South Sudan’s New Opportunity

Somewhere in the feeble shade of a parched tree in South Sudan, a child is dreaming of becoming a doctor or engineer. The odds are stacked against  her. That is, until now. Canon Alan Bartlett has a plan to radically change the lives and futures of thousands of children. And it's already happening!

Norm reports from Durham, England on this exciting new project.

A Better Idea for the Middle East

The road to (you know where) is paved with good intentions. We need to build a different road. When disciples of Christ lay down their lives for the Gospel - and the people Jesus loves - they provide access to heaven to those who most need it. 

Compassion Radio is supported by such 'living stones.' In the very places where 'wide is the path that leads to destruction' let's build a road to safety. Cher joins Norm in studio to show the way forward.

A New Bible for Muslims

How do you reach Muslims for Christ? With the Gospel, right? And where do we find that? In the Word of God, of course. But which Bible is  the right Bible for the task? Now that's a more complicated question, and not so easily answered... until now.

Norm's guest knows a thing or two about reaching people for Christ in the world's hotspots. He's about as intrepid as they come and can hold his own in any discussion on the Great Commission. We're glad to welcome back our old friend, Dr. Viggo Olsen.


Hagar in Afghanistan

Hagar is an international Christian organization dedicated to the protection, recovery and community integration of survivors of human rights abuse; particularly human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual exploitation.

Today we talk to Bronwyn Graham from Hagar in Afghanistan, where freedom of religion does not exist and the rights of women and minorities are often compromised. Afghanistan desperately needs the love and peace of God. Hagar serves individual women and children, doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore life in all its fullness.


Moving Forward @ Compassion Radio

We go places others fear to tread. But our ministry partners are the really intrepid souls. We give them a voice. You give them tools. They supply the sweat. God proclaims the victory.

Today, Jim and Norm provide and update on the progress of this month's major outreach in Iraq, and a sneak peak at what's around the corner... 

On the Road in Sri Lanka

The 'Gospel Explosion' in South Asia is impossible to miss - if you're looking for it... In 25 years, a village to village movement launched in Tamil Nadu, India has blossomed into a an international phenomenon, with millions of new Christian disciples. The transformation in war-ravaged Sri Lanka was the most powerful example. 

And then the Tsunami hit. In a matter of minutes, hundreds of thousands lost their lives and thousands of young churches were decimated. Was it the end of Christianity in Sri Lanka? Not if God and IGL had anything to do with it! Demi Floria brings the remarkable story of steadfast faith and resurrection and a praise report from her own mission field among this year's class of IGL nursing students. She joins Bram by Skype from Salem, Tamil Nadu.

On the Road in India

Our South India correspondent's been a busy lady - documenting the 'Third Wave' of Gospel explosion in the world's most populous country. Today, two very personal stories bring it all into sharp focus. Demi Floria joins Bram by Skype from Salem, Tamil Nadu.


The Mission of God, Pt. 2

Yesterday began a fascinating look at the life and work of Dr. John Stott, with someone who knows him best. Today Norm continues his discussion with Dr. Chris Wright, and accomplished author and thinker with his own rich list of book projects.

What is God up to? Where is the Church headed in the 21st Century? No one's better able to tackle those questions than Dr. Wright.


The Mission of God, Pt. 1

Perhaps no one in the past century has had a more profound impact on world Christianity than Dr. John Stott. His many books have shaped the lives and ministries of millions. And no one knows him better than today's special guest Dr. Christopher Wright.

Today Norm and Chris discuss the capstone of Dr. Stott's career and final book, "The Radical Disciple - Some Neglected Aspects of our Calling."


St. George’s Church in Baghdad

It's widely recognized as the world's most dangerous parish. It's inner-city, it's poor and it's old. And it's literally located in the navel of historic Christianity.

Yet this church isn't really 'poor' at all - at least not in the measurements that mean the most. St. George's is rich, full of joy and reaching an entire nation with the Gospel of Jesus. It grows daily in numbers and influence. It's the 'bleeding edge' of modern Christianity in more ways than one, as you'll hear today.


