Lost History of Christianity, Pt. 2

Today Norm and his guest, Phillip Jenkins,  conclude an eye-opening and invigorating look into the real history of Christianity.


Lost History of Christianity, Pt. 1

Where do my people come from? For millions of avid genealogy hobbyists, it's a burning question. They find it fascinating to uncover all the unique accomplishments and  discoveries of their ancestors. Learning how we fit into history can have a profound impact on how we live today.

The same thing is true of the Christian family. If we'll take the time to look, we'll find a the truth of our family tree can have a profound influence on how we live and witness in this generation. Norm starts this two part conversation with his guest, Phillip Jenkins.


A Missional Church

The word "missional" is getting tossed around the church frequently these days. But what does it actually mean? Is it a system of belief, or something you do?  Or is it something more than the sum of those two? Norm's guest today, John Huffman, has some important insight to share with you today!


The Jesus Manifesto

Sometimes the things you see as obvious and true are radical ideas to others.  Norm's guest today, Leonard Sweet, knows that full-well. And sometimes the things that have always been true have to be proclaimed anew to a generation who hasn't discovered it.


The Universe Next Door

Do we see the world as it really is? Do we see it as God sees it?  Does it matter?  You bet your life it does.  In this penetrating interview with one of this generation's most important authors, Norm explores the importance of the "Universe Next Door."  Dr. James Sire joins Norm by telephone.


Understanding John Wesley

Together with his brother Charles, John Wesley transformed the spiritual topography of the 18th Century. His unabashed enthusiasm for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ turned the staid religious traditions of the day on its head. But how did he come to experience the 'Power that Transforms?'

Norm's guest, Andrew Atherstone is a resident expert and scholar on the life of John Wesley and shares with us from those hallowed halls of Oxford University where it all began.


New Testament Evangelism Today

When did the New Testament end?

It didn't.

The living testaments to God's love are still transforming the world in our day and age. Norm's guest, Dr. Michael Green writes and speaks with a fluent energy of the amazing transforming power of the Gospel that yearns to be unleashed in every generation of Saints.


Luke’s Gospel of Amazement

"Shock and Awe" - it's not just a military term for overwhelming force. When Jesus entered the scene over 2000 years ago, he turned the world on its head, by the power of his words, and the force of his miracle-making moral authority. It's still the same today.

Norm welcomes a new 'voice' to Compassion Radio today - the incomparable musician, poet and theologian, Michael Card. He'll bring to life the Gospel of Luke in a way that ought to 'shock' our sensibilities and instill a new 'awe' within us.


God is the Provider

You're trying to reach one of the most remote regions of the world for Christ. It's steeped in mystery and historically demonic religions. What do you do? Well, first you pray. Then you follow the plan that God has for you. And funny thing about God's plan - it can be nothing like what you expected. But it is exactly where you need to be - in your home town, or half a world away.


Bee-Keeping for Afghanistan

Joe knows 'bees.' He also knows how much God loves the people of Afghanistan. He knows this because he's one of the intrepid followers of Christ bringing that love to the people of that fascinating nation. Norm explains today.


Celtic Christianity

Through heavy stone fretwork and colorful calligraphy, early Celtic Christians left us a rich cultural and literary heritage. But is that all these spiritual ancestors have to offer us today? Norm's guest, renowned author and poet Calvin Miller, doesn't think so. Today is a fascinating journey deep into the heart of 'Celtic Christianity.'


Making the Good News Possible

The good news isn't good news if it's stagnant, tired, lacking vitality. Yet that's the way many see the gospel - as old news. Not around here! At Compassion Radio, the Gospel is good news to us, but just as importantly, it is good news through us. And living water constantly pouring through living vessels never grows stale.


Serving Suffering Women in Afghanistan

Jane Tafel's an amazing lady. This soft-spoken disciple of Jesus is no shrinking violet. She's bringing more than just a message of hope to suffering people, she's giving substance to it. Today Norm talks with Jane about the continuously expanding outreach of Hagar International. It means  real help for some of the most vulnerable women and children on the planet.


Thinking ‘Christianly’ about Muslims

If a muslim walked in your door you'd know it, right? You'd know basically what he believes, where he comes from and what he thinks of you, right?

Let's stop right there. Consider the possibility - however remote - that you might just have some preconceptions about this person. Perhaps even a mistaken impression or two. OK - are we on the same page, now? We'll leave it to Norm and his guest, Warren Larsen to take it from here.


Spiritual Freedom for Russian Prisoners

Russia - it's a world away. Now think of Russian prisons. What image does that bring to mind?

When Dean Malispina considers the question, he thinks about 'hope' 'joy' 'blessings' and 'spiritual revolution.' There's a renewal going on in that country that could only come from the heart of God and the hands of His people. And one unassuming American businessman has been there to see it firsthand.


Iraq Through the Eyes of Jesus

Did Jesus abandon Iraq? It would be convenient for Western Christians if that was the case. We wouldn't be required to do anything about the suffering that continues in that nation. But there is a remnant of Christian believers there, and just as importantly, millions of others who need someone to love them like Christ loves them. So Compassion Radio has chosen the road less traveled.

In this report from 2006, Norm and producer Glenn Owen discuss what can be done to help the Christian church in Iraq, and why. The reasons are just as valid in 2011.


Following Jesus in Afghanistan

You might take it for granted that it's tough to be a Christian in Afghanistan. But it's not just a matter of opposition to your beliefs. Christians in Afghanistan are truly followers of Jesus, and He leads them in ways - and to places - where He gets the glory.

You'll understand better what that means after Norm's visit today with 'Ahmed.'


St. George’s Church in Baghdad

It's widely recognized as the world's most dangerous parish. It's inner-city, it's poor and it's old. And it's literally located in the navel of historic Christianity.

Yet this church isn't really 'poor' at all - at least not in the measurements that mean the most. St. George's is rich, full of joy and reaching an entire nation with the Gospel of Jesus. It grows daily in numbers and influence. It's the 'bleeding edge' of modern Christianity in more ways than one, as you'll hear today.


Iraq, Country of Hope, Pt. 2

Norm and Cher conclude an important and intense analysis of the situation in Iraq, and how believers are responding to the violence against Christians and minorities.


Iraq: Country of Hope, Pt. 1

Is peace in Iraq a pipe dream? It depends on how long your vision is... and how big your God is. Cher joins Norm in studio for the next two programs for an important look inside Iraq today, and how hope is alive in the hearts of believers there.


He is Shining on You

Have you ever read a poor translation of Chinese product instructions? Often something seems to be missing, like the instructions. We may be amused or frustrated, but when something's lost in translation, we often miss a marvelous opportunity to learn something important. What about God's Word?

Today Norm and Cher discuss a simple request from Korean hosts to preach on the subject "He is Shining on You." A simple if ambiguous request. When they took the time to investigate, they discovered there was much more to the theme, and God's plan, than they anticipated. And it has impacted this ministry ever since.


Invitation to World Missions, Pt. 2

Norm concludes his discussion with Dr. Timothy Tennent of Asbury Theological Seminary as they look at seven 'mega-trends' facing the Church in the 21st Century.