Counterfeit Gods

You'd know an idol if you saw it, right? And, of course, you'd have no trouble recognizing the real deal, right?

Well, Norm's guest today, Tim Keller, is here to challenge you on both scores. Get ready for a no-holds-barred look at the state of western Christianity. Can it hold a candle to the faith of first century Christians? Tim's answer will challenge and inspire you.


Reaching the World’s Cities for Christ

Today: a discussion on how the route to reaching the world for Christ runs through its great cities. Brad Smith joins Norm from South Africa.


Hearing Revelation, Pt. 3

Norm concludes his conversation with performance artist Karen Heimbuch about her amazing depiction of the Book of Revelation. And they go out with a bang!


Hearing Revelation, Pt. 2

Norm continues his conversation with Karen Heimbuch, performance artist of the epic orchestra production of the Book of Revelation.


Hearing Revelation, Pt. 1

In this powerful three part series you'll experience the amazing book of Revelation in a whole new way. Norm welcomes performance artist and visionary, Karen Heimbuch.


Go Afraid!

LeRoy & Cindy Metzger have absolutely no business attempting missions work in the central African nation of Malawi. They're both previous beach bums and drug abusers.

But something interesting happened on their way to Hell. God saved them. And not just from themselves. They've been saved to a life of amazing ministry. Today Norm asks the right questions to tease out their amazing story.


God’s Village in Africa

Is there hope for Africa? Of course there is. Today Norm's guest, David Pinta, shows us a place where hope is alive and well. And it's more than a vain sort of wishing. In God's strength things are changing for the better - for those who were considered hopeless just a few years ago.


Rescuing a Generation

What do you see when you look in the window of a nursery or childcare center? Joy? Trouble? Potential?  Well, when the folks at Door of Hope look in on  the orphans they've rescued from the streets of Johannesburg, they can't contain their emotion. In front of them are not the rejects of society, but the very future of their nation. Cher joins Norm in studio to discuss why.


Hope Among the Squatters

Don't judge a man till you've walked a mile in his shoes...

That phrase really means something to Norm's guest today. Sy Grayson has not only walked the hard soil of Africa. God is using Sy to change things for the better.


God Wins

"The Love of God, How Rich and Pure, How Measureless and Strong. It Shall Forevermore Endure, The Saints and Angels Song."

Those beautiful words have inspired generations. And now they're at the center of one of the most important debates in the Christian  Church. In the wake of Rob Bell's blockbuster on the subject of God's love, many folks are left with the impression that Christians are just not feeling the love... Norm's guest, Mark Galli, is editor of Christianity Today and a marvelous author in his own right. In his new book God Wins: Heaven, Hell, and why the Good News is Better than Love Wins Mark grapples with the questions raging all around us. And he provides some real encouragement along the way!


Changing Lives in Nigeria, Pt. 2

Norm completes an important discussion with Bill & Dorothy Ardill on how the Gospel is changing lives in Nigeria and preserving some of the most unique cultures in Africa in the process.


Changing Lives in Nigeria, Pt. 1

What does it take to change a life?  What kind of change is needed? In the populous, tumultuous and rapidly changing nation of Nigeria, the answers might surprise you. Bill & Dorothy Ardill join Norm in studio for the first of this first part of a two part series.


For the Life of a Child, Pt. 2

The world was literally crying for help outside the walls of Berea Baptist Church. God was listening. He tapped his faithful servants to heed that cry. Today, the Door of Hope project in Johannesburg, S.A. has rescued nearly 1000 children from certain death.

Today Norm concludes his inaugural interview with the founder, Cheryl Allen. And you'll understand why we are so proud to be involved. You will be too.


For the Life of a Child, Pt. 1

Some people you meet change the way you look at life. Some people change your life. Cheryl Allen has a habit of doing both. From a plan born in an inner city prayer meeting a  dozen years ago, the face of the Church in Johannesburg, S.A. has been forever changed. As a result the floodgates to a rich spiritual harvest have been thrown wide open. Oh, and it has also saved the lives of nearly 1000 abandoned newborns.

Cheryl joins Norm for this classic interview.


African Enterprise

The more things change, the more they stay the same... there's a pessimistic statement for you! If you read any number of commentaries on Africa you'd get that impression. When it comes to helping the economic, social and spiritual progress on this great continent, the subtext is 'don't bother - you're just wasting your time.'

We don't buy into that. And neither does Norm's guest today, Michael Cassidy.


The Door of Hope, Pt. 2

Today Norm and Cher complete their very personal assessment of the Door of Hope project in Johannesburg, S.A.


The Door of Hope, Pt. 1

When God puts beautiful children in your arms, words cannot adequately describe it. Every parent who has ever longed for a child understands. And there is never a child that God does not also love with an all consuming passion.

In the suburbs of Johannesburg, S.A., God said to Norm and Cher "Here, would you hold this for a moment?" And their lives haven't been the same since...


The Bible on Orphan Care

Moses was sent down the River Nile on a basket and a prayer. On the hard streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, many newborns don't even have that. They are left to die in dumpsters and gutters by desperate women who see no way to save their own lives, much less their children.

So, what does the Word of God say about such things? Norm is joined in studio by his wife, Cher, as they take a hard look at the cruelty of modern life. Along the way they discover some surprising pockets of hope.


The Summit

What does it mean to 'reach the top?' Norm's guest, Eric Alexander, has an interesting - and powerful - take on the subject.


Out of North Korea

News out of North Korea is rare. Surviving the longest underground railroad in the world to leave the Hermit Kingdom is even more rare. Hope Flinchbaugh knows the stories behind the last  totalitarian state. She's fashioned them into a moving novel, and a real-world work assisting refugees. Be ready to be incensed, moved and inspired - all at the same time.


Ambassadors for Peace, Pt. 2

Peace is built on the foundation of freedom and respect. In many nations of the world, personal freedom and conscience are under constant threat. How will that ever change? Through knowledge and understanding. Today’s guests complete an extraordinary interview with Norm as they discuss how Christians can make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of today and generations of tomorrow.


Ambassadors for Peace, Pt. 1

Freedom of speech, assembly, and worship. Freedom from unlawful search, confiscation of property or imprisonment. The right to face your accuser, a fair trial and proportionate punishment.  Everyone believes in these things, right?  Well, it’s only possible for those who have heard of the Bill of Rights.  America is only one of a handful of nations on the planet which guarantee such rights to its citizens.

Today’s guests aim to change that.  And they’re making headway, as you’ll hear today. What makes them so passionate about human rights? Their unwavering commitment to the Gospel of Christ. Norm welcomes Gary Ansdell and Emil Haddad for the first of two programs in a series titled “Ambassadors for Peace.”