to religious retribution.

The violence was horrific and contemptible. But the actions of this Florida church were ALSO unconscionable and completely contradict the Spirit of Christ.

So, what should be our attitude toward Muslims, including those who attacked Christians? How should we engage them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Norm's guest, Dr. Warren Larsen will highlight the most important things we can do to turn the tide of hatred and prejudice.


Deep Wells of Grace

Norm's guest today knows some of the deepest pain a man can experience, and he'll share it with uncompromising frankness, today. So why would you want to listen? Because his story is not one of despair or failure. In fact, what he has to say just might be the words you need to hear in your darkest hour.


Studying Christian Persecution, Pt. 2

Yesterday began a vital conversation on the state of persecution against Christians in the 21st Century. The 'good news?' There are more faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the world today than ever before. The 'bad news?' The Devil noticed. Persecution is more intense and the suffering of innocent believers more excruciating than ever.

We need to get our minds - and hearts - around that fact.

Then we can discuss what we can do about it... which is what we'll do on today's program as Norm welcomes back Nicholas Kerton-Johnson.


Studying Christian Persecution, Pt. 1

Why would anyone study "Christian persecution?" Sounds depressing on the face of it, wouldn't you say? Norm's guest today has a very different take on the subject. In fact, we'd say he's got God's take on it. Norm welcomes a new friend: Nicholas Kerton-Johnson.



To effectively share your faith, you've got to really know your bible, right? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt. But is it something that otherswant to know about? Do they care about your bible? Do they care about you? Careful now. The answers might not be all that comfortable to hear.

Now, turn the tables. Do you care about them? Do you care to get to really know people for who they really are? Jesus does. And you might find out He's been nudging them along for a while now. Leonard Sweet is about to turn everything you thought you knew about witnessing on its head. And you'll thank him for it afterward.


Prayer, Penetrating the Impossible

How far can prayer take you? All the way to heaven? Perhaps. How about all the way to the impossible? Norm's guest today knows a lot about faith and prayer. As a pastor, theologian, author, songwriter and speaker he's had a tremendous impact on the church of this generation. And he believes God can do the impossible. We'll see it if we are willing to pray for it. Norm welcomes Jack Hayford for an important interview.


The Summit

What does it mean to 'reach the top?' Norm's guest, Eric Alexander, has an interesting - and powerful - take on the subject.


Faith in the Fog of War

He's seen things he'd rather forget. Horrors we don't want to even imagine. Where could God possibly be in the war-strewn streets of Iraq during the early days of the Second Gulf War? Norm's guest today, tells us. His personal experience stretched his faith to the limit. His commitment was close to shattering. Yet at the very moment of despair some amazing things happened in the heart of Sergeant Chris Plekenpol. We're please to bring his story to you today.


The Power of Teaching in China

If you can get hold of the rudder, you can steer the ship. It's a foundational principle of physics... and leadership. There are some special people called to serve in a special way - transforming the hearts and minds of future world leaders. David Dickerson is one such person, and he shares his heartfelt passion with Norm, today.


Triumph Over Terror

Things are always in flux; Things never change. 

So is the paradox of modern life. All life, actually. As much as world events seem to spiral out of control, there are some remarkably consistent truths that have the unlikely power to give us HOPE where there seems only despair. In this classic from the Compassion Radio archives, Norm and Cher discuss what was a very timely issue. It's still timely, and you might be surprised at how well the answers apply today!

Re-Discovering Bonhoeffer

He was one of the 20th Century's most compelling Christian figures. Tried and executed by the Nazis for 'crimes against the Fuhrer,' he willingly laid down his life in humble submission to his Lord. To many he's a martyr, pastor, poet. To others a political provocateur and insurgent. He's been called liberal and staunchly conservative.

So, who was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, really? Norm's guest today, Eric Metaxis, has released a compelling portrait of the man in his new biography. He joins Norm by phone from New York City.


Joy Junction

He's living the American dream. An immigrant working his way up from poverty to great riches and success. Except this immigrant story turns the concept of 'success' on its head. Jeremy Reynolds didn't come to America to gain wealth and fame. He came to serve. And the kind of wealth he's building can only be counted in another Kingdom. And wherever Jeremy serves, there is an abundance of joy. Jeremy Reynolds and Joy Junction is a very different kind of success story.


God’s Pantry

How do you go about stocking your pantry? An organized list? Whim? Leading with your stomach? However you go about it, it's all about filling a void. How would God go about it? He has no needs, but His pantry feeds more than bodies. It nourishes souls.

Tom Sweeny joins Norm for a discussion on what you might find in God's Pantry.