Building Christ’s Church in Afghanistan

Yes, there is a church to build in Afghanistan. And how it's being built is a fascinating story. Norm welcomes one of our 'Spies for Hope' network operatives for a fascinating look at the Church of Afghanistan as it enters the 21st century.


Excitement Over Afghanistan

Afghanistan, you say? What 'exciting things' could possibly be happening in that war zone?

Plenty, as you'll find out today. Norm is joined by guest, Pat Bradley.


The Hole in Our Gospel, Pt. 2

Our lives are short. There's just no time for wasting it on things that don't matter. Does that mean everything has to be serious and somber? Or is there something different at the core of the Gospel? Like JOY, perhaps.

Norm finishes his fascinating discussion on what real faith and a real Gospel looks like with his guest Richard Stearns of World Vision, International.


The Hole in Our Gospel, Pt. 1

We GO to church. We SHARE our faith. So what's missing? Take a quick look at the world around you and your answer would probably be "Quite a lot, actually." Richard Stearns joins Norm for a two-day discussion on what's missing in our Christian lives, and how to reclaim it.

Hint - it involves some straightforward steps that might seem radical in their simplicity.


The Jesus Manifesto

Sometimes the things you see as obvious and true are radical ideas to others.  Norm's guest today, Leonard Sweet, knows that full-well. And sometimes the things that have always been true have to be proclaimed anew to a generation who hasn't discovered it.


Compassion Radio Adventures

Norm takes to the road today with our good friend Dan Wooding.


Knowing the ABCs (HIV/AIDS)

HIV/AIDS is sweeping through Africa like a terrifying brush fire.  Even beyond the terrible toll it takes on the infected, the legacy of AIDS has profound consequences. Not the least of which is hopelessness.

In Johannesburg, S.A. our 'Door of Hope Project' has turned the tide for hundreds of abandoned children. And elsewhere in Africa today's guest, Dick Day, is defeating hopelessness in some other amazingly creative ways.


On the Road with Compassion Radio

Nurses do an immense amount of good every single day. So, how does someone who serves as a nurse do even more exceptional things? By stepping out in faith.

Victoria Base Smith is certainly extraordinary. As a nurse, professor, missionary and adventurer, she's been just the kind of person that inspires Compassion Radio and thousands of listeners. Today you'll hear more of her partnership with us and how it's opened up some amazing opportunities.


Spectators or Servants?

There's the old story of the farmer sitting down to a breakfast of ham and eggs. The chicken and the pig discussed it for a while. Both were involved, but only one was 'committed.'

When it comes to compassion and action in the name of Jesus, how much are we invested? Norm and his wife Cher discuss that very thing on today's program.


Rescuing a Generation

What do you see when you look in the window of a nursery or childcare center? Joy? Trouble? Potential?  Well, when the folks at Door of Hope look in on  the orphans they've rescued from the streets of Johannesburg, they can't contain their emotion. In front of them are not the rejects of society, but the very future of their nation. Cher joins Norm in studio to discuss why.


Woman of NIGERIA

Africa is in her soul. And the life of Christ is moving through her. You'll understand how God can change a nation through its women through today's program. Norm and Cher welcome Mary McCain.


Changing Lives in NIGERIA Pt. 2

Norm completes an important discussion with Bill & Dorothy Ardill on how the Gospel is changing lives in Nigeria and preserving some of the most unique cultures in Africa in the process.


Changing Lives in NIGERIA Pt. 1

What does it take to change a life?  What kind of change is needed? In the populous, tumultuous and rapidly changing nation of Nigeria, the answers might surprise you. Bill & Dorothy Ardill join Norm in studio for the first of this first part of a two part series.


Continent of Light - NIGERIA Pt. 2

Norm and Cher continue their conversation on the fascinating nation if Nigeria and the amazing growth of Christian outreach along the Islam/Christian divide.

Continent of Light - NIGERIA Pt. 1

It's one of the most populous, diverse, promising and troubled nations in Africa. And where does the Light shine brightest? Where it's the darkest.  Cher joins Norm in the studio for this first of a two part series on the fascinating country of Nigeria.


God’s Village in AFRICA

Is there hope for Africa? Of course there is. Today Norm's guest, David Pinta, shows us a place where hope is alive and well. And it's more than a vain sort of wishing. In God's strength things are changing for the better - for those who were considered hopeless just a few years ago.


The Door of Hope Pt. 2

Today Norm and Cher complete their very personal assessment of the Door of Hope project in Johannesburg, S.A.


The Door of Hope Pt. 1

When God puts beautiful children in your arms, words cannot adequately describe it. Every parent who has ever longed for a child understands. And there is never a child that God does not also love with an all consuming passion.

In the suburbs of Johannesburg, S.A., God said to Norm and Cher "Here, would you hold this for a moment?" And their lives haven't been the same since...


For The Life of a Child Pt. 2

The world was literally crying for help outside the walls of Berea Baptist Church. God was listening. He tapped his faithful servants to heed that cry. Today, the Door of Hope project in Johannesburg, S.A. has rescued nearly 1000 children from certain death.

Today Norm concludes his inaugural interview with the founder, Cheryl Allen. And you'll understand why we are so proud to be involved. You will be too.


For The Life of a Child Pt. 1

Some people you meet change the way you look at life. Some people change your life. Cheryl Allen has a habit of doing both. From a plan born in an inner city prayer meeting a  dozen years ago, the face of the Church in Johannesburg, S.A. has been forever changed. As a result the floodgates to a rich spiritual harvest have been thrown wide open. Oh, and it has also saved the lives of nearly 1000 abandoned newborns.

Cheryl joins Norm for this classic interview.


Re-Discovering Bonhoeffer

He was one of the 20th Century's most compelling Christian figures. Tried and executed by the Nazis for 'crimes against the Fuhrer,' he willingly laid down his life in humble submission to his Lord. To many he's a martyr, pastor, poet. To others a political provocateur and insurgent. He's been called liberal and staunchly conservative.

So, who was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, really? Norm's guest today, Eric Metaxis, has released a compelling portrait of the man in his new biography. He joins Norm by phone from New York City.


Hope Among the Squatters

Don't judge a man till you've walked a mile in his shoes...

That phrase really means something to Norm's guest today. Sy Grayson has not only walked the hard soil of Africa. God is using Sy to change things for the better.