Flood Relief in Pakistan

We've heard a lot on the news recently about the floods in Pakistan. But how big can those floods be, really? How about 50,000 square miles? That's half the size of Colorado... under water.  The tragedy cannot be overestimate.

But we need to understand it with an insider's eye. "Dr. Matthew" is just the man to help us. He's active in Christian ministry throughout the nation of Pakistan. He's shares that perspective with Norm, and you, today.


The Church Grows in Darfur

The small church has become a bit overcrowded. The young men yield their seats to the elderly and women with infants. Sounds like common courtesy, doesn't it? Well, in Darfur, it's more than that. It's the sign of a genuine miracle. And the faithful, prayerful life of one young man is seeing this scene repeated time and time again across a country doing its best to annihilate Christianity. Norm is joined by his wife Cher to tell this amazing story.a


Muslims-Uncovering Myths, Creating Friendships

She grew up Muslim in a time of great danger and turmoil, and in a tumultuous place - the newly-born Islamic Republic of Iran. But something happened in her life -  wondrous and miraculous. Now Shirlin Taber helps Christians understand Muslims like Christ Himself. Her work and writing are deeply needed even more now.


Witness to Genocide in Darfur, Pt. 2

The story of genocide in Darfur is not complete without an eye-witness account of the tragedy. And no one can speak more convincingly than a Sudanese Christian caught up in the tumultuous events. Norm's guest today is someone who runs the risk of serious reprisals for his openness with us. We've shielded his identity. This interview may be more difficult to understand and details to comprehend than most, but it's extremely important that we hear 'Al-Banon's' story today.


Witness to Genocide in Darfur, Pt. 1

What's the real story of genocide in the country of Sudan? Frankly, it's grim. And one man knows it better than most. He shares not just the background details of the ripped from the headlines story, but the glimmers of hope in the crisis. Norm welcomes Bruce Bower, today.


Our Man in Darfur, Pt. 2

Today, Norm concludes a discussion with Cher about the tremendous work being done in Darfur, and the amazing man behind it.


Our Man in Darfur, Pt. 1

Some people are fascinating because of what they believe, think, write, preach or do. Our man in Darfur, James Lagos, is fascinating in every way. And he is God's man for the hour in one of the world's most needy places. And God is doing amazing things through this committed, humble man. You'll learn more about him, and his work in Darfur, today.


Deliverance for Darfur, Pt. 3

Norm completes this important series on the state of the Church in Darfur, and how Christians in the West still need to assist. The struggles for believers continue. The suffering of all displaced by decades of war persist. Cher helps Norm zero in on what we need to do now.


Deliverance for Darfur, Pt. 2

Today continues with part two of Norm's retelling of one amazing journey into the heart of Africa.


Deliverance for Darfur, Pt. 1

What is God's plan for Sudan? Certainly not what we've seen in the news for the past few years. In the face of unspeakable suffering, the people of this wartorn country are meeting Jesus like never before. How do we know? We've been there. In the next three broadcasts we'll hear an incredible story of an incredible journey and even more incredible opportunities that came from it. And most of the trip seemed to be the journey itself! At least it appeared that way at the time.

As Norm learned, sometimes God uses travel disruptions and unexpected encounters to put us exactly where He wants us. Norm is joined in studio by his wife Cher.


The Mission of God, Pt. 2

Yesterday began a fascinating look at the life and work of Dr. John Stott, with someone who knows him best. Today Norm continues his discussion with Dr. Chris Wright, and accomplished author and thinker with his own rich list of book projects.

What is God up to? Where is the Church headed in the 21st Century? No one's better able to tackle those questions than Dr. Wright.


The Mission of God, Pt. 1

Perhaps no one in the past century has had a more profound impact on world Christianity than Dr. John Stott. His many books have shaped the lives and ministries of millions. And no one knows him better than today's special guest Dr. Christopher Wright.

Today Norm and Chris discuss the capstone of Dr. Stott's career and final book, "The Radical Disciple - Some Neglected Aspects of our Calling."


Breakthrough in Sudan, Pt. 4

While so much was going on in the tumultuous and troubled nation of Sudan, another of our Compassion Radio projects to the north continued to make a life-transforming difference. In the garbage district of Cairo, one of our heroes continue to rescue children, give them education, food and a future. More importantly, He introduces them to the One who loves them the most.

How does the story of Maddy Bassaly intersect with the opportunities in Sudan? Listen and you'll find out.


Breakthrough in Sudan, Pt. 3

Today Norm and Cher conclude the 'beginning of the story.' How does Sudan fit in with God's ongoing plan to reach the peoples of Africa? It's a subject as broad as His boundless grace, but exploring it can be rewarding - and encouraging - none-the-less.


Breakthrough in Sudan, Pt. 2

Today Norm and Cher dig deeper into the mysteries and opportunities of ministry in Sudan. For Norm, taking advantage of everything God had planned had its own challenges. Norm describes how he learned about God's sustaining grace.


Breakthrough in Sudan, Pt. 1

They say "Getting there is half the adventure." Not in this case! By the time Norm made it to Sudan on one memorable trip five years ago, the adventure had only begun. Cher joins Norm in studio for a three part series on what's going on inside the closed nation of Sudan, and how Compassion Radio is involved.


Sudan-The Incredible Journey

What began as a simple invitation to join a prayer initiative grew into a true God opportunity. The seeds have been planted. The watering has begun. We wait to see what God will blossom in the sands of the Sahara. Today Cher joins Norm for this lively discussion of how man's misadventures all end up to be part of God's choreography. It's an incredible journey. And it's only just beginning!


The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond, Pt. 2

Yesterday Norm took us behind  the scenes at the fascinating exhibit "Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond." Part 1 of the story unveiled the majesty and power of the world's oldest existing copies of the scriptures.

But we know that the Word of God is living and vibrant. It was written for us in this day and age as well. Especially in English, we now have hundreds of translations and paraphrases from which to mine God's truth. It's a whole new kind of spiritual wealth for the modern faithful. So - how did it happen? How did we get from rare scrolls to mass-market publication? Well that's a fascinating story in itself, and you'll hear it today as Norm takes us "beyond."


The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond, Pt. 1

Azusa Pacific University is known for quality Christian education in the liberal arts. And soon it will become known for its extraordinary biblical scholarship as well. "Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and and Beyond" is real coming out celebration for this fine university. This world-class exposition is open this month on their Southern California campus and Norm got a unique insider's preview. He's led through the exhibit by two of the essential designers and scholars in this two-part series. This is as close as you can get without visiting yourself - something we encourage you to do if you can!


Muslims, Christians and Jesus

Carl Medearis is one of those rare people who really know both the religion of Islam and the various cultures it calls 'home.' Where many scholars have relationships with ideas, he's gained his understanding by building solid and productive relationships with real people. And what he found about Muslim understanding of Jesus is profound. Even more important is the genuine openness of muslims to a real relationship with Jesus.


The Mirage of Peace

What does 'peace' look like? Something internal and soothing? Something political and national? Something fragile and delicate?

We can mean very different things when the subject of peace comes up.

Norm's guest, David Aikman, speaks with real authority on places where peace is needed most, and how that's going to happen.


The Leadership Ellipse

Bob Fryling has learned a lot about leadership from the inside out. As the head of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Press, he guides the publication of much of the world's great Christian literature. His responsibilities extend to much more than the technical aspects of printing books. He also is a key leader within the larger ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. A life of integrity and service go hand-in-hand with being productive.

Bob shares his unique view of leadership in a powerful new book. Norm asks him some penetrating questions, today.