Christian Islamophobia

People have been burning books since they have existed. It has always been an act of supreme disrespect and hate. The Nazis did it and we condemn them for it.

On September 11, 2010, a church in Florida intended to hold a public burning of the Qur'an. Delayed by public outcry, they eventually followed through with their threat. Why? Apparently to tell the Muslim world what Christians think of them. Millions of Christians in predominantly Muslim countries were put at risk. Thousands died, were beaten or lost their homes to religious retribution.

The violence was horrific and contemptible. But the actions of this Florida church were ALSO unconscionable and completely contradict the Spirit of Christ.

So, what should be our attitude toward Muslims, including those who attacked Christians? How should we engage them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Norm's guest, Dr. Warren Larsen will highlight the most important things we can do to turn the tide of hatred and prejudice.


Afghanistan: an Open Door Closed? Pt. 2

Today Norm concludes a sobering and essential look at the state of religious freedom in today's Afghanistan. How did we get here? What's ahead? How do we pray? Our special guest "John" has the answers.


Afghanistan: an Open Door Closed? Pt. 1

Since 2001, Compassion Radio has led our partners into the heart of this beautiful and troubled land numerous times. You've marveled with us as God has opened doors to the Gospel in many unlikely ways. You've trekked with us through mountain passes and visited with warlords in their bunkers. You've listened in on lessons in schools and Christmas gift distributions.

Is it all over? Has the window of opportunity closed to us? It's a hard question and a hard reality. Norm takes a hard look at it, today and tomorrow.


Christless Christianity

Norm's guest, Michael Horton, explains what's behind the apparent decline of American Christianity.


Counterfeit Gods

You'd know an idol if you saw it, right? And, of course, you'd have no trouble recognizing the real deal, right?

Well, Norm's guest today, Tim Keller, is here to challenge you on both scores. Get ready for a no-holds-barred look at the state of western Christianity. Can it hold a candle to the faith of first century Christians? Tim's answer will challenge and inspire you.


Welcome to Base Camp - Iraqi Refugees

A journey of a thousand miles... well, you know the rest.

The great adventures of Compassion Radio rarely start on the even, well-trod pavement of common roads. They are more like expeditions into the wilderness; attempts on the great summits. So as important as a good attitude is for the long haul ahead, preparation is at least as important. We don't accidentally waltz our way into the slums of  Baghdad or the border skirmishes of Burma. We train for it. We pack the right equipment. We find the right guides.  So, where is Compassion Radio headed in 2011? Let's sit down together for a while and prayerfully sort it out! Welcome to Base Camp.


Report from Kurdistan, Pt. 2

Norm concludes his fascinating - and at times, hilarious -  discussion on the state of affairs in the Middle East. From the cradle of modern Christianity our good friend and adventurer, Dan Wooding, brings his personal report.


Report from Kurdistan, Pt. 1

When you ask Dan Wooding what he's been up to recently, be prepared to put on the coffee pot (tea in Dan's case) and stay a while! The stories will be too fascinating to wrap up quickly. So we made his last visit to our studios into a two-part adventure. Find out what's going on in the other parts of Iraq from our own personal 'spy for hope' and intrepid journalist.


From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya

What links Jerusalem, the center of the religious world, to Irian Jaya, the 'outermost part' of the world? Norm's guest today, Ruth Tucker! Today you'll discover how God draws slender threads that link His family in the most unlikely ways.


Iraqi Christian Refugees

How do you get inside the mind of a Christian refugee from Iraq? By getting inside his home and sharing a meal. Since they have become destitute and housed in tiny quarters , those meals can be pretty meager. But the hospitality is still magnanimous, as Norm discovered on his 2011 'Listening Project' to Damascus, Syria. It's a 'fellowship of suffering' that we are invited to join in. The invitation comes from Christ himself.


Iraqi Refugees, Pt. 2

Yesterday, Norm began one of the most important investigations we've ever done. It's called our "Iraqi Christian Refugee Listening Project." The things the Lord has led them through are, frankly, heart-wrenching. But it's important to remember that the Lord is leading them.

This is not a time for platitudes and politics. It's a time to open our ears and our hearts. Its a time to listen.


Iraqi Refugees, Pt. 1

In Acts 16:9, the Apostle Paul had a disturbing dream of a man from a far-away place called Macedonia begging for help and a visit from Paul.

Today, in the city where Paul's spiritual life began a similar, haunting, call is going forth from another people in desperate need, the Christian refugees of Iraq. It's a call we couldn't ignore, so Norm went. He called it a 'listening project.' Where others might want to talk about solutions, Norm went to hear their stories, their requests, and bring them home. It's time we paid attention.


Acts of God School

Thousands of them are running around on the streets of Damascus - children of all ages at odd hours. You might think they've got terrible parents. But in the overcrowded refugee quarters of Iraqis fleeing violence at home, they don't have another option... until now. One very enterprising and compassionate pastor's wife couldn't just sit still while her Christian family suffered. She dreamed the impossible - a safe school for hundreds of these refugee children. With no help from the government she had only faith to see her through.

Turns out faith is all you need. That and a lot of prayer. Norm's guest, Jeff Meyer, tells us the story, today.


Syria, Iraq and the Refugees

Today Norm continues his investigation in the plight of Iraqi Christian refugees trying to build a life for themselves in Damascus, Syria. Norm's guest is Gary Burge, New Testament Professor at Wheaton College and an expert in the Middle East.


Refugee Reachout!

If you're an Iraqi Christian, you've had a tough go of it for the past ten years. That's putting it mildly. Hundreds of thousands of your fellow believers have died in the crossfire of sectarian Muslim violence and attacks targeted at your churches, neighbors, even your own family.

The depth of persecution and suffering are unimaginable to us in the West - that is until Compassion Radio brings you the story. Today, Norm and Cher bring you one of the largest Iraqi refugee communities in Damascus, Syria where hundreds of thousands live desperate, poor and seemingly forgotten lives. But God has not forgotten them, and He's building real hope in His children. You'll find out how in this broadcast.


Radio for the Sake of Others

So, why do we do what we do? Why do we bother? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? Is anyone being helped and encouraged?

We're not afraid to ask the questions. And we're even brave enough to try answering them. Cher joins Norm in studio today.


Iraq: Country of Hope, Pt. 3

The conclusion to a special discussion on the reasons for hope in the nation of Iraq. Cher joins Norm in studio.


Iraq: Country of Hope, Pt. 2

Norm and Cher continue an important and intense analysis of the situation in Iraq, and how believers are responding to the violence against Christians and minorities.


Iraq: Country of Hope, Pt. 1

Is peace in Iraq a pipe dream? It depends on how long your vision is... and how big your God is. Cher joins Norm in studio for the next two programs for an important look inside Iraq today, and how hope is alive in the hearts of believers there.


America, Bless God!

It's the 4th of July, and it's time to celebrate! You'll probably hear "God Bless America" about a hundred times as you run into friends, watch a parade, hear a speech. But what about God? Who should bless Him?

The staff of Compassion Radio comes together around the studio table today to discuss how, what and why they're celebrating today...


India One Village at a Time

How do you evangelize the most populous nation on earth? One village at a time. Sounds like a straight-forward proposition, no? But what if there are 500 thousand villages to reach? The India Gospel League is proving that faith means action, and that faithful action speaks louder than words. Norm continues this insightful interview with the Rev. Samuel Stephens.