Tribute to Vernon Grounds, Pt. 1

This side of 'the Pond,' noone has so influenced the course of modern Evangelical Christianity as Dr. Vernon Grounds. With his passing to Glory at the age of 96, our generation has lost one of the stalwarts of the Faith.

Today Norm visits with someone who knew him best, and continues the legacy as he leads Denver Seminary into the next century. We welcome Dr. Mark Young to the program


Understanding John Wesley

Together with his brother Charles, John Wesley transformed the spiritual topography of the 18th Century. His unabashed enthusiasm for a personal encounter with Jesus Christ turned the staid religious traditions of the day on its head. But how did he come to experience the 'Power that Transforms?'

Norm's guest, Andrew Atherstone is a resident expert and scholar on the life of John Wesley and shares with us from those hallowed halls of Oxford University where it all began.


New Testament Evangelism Today

When did the New Testament end?

It didn't.

The living testaments to God's love are still transforming the world in our day and age. Norm's guest, Dr. Michael Green writes and speaks with a fluent energy of the amazing transforming power of the Gospel that yearns to be unleashed in every generation of Saints.


Pakistan After the Flood

How will the world ever learn of the love of Christ if we aren't willing to love others in the same way?

It won't. Let that sink in for a moment.

Today's guests, David and Senova Mitchell are two of a rare breed of missionary - willing to go to the ends of the earth to make sure that no one they ever meet will miss out on experiencing God's love in person. Their story will inspire you.


The Persecuted Church in Pakistan, Pt. 4

Jesus is coming to your house today. Are you ready? Norm's guest, Pastor Yuseff, is making sure the welcome mat is out and the finest dishes are set - and much more. It's how he welcomes his Lord, and all those whom He sends. It's an amazing call to godly hospitality. We need to learn a thing or two from this humble pastor.


The Persecuted Church in Pakistan, Pt. 3

Today Norm discusses the situation for Christians in South Asia with longtime producer, Jerry Langford.


The Persecuted Church in Pakistan, Pt. 2

Norm continues his fascinating interview with Shabbaz Bhatti, direct from Pakistan.


The Persecuted Church in Pakistan, Pt. 1

No one loves Pakistan more than Jesus. A close second comes Shabbaz Bhatti. In the face of persecution, and in the light of Truth, Shabbaz is defending persecuted Christians, and bringing the love of Christ to some of the most dangerous places in the Muslim world.


Learning to Love Pakistan

How can you love someplace you've never been? In the same way you learn to hate someplace you've never been - by hearing the stories of someone who knows.  It's a powerful thing, the story. Is there much reason to love Pakistan? Norm's guest, Josh White, thinks so.


Amish Grace: Forgiveness Triumphs Over Tragedy

It was one of the blackest days in the history of the American Amish community. A schoolroom held hostage. Ten young girls shot at close range. Five dead.

How did this close-knit community cope with such a staggering loss? Norm's guest Dr. David Weaver Zerker explains. What is even more remarkable is how the Amish reached out to their neighbors to help them through their grief.


A Lifetime of Wisdom

Some people are just wise - you can see it in their eyes; in the words that spill from their lips. One of the wisest people we know is Joni Eareckson Tada. Her survival after traumatic injury is worthy of a movie. Her amazing accomplishments as an artist, leader, spokesperson and writer are known the world over. But its her deep abiding love of Jesus, His Word and His way of life that will likely have the most profound impact. In this world and the next.


The Peace of God for the Palestinians

Sing a song of Peace.

Could it possibly do any good? When you sing the Lord's words, from the Lord's book, it  can have real power. And today's guest is standing, and singing in that power to transform one of the world's most dangerous places into a hotbed of Christian outreach. You'll understand after today's broadcast, recorded in East Jerusalem during the height of the 2nd Intifada.


The Ministry of Recociliation

From someone who's seen more of 20th Century American race history than most, comes a powerful story of triumph and struggle. John Perkins has seen it all - from abject poverty to the American dream realized. And the journey led straight through the tough streets of southern cities.

What does his experience have to teach us today, in an age of culture wars and religious intolerance? Plenty.

Agenda for ‘Christ Ones’

How did Christians get their name? From being indistinguishable from their leader. The crowds of Antioch in Southern Turkey marveled at the miracles and manifest love expressed by early Christians. When the world looks at Christians today, what do they see?

Our producer, Jim Governale, joins Norm for this penetrating discussion.


Christian Islamophobia?

People have been burning books since they have existed. It has always been an act of supreme disrespect an hate. The Nazis did it and we condemn them for it.

On September 11, 2010, a church in Florida intends to hold a public burning of the Qur'an. Why? Apparently to tell the Muslim world what Christians think of them. As images of burning Qur'ans travel the Internet at light speed, millions of Christians in predominantly Muslim countries will be put at risk. Thousands could be murdered or harmed.

This act is unconscionable and completely contradicts the Spirit of Christ.

So, what should be our attitude toward Muslims? How should we engage them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Norm's guest, Dr. Warren Larsen will highlight the most important things we can do to turn the tide of hatred and prejudice.


Ambassadors for Peace, Pt. 2

Peace is built on the foundation of freedom and respect. In many nations of the world, personal freedom and conscience are under constant threat. How will that ever change? Through knowledge and understanding. Today’s guests complete an extraordinary interview with Norm as they discuss how Christians can make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of today and generations of tomorrow.


Ambassadors for Peace, Pt. 1

Freedom of speech, assembly, and worship. Freedom from unlawful search, confiscation of property or imprisonment. The right to face your accuser, a fair trial and proportionate punishment.  Everyone believes in these things, right?  Well, it’s only possible for those who have heard of the Bill of Rights.  America is only one of a handful of nations on the planet which guarantee such rights to its citizens.

Today’s guests aim to change that.  And they’re making headway, as you’ll hear today. What makes them so passionate about human rights? Their unwavering commitment to the Gospel of Christ. Norm welcomes Gary Ansdell and Emil Haddad for the first of two programs in a series titled “Ambassadors for Peace.”


Reaching the Diaspora

Where have all the Christians gone? In Iraq, it's a valid question. A war which was intended to end the iron rule of a dictator had some unintended and horrendous consequences. Since 2003, millions of Iraq's Christians have been on the move, ducking horrible sectarian violence and persecution. Many have died. Where have the survivors landed? Norm's guest, Enoch Wan, has the answers.


Islam at the Crossroads

Where is Islam headed? Is there a coherent vision and plan behind the 'jihad' we keep reading about? Is it an unstoppable force bent on world-wide domination? Well, if you listen to much mainstream media, and Christian media for that matter, you'd be left with that impression.

But perhaps the more important question is 'What is God's plan?'

Norm's guest today, Paul Marshall is here to help bring the real issues into focus.


Faith That Endures: Power of the Persecuted Church, Pt. 3

Norm wraps up a fascinating three day series on the persecuted Church with his guest Ronald Boyd-MacMillan, as they discuss where the Church is going in the future and the challenges that lie ahead.


Faith That Endures: Power of the Persecuted Church, Pt. 2

Norm continues his discussion with Ronald Boyd-MacMillan on the history of Christian persecution, and what it means for today.


Faith That Endures: Power of the Persecuted Church, Pt. 1

Today begins a very special series with one of the world's most knowledgeable experts in human rights and religious persecution. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of the world, the church and thousands of years of history! Norm's guest for the next three programs is Ronald Boyd-MacMillan.