Smuggling Bibles: A Matter of Obedience

More than half a century ago, a young, idealistic Dutchman set out on an unlikely missionary endeavor, driving his little Volkswagen Beetle full of bibles into the Soviet bloc. He broke the laws of a number of nations as a result. It was the right thing to do, and kicked off a modern mission movement. We know him today as 'Brother Andrew.' His work continues today and is the template for the work we continue through Compassion Radio. Today, Norm shares from the heart about what it means to be 'obedient' to God even when the civil authorities may disagree.


The Two Sides of Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Seems appropriate to be cheerful and grateful on a day like this. The believers in Baghdad, Iraq have learned that 'gratefulness' and 'cheerfulness' don't always go hand-in-hand. They've had a tough row to hoe for some time now. But there's no mistaking their passion, faith, and even joy in extraordinary difficulties. Paul says "I've learned to be content in all circumstances - in plenty and in want..." So there are really two sides to Thanksgiving. Cher joins Norm in studio for this truthful, faith-building and even sobering look at how those far from our comfort and ease give thanks today. As a result, perhaps you'll give special thanks for them on this special day.


The First Thanksgiving

Big buckles, feathers and fringe, colorful corn, cranberry gelatin and a big turkey. It's how the whole Thanksgiving tradition started, right? Well, first grade class plays notwithstanding, there's a whole lot more to the story of the first Thanksgiving, and all the ones since.

In this enlightening conversation with Tracy McKenzie, Norm goes deeper into the history and meaning of Thanksgiving...


What the Chinese Church Can Teach Us

Living the great paradox of real Christian Faith, the Church of China has become powerful in unimaginable ways. We'll try to explain it, even so, as Norm welcomes Cher in studio for an exploration of lessons learned, and what the Chinese Church continues to teach us about real faith and real living.


Understanding Christian Mission

It seems simple enough - 'preach the Gospel to All Peoples.' That's the Great Commission, right? Things tend to get a little more complicated when we actually try to accomplish this simple command. We're talking about reaching 7 billion people, after all. But does it need to be that way? Is the Gospel really like a bloated government program that no one really understands or can get a handle on?

Or can it be...
simpler? Scott Sundquist  has some intriguing answers and insights for us, today.


The Plague of Persecution

Persecution of Christians around the world is not uncommon. In some places it's a downright epidemic. As we prepare for our day of national Thanksgiving, it would be wise to remember that the first celebrants were refugees from religious persecution in their day. Today's persecuted need friends and safe harbors no less than the Mayflower Pilgrims. Norm's guest, Paul Marshall, helps put a contemporary face on today's persecuted believers.


Power in Persecution

"I find I am strong when I am weak..." So the Apostle Paul lays out one of the foundational paradoxes of the Christian faith.  It's a living reality for the persecuted Church of China. We've seen that paradox close-up, and it changed this ministry for good.


Project Pearl, Pt. 2

A million bibles floating in the open ocean - just a few hours to secure them before the authorities discover you're smuggling illegal contraband. A sinking barge and no communication from shore. What could go wrong? Norm's guest, Terry Madison, concludes this unbelievable story of Christian espionage that goes down as one of the most successful - and dangerous - acts of undercover evangelism, ever.


Project Pearl, Pt. 1

If you were really motivated, what could you accomplish in twelve hours? How about under cover of darkness and in over your head in churning seas? Well, on one turbulent night 25 years ago, the most intrepid team of bible smugglersever helped change the history of Christianity in China. Norm's guest, Terry Madison, was there.


Reaching the Elite Chinese Universities

Christianity is anything but a 'bookish' faith. Yet it's making tremendous inroads among some of the most educated and driven people on Earth - China's millions of college and university students. The universities are preparing them for the profound opportunities and challenging jobs of the 21st century. The Gospel is preparing them for the greatest growth of Christianity in 2000 years. Sharon Seeburger explains how in this interview with Norm Nelson.