Iraqi Refugees In Denmark

Your country is being overrun by Muslim refugees. A political backlash ensues. What's the Christian response? First step - the TRUTH. Norm's guest, Birthe, is facing the reality of misconceptions and xenophobia in one of the world's most tolerant countries - Denmark.

First surprise - the river of refugees from Iraq into northern Europe include tens of thousands of believing Christians. Whatever their religion, they need to see the love of Christ in action...


Give a Cradle for Iraq!

It's been known as the 'Cradle of Civilization.' Now, it it the 'Crossroads of Terror.' Yet new life is still happening in the Fertile Crescent, and Christians are giving birth to HOPE. Jim Governale joins Norm in studio today to explain.


Prayer, A New Wave is Coming, Pt. 3

Today wraps up a fascinating discussion of Norm's recent trip to the World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta, Indonesia. Does prayer really make a difference in this day and age? You're about to find out! Cher joins Norm in studio.


Prayer, A New Wave is Coming, Pt. 2

Today continues the discussion on the amazing World Prayer Assembly recently held in Juakarta, Indonesia. Cher joins Norm in studio.


Prayer, A New Wave is Coming, Pt. 1

Prayer sometimes moves the hand of God. Sometimes it moves people to do impossible things in His name. For the next three programs, Norm and Cher explore the power of prayer in a modern world. Can it really make a difference? Norm's recent trip to the World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta, Indonesia leaves no doubt.


Welcome to the ‘Dirty Pocket!’

Compassion Radio is a scrappy bunch. And our latest addition takes it to a new level! Dyanna Lynn joins us as our new Chief Administrative Officer and she's no 'shrinking violet' as you'll hear today. She's also jumping into action at a critical time in the history of this ministry and the persecuted church. Cher and Dyanna join Norm in studio for a quick look at what we've got to work with, and a serious look into what awaits Compassion Radio out on the frontlines this month.


Farewell and Godspeed!

Two godly and broken people. There's a very special love story to be told when widowed people find new love after a great grief. In the case of Hanns and Jewel Manship, it's a story firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. That reality makes for testimony of genuine and powerful healing. And after a decade of ministry right here in our midst, it also means a new calling and a future full of hope and joy. Norm sits down in studio to help them share with you the incredible story we've been so blessed to witness.


Living the Sermon on the Mount, Pt. 2

Jesus addressed the issue of true happiness in his most famous sermon. And He turned the world on its head as a result. The message He proclaimed is still revolutionary and troubling. It is also powerful and transformational for anyone who takes it seriously. Norm picks up a fascinating and, at times, uncomfortable look at the Sermon on the Mount with guest Glenn Stassen.


Living the Sermon on the Mount, Pt. 1

Glenn Stassen takes risks. He writes risky things. We like him.

Get ready for a whole new take on one of the most famous sermons ever spoken. Glenn joins Norm for a two part in-depth look at the Sermon on the Mount.


Lost History of Christianity, Pt. 2

Today Norm and his guest, Phillip Jenkins, conclude an eye-opening and invigorating look into the real history of Christianity.


Lost History of Christianity, Pt. 1

Where do my people come from? For millions of avid genealogy hobbyists, it's a burning question. They find it fascinating to uncover all the unique accomplishments and  discoveries of their ancestors. Learning how we fit into history can have a profound impact on how we live today.

The same thing is true of the Christian family. If we'll take the time to look, we'll find a the truth of our family tree can have a profound influence on how we live and witness in this generation. Norm starts this two part conversation with his guest, Phillip Jenkins.


Let Justice Roll Down

The United States seems to remain stuck in the shadow of wars around the world and in our streets. The turmoil in Ferguson, MO is, unfortunately, familiar territory for today's guest. From the darkest days of Civil Rights movement to the toughest streets of today's inner cities, John Perkins has been shining like a beacon of hope. His life is a testament to the power of God to change circumstances and lives. His story is one of the most important narratives of 20th Century America. More importantly, it brings glory to God.

In an age that desperately needs heroes of the faith, we've found one in today's special guest.