The Church in China, Pt.3

For the past two days, 'Brother Michael' has given us one of the most important behind-the-scenes tours you're ever likely to experience. Namely, the real lives of underground Christian believers in China. These Christians understand New Testament Christianity. They're living it right now. They also understand better than all of us the urgency of reaching a lost world for Jesus. And they have a plan.

Brother Michael concludes this series with a look at where Chinese Christianity is going in the future and how it will affect all of us.


The Church in China, Pt. 2

Norm continues his fascinating survey of the amazing growth of Christianity in China with his guide, 'Brother Michael.'


The Church in China, Pt. 1

'Brother Michael' lives and breathes the Church. And the booming Church in China loves him for it. What is it like inside the amazing fellowships that form the largest Christian explosion in the history of the movement? You're about to find out!


Finish the Mission

It began with efforts of individual men transcribing the Bible by candle light.  The Chinese symbols were multitude, unfamiliar and extremely difficult to master.  Never could those hard-laboring linguists imagine the fruit of their sacrifice - namely the largest body of Christian disciples the world has ever known.

So, how does Compassion Radio fit in? Well, of the 100 million+ current believers in modern-day China, over 2 million of them are directly the result of bibles you have given! Are you ready to reach the next 2 million? Jim Governale joins Norm in studio to discuss how it can happen.


Mary’s View of the Birth of the King

Many people have written about the Nativity. Some have written beautifully about the life of Mary. But precious few have walked the dusty trails of the Holy Land where Joseph and Mary plodded their way into a an uncertain future and an improbable destiny as the family of God Himself.

Our good friend, Dan Wooding, has done all that and he's written a powerful book to match his experience. Today, he opens up with Norm about his new book Mary, My Story.

China’s Persecuted Christians

He stood up to Chinese totalitarianism in Tiananmen Square. He organized the ongoing student truth movement. He pursued political freedom and openness with a fervor few had. And then something truly exciting happened in his life. Bob Fu met Jesus Christ. He's never been the same, and neither have the thousands and thousands who met Jesus because of him. Persecuted for his commitment, he reached the West by the skin of his teeth and continues his calling to help the Christians of his homeland. He tells Norm all about it today.


High Adventure in the Himalayas, Pt. 2

Norm concludes a fascinating interview with Peter and Sarah Hightower, some of the most intrepid missionaries in the world today. What's God doing in the countries of Central Asia? The Hightowers have the answers!


High Adventure in the Himalayas, Pt. 1

On the western edge of China the world literally leaps for the heavens. It's one of the most dramatic landscapes on earth. It's also the place where one amazingly intrepid family of enterprising missionaries is making the first inroads for Christ in a thousand years. But don't marvel at the 'Hightowers.' They're simply faithful followers of Christ - probably like you - who just happened to say yes to God in a unique way. The world is a better place for it.


The Church that Grows

If you've listened to Compassion Radio for any length of time, you know how impressed we are with the modern day explosion of the Church in East Asia. Hundreds of millions of new believers in only two or three generations. Some have tried to dismiss the phenomenon economically or politically. But the Chinese believers know the real reason - God's Word unleashed.

Norm is joined by 'Brother Josh' today - someone who really knows the power of the Word and the power of the Church that knows how to wield it as a potent spiritual weapon.

Reflections of Two ‘Bible Donkeys’

Title got you wondering? No this isn't some expedition into the strangest Bible facts ever discovered. We're focused on the Church in China this month, and this conversation will enlighten you in ways you never expected! Norm is joined by our go-to producer for the past few years, Jim Governale.


What Good is God?

Suffering continues around the world. Our brightest scientists and philosophers have dismissed the notion of a God who cares and engages with His creation, much less the wayward people He left in charge of the place. How can God possibly be real? And even if He is, what difference could it possibly make? Norm's guest today, Philip Yancey, doesn't shy away from such questions. In fact he doggedly pursues them with the tenacity of a journalist. He's got plenty to share with us today